Chapter 5

Buffy went to her dorm first. Picking clothes for the week and other things she might need.

She had bumped into Willow on her way into the Dorms.

"Oh, hey Buffy." Willow said smiling.

"Hey Will's" Buffy replied smiling back.

"I'm going to go meet Tara, want to come?" Willow asked.

"Sorry Will I cant. I'm babysitting Spike for the week." Buffy said grumbling.

"Oh, I forgot about that. Giles told me over the phone last night. But you're not alone right? You're mom is there." Willow said.

"Actually my mom's in San Francisco. Her work called her in. So now I'm stuck watching him by myself for five days."

"Oh. I'll come over and visit today after hanging out with Tara if you want." Willow said.

"Okay Wills! See you then." Willow nodded.

They hugged and went on their way.

"Well that's about it" She said to herself zipping up her bag.

She turned off the light and walked out the door, on her way to her next destination. Giles House.

These commando guys are hard to track down. If what Spike says is true, then we have got a problem on our hands.

Why would you experiment on demons? Even if there evil, it's wrong.

Barging in to his house, "Hey Giles." She sees that his nose was buried in a book. "What's that?" She asked.

Looking confused he asked "What do you-" He then looks down. "Oh! It's not anything involving our uh- commando guy's."

"Oh, okay. Did you get some stuff for the truth spell?" Buffy asked.

"I gave a list to Willow. She said she will be getting the ingredient's that were easiest to find." Giles replied closing his book and setting it on the table.

"Well maybe you should speed the process so Spike can leave."

Giles looked away. "Buffy, the truth spell is something not to...hurry."

Confused she said "Well it's just the ingredient's that need to be hurried."

"The ingredients are difficult to find. The magic shop here doesn't have half of the ingredients. Willow or I will need to go out of town for the rest."

"But go where? It really can't be that serious, Giles."

"Normal truth spells are quite easy. But Spike isn't normal. Normal truth spells are for Humans. Spike is far from human." Giles clarifies.

"So it should be easier to do Spike."

"Well no. It's much more difficult. Everything has to be exact, ingredients and all."

"Well Damn!" Buffy exclaims, throwing her arms in the air.

"I'm sorry, Buffy. I know how difficult Spike is. He can be helpful if you-"

"Helpful! Spike is helpful!" Buffy's eyes widen.

Taking his glasses off to polish them he say's "Well he could be, Buffy."

"I chained him to my toilet..." Buffy murmured.

Giles eye's widened. "I know we chained him in my bath tub, but the toilet is a very-"

"I know Giles! But he was getting on my nerves! Plus he's the one who ran into the bathroom. I choose the closest item and it so happened to be the toilet." Buffy replied sheepishly.

"I suggest you go home and chain him to something else". Giles replied.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Fine, ill go but call me if anything come's up". Buffy said walking out the door.

It's not like i'm keeping him there. Spike is used to being in filth anyway. She thought. A part of her wanted to kick herself in the butt for chaining him u. But she ignored that little Buffy in her head.

Walking into her house she said "Spike, i'm home! How was your day? You know chained up to the toil-" Stopping at the door to her bathroom and looking in.

She looked with her mouth agape. The toilet was ripped off the ground and there was water everywhere.

"Spike, where the hell are you?" She screamed, running down the stairs.

"In here, slayer!" Spike replied from the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen she said "You ruined the bathroom! Mom is so going to kill me!"

"Well you shouldn't have chained me to the toilet! Or even sodding chained me up at all!" Spike replied from the other side of the island.

"Well you were talking about leaving! It's your fault!" Buffy yelled wide eyed.

"I was bleeding joking! Where do you sodding think ill go? Or how ill leave? Its day light!" Spike yelled back getting closer to Buffy as his anger starts blowing up.

"Well you shouldn't talk like that! You need to clean up the bathroom!" Buffy replied stepping closer to him.

"You clean up! I'm not doing anything!" Spike refuses closing in the space between them.

"You will clean it up." She warned. Standing straight, not backing down from his glare.

They are nose to chin.

"No. I. Won't." Spike replied bending down to her face.

She glared at him still not backing down from his stare.

She felt his breath on her face and her mind went blank. Her expression fell.

She looked at his eyes. Not blinking. Not turning away. Just staring.

So blue she thought. Her eye's glazed over.

Spike was confused. "Slayer? Slayyyerr?" Nothing.

"Buffy?" He said.

She blinked. She snapped out of it. She stepped back.

What the hell was I... she thought confused with the emotion she was feeling.

"Are you okay? You look pale, pet. Your about as pale as me in fact." Spike asked looking a bit concerned.

"Uh yeah...sure." Buffy replied looking confused. Stepping back again.

She kicked something. Looking down. It was an empty bottle of bug spray.

She now noticed the smell and everything around the room.

The kitchen smelled like bug spray. All the stuff under the sink was all over the floor.

"What did you do?" Buffy asked. Wide eyed.

"I..."Explored"." Spike replied looking away.

He "explored" under the kitchen sink and accidently knocked over some bug spray stuff and it went all over the place including his jeans, hands, and face.

"Clean it up." Buffy demanded forgetting to previous feelings.

"No!" Spike replied glaring again.

Buffy glared right back.

Willow walked in to the summer's residence." Buffy?" She heard them both in the kitchen.

Buffy had Spike in a head lock. "Clean it up!" She screamed.

"Noo-oo.!" Spike replied trying to talk.

She squeezes harder.

Willow looked at them wide eyed. "Oh boy..." She said.