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Changing Sides

Chapter 1 - Scooby Meeting!

"Okay so...maybe I didn't really think this through, Giles."

"Of course you did not Buffy" he said as dodging an axe.

"Well what did you expect? I only had an hour to think it up!"

She kicked the yucky rock looking demon back away from Giles where he was making the circle for the ritual.

The rock demon punched Buffy into the back wall and went after Giles; who was now chanting, so Buffy kicked the demons legs out from under him.

"Buffy, you need to get it in the circle!" Giles shouted.

Buffy picked the demon up by its ripped shirt and swung him into the circle.

"...and let the spell be done!"

Inside the circle the demon was lifted up the air. It thrashed and swung its big rock arms and feet around, trying to get free.

"Giles, what's happening to it?" Buffy asked, staring wide eyed at the sight before her.

"It's changing into its original human self!" Giles responded, equally as shocked.

The demon let out a huge shriek as a light started to beam out if it. The light got brighter and brighter until you couldn't see.

"Giles, I can't see!" Buffy shouted, shielding her eyes from the light.

"Me either Buff- oh never mind that's better." Giles exclaimed as the light started to quickly dim.

The light stopped all together, throwing the limp body to the ground.

A human laid unconscious where the demon once was.

"Hey that's the cute cashier with the big green eyes!" Buffy exclaimed, remembering his eyes as he would tell her how much she owed.

"Where does he work?" Giles asked, taking his glasses off to clean them.

"At the Espresso Pump." Buffy answered, then asked "What do we do with him?"

"Well, he doesn't seem to be hurt in anyway, perhaps we should drop him off at the Espresso Pump." Giles replied.

"Okay, you can drop off cute espresso guy at the coffee shop. I'm going to go see my mom; I promised her a visit weeks ago. I'll meet up with you and the gang around 6:30 at your house." Buffy said as the body on the ground started to stir.

Giles began to lift the man off the ground. "Very well then, Buffy."

Buffy helped Giles get the man in the car and then began to walk to her house.

Hopefully moms home; I don't think she worked today. What day is it? Buffy thought, she started to count on her fingers; trying to figure out what day it was.

Sunday already? Huh, Holiday break for the next two weeks.

Buffy opened her front door to her house and closed it behind her; she climbed the stairs half way and called out, "Hey mom, are you here?"

"Oh Sweetie, I'm in the kitchen!" Joyce's voice rang from the back of the house.

Buffy walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. As she walked in, she noticed varies pots and pans were scattered everywhere.

"Did the kitchen goblins do this to you?" Buffy asked, smirking at the mess.

Joyce turned around and welcomed her daughter with a big smile.

"Buffy, it's so nice to see you!" she came over and gave Buffy a big hug; a flood of questions came out of her mother's mouth.

"How's college? Is it fun? Have you meet anyone new? Any nice boys may-"

"Whoa mom, stop the twenty questions for a minute and give me time to answer." she said backing away a little.

"Oh I'm sorry dear, I've just missed you so much!" Joyce exclaimed, embracing her daughter for another hug.

Patting her mom's back she says, "I know mom, me too."

When Joyce finally let go of her and continued putting things away, she went and sat on the stool and watched her mother.

"So sweetie, how is school really going?" Joyce asked, as she began to organize the pan lids correctly.

"Oh, well you know, big scary classrooms with mean professors who yell at you." She answered with a shrug.

"Hopefully they're not giving you too hard a time honey." Joyce replied and then asked "what about you're slaying? Staying safe right?"

"Yes, mom I'm being as safe as a slayer of vampires can be." Buffy replied with an eye roll.

"Oh, I see." Is all Joyce said, as she finished up putting the lids away.

Buffy looked at the clock and it was almost 6:00.

It's already time to leave, she thought with a pouty face.

"Well, mom it was good seeing you and I wish I could stay longer, but I have a Scooby meeting to attend." Buffy said with a sad face.

"Oh honey, it was nice seeing you too. Maybe you can come over for dinner sometime?" Joyce asked with a hopeful stare.

"Sure mom, sometime." Buffy agreed while getting up from the stool and making her way to the front door.

"Bye, mom!" she yelled going out the front door.

Well that went well she thought as she walked down the sidewalk.

Maybe dinner would be a good idea. She really needed to catch up with her. It's been awhile since she stayed and had dinner with her mom.

I'll worry about that later. Right now I need to focus on the task at hand. Who are those men in uniform? What has Giles found out about them?

How many are there? More importantly are they a threat? What are they after? Too many questions and not enough answers.

She was lost in thought the rest of the way to Giles place.

When she finally reached Giles house, she took a big sigh and said to herself "Let's get some answers.

Walking in the door she sees the whole gang, plus one. Willow and Tara were on the couch smiling at each other and Xander and Anya were speaking privately in the kitchen. Giles nose is in a book with a glass of god knows what in his hand and then there was Spike. He was tied to a chair in the middle of the room, glaring at whoever looked at him. Obviously not happy with the arrangements.

"Oi, Slayer! Tell them to untie me!" Spike said, angrily.

"Now why would I do that?" she said as she walked over to him. She bent down and put both her hands on either side of his head onto the chairs back side and simply smiled at him.

"Or else," he threatened with a gleam in his eye.

They glared at each other for a minute until she spoke, "What are you going to do, Spike? Lick me?"

"Giles, make her stop!" He said, whining at the watcher.

"Why is he not chained up in the bath tub?" Buffy asked as she walked away from Spike and towards her watcher.

"Well, that's a brilliant question. Apparently to Americans, Englishman haven't no need for showers." Giles grumbled with much sarcasm.

Ignoring what her watcher said, she greeted everyone with "Hey guys, what's new!"

Buffy walked over to the recliner and plopped down into it. Xander and Anya came out of the kitchen with animal crackers stuffed in their mouths and went and sat down next to Willow and Tara. Giles sat on the arm of the recliner Buffy was sitting in.

"Why did you call a Scooby meeting, Buffy?" Willow asked. Other than weird soldiers taking down demons and making them un-vampirey. You know with the not biting and blood...and stuff, she thought.

"Well I wanted to see if anyone has any new information on our troopers." she answered, looking at everyone in the group.

"I have a couple of theories but nothing that will lead us to what they are or do." Giles said, jumped in.

"Well that's a big doozy." Willow said, frowning.

"What are your theories?" Buffy asked Giles.

"From what Spike has told us they are an underground operation that has thousands of soldiers and scientists." Giles replied.

"How do you know fang face is telling the truth?" Xander asked.

"I'm telling the truth, you pilock!" Spike hollered from the background of the meeting.

"Shut up, Spike!" Xander spat.

Buffy stood up from the recliner and walked over to where Spike was forced to sit.

"How do we know you're telling the truth?" Buffy asked crossing her arms, staring at Spike with bored eyes.

"Well, I guess you're going to have to take my word for it, slayer." He said looking up at her and smirking.

Willow piped in saying "Well maybe there's a way to know he's telling the truth! I just learned about truth spells; maybe we can do one."

Giles eyes widened "Quite a marvelous idea, Willow. May I suggest searching inside his brain for answers as well? I know a spell that can pull memories from the brain."

"Okay, let's do this truth spell thingy that pulls stuff from his brain then." Buffy replied.

"Alright but Buffy, it will need some time for preparation." Giles said.

"So how long we talking here, Giles?" Buffy asked warily.

"We will need time to gather all the appropriate material for this spell." He said.


"It will at least take a week." He said, taking a swig of his unknown drink.

"It will take whole week?!"Buffy whined with a pouty face.

"Hey! Rupes, you are not putting a bloody truth spell on me!" Spike yelled.

"Oh and how are you going to stop us?!" Buffy asked, smiling down at him.

"Slayer..." he growled, giving her the death glare.

But Buffy just smiled at him.

He looked away from her. He was fed up of this stupid bloody game. Lock me up in the bath tub; this lot has it comin to them. Just as soon as I figure out this soddin no biting thing. And this sodding stupid bint will be drained drier then Death Valley, He thought.

Turning away from Spike, she says, "Well that's it then! Scooby meeting over!"

"Thank god now me and Xander can go home and have more se-"

"Ahn!" Xander said quickly pushing her out the door.

"See yea, Will." Buffy said, smiling at her best friend.

"You're not coming to the dorm?" asked Willow.

"No, since it's kind of with the Christmassy holiday thing, I was thinking of going to my Mom's for a week." she replied.

Then hastily added "Well that is, if you're alright with that. You know there's two whole weeks and I just want to spend one-"

"Oh no it's fine Buffy Really, I was just wondering. I think it's a good thing to spend the holidays with your mom." Willow replied smiling sweetly at her.

Buffy smiled back and gave her best friend a hug then waved to Tara who waved back.

"Okay bye, Will. Bye, Tara!" Buffy hollered out the door behind them.

"Bye, Buff." Willow replied still smiling.

She watched them leave out of the front door.

She turned and looked at Spike who looked like he was day dreaming.

Probably daydreaming about blood and killing people she thought crinkling her nose.

"Well Giles, I'm off." She said turning back to the door.

"Wait Buffy..." Giles said pulling her into the kitchen.

"I thought that maybe you can take Spike with you..." He wearily replied.

"Take Spike with me?" She said, eyes bulging.

She couldn't comprehend what he had just said. Take him with me? Take him with me where?

"Yes, Buffy it would be a bloody good relief! I have not showered in days! It'll only be till we are prepared for the spell." he said.

She blinked once, twice, and third time.

For a moment, she decided not to and then changed her mind. Another blank stare for good measure.

"Fine Giles I'll take him, but only till the spell is ready!" she replied.

Giles smiled at her, pleased "Thank you, Buffy."

She just grumbled and walked into the living room. "Time to go Blood breathe" she said untying him.

He woke from his day dreaming. "What are you bleeding talking about you daft bint?"

"You're being held prisoner at my house." she said looking at him with disgust.

Spike burst out laughing. "Well then, this should be interesting! What are you bloody well waiting for? Let's go!" he said, hopping up from the chair and out the front door in a blink of an eye.

She sighed and then yelled out the door after him, "Shut up, Spike!"

This is going to be a long week, she thought.