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Dally's P.O.V

Rolling out of bed, I glanced out the barely opened window, and noticed that it was day. Glancing at my alarm clock, I saw that it was mid afternoon; time to get up. I slowly sat up, making the sheet that covered my bare chest slip down to my hips. Looking down, I saw the broad from last night hadn't left yet. Don't they know they're supposed to be out before I wake up? Damn broads. Huffing, I threw the blanket off of me and sat with my legs hanging off the bed and my feet touching the ground. I laced my hands threw my hair for a few minutes, then looked back at Sylvia.

"Sylvia, get outta my bed," I said bitterly. I'm tired of her sticking around in the morning. She's not getting morning sex from me, too. The only good part about keeping her around is she's good in bed. She didn't answer, so I put my hand on her back and shook her. She groaned at me and shoved her face back into the pillow.

"Damn Sylvia, get the hell outta my bed!" I said with venom seeping from every word. Looking up at me, she glared and got out of bed, dressed herself with her clothes that were all across the room and walked out with a loud huff and slammed my door.

Threading my hands through my hair, I couldn't stop thinking about Max. How could someone hurt her like that? I know I haven't seen her by myself, but I'm afraid too. I'm afraid to see the damage that something small and made of metal, could do to her. I never thought that I would live to see the day, that a greaser girl is beaten by Socs, much less stabbed by them. But I need to see her. I need to make sure she's okay. I don't know why I care so much for her, but she's just as helpless as Johnnycake.

Pulling myself together, I picked my pants up that were in a bundle in the corner of my room and slipped them on while trying to find my shirt. I couldn't find it, so I walked up to my drawer and pulled out a new white T-shirt, slipped on my leather jacket, and headed out the door.

When I got to the hospital, I walked up to the front desk to see a lady in probably her mid-thirties looking at some paperwork. She had blonde hair with a few greys here and there. She was a bit on the big side and had a scar on her left arm. It wasn't too big, but it was noticeable; like Johnny's on the side of his face. Not wanting to talk to anyone, I walked past the desk when I was stopped by a high-pitched, raspy voice.

"Sir, who are you going to see?" I turned around to see the woman that stood behind the desk standing, looking directly at me.

"Max Bryant," I said annoyed. No one has ever asked me where I was going. Most people would just move out of my way, not wanting to piss me off. Already, this lady was getting on my nerves.

"Sorry, but you can't see her," She started. "Something's going on in her room. You can come back tomorrow," She said pulling some glasses on her face as she sat down.

What? What happened to her! God damnit! I violently walked down the hall when she yelled for security and doctors to stop me. I felt an arm roughly grab my shoulder and pull me back. Then another grabbed my wrist, attempting to spin me around.

"Get the fuck off me!" I yelled fighting a few doctors as I made my way down the hall to Max's room. There were tons of people watching as two security guards and three doctor were tugging me in the other direction.

I was going somewhat easy on them, but then I heard a girl start yelling. The words that stuck out were "whore", "no one but you", "got no one", "depressed", and "I want to fuckin die". That put me at the edge. I knew it was Max. I had to get to her. Swiveling around, I punched one of the security guards in the face knocking him out as I made my way to Max's room. Trying to get inside, I noticed that the door was ajar. Peering in, while fighting these people off of me, I saw a scene I never thought I would see.

Max was shoving and hitting Steve, practically burying him into the wall. He looked terrified, probably never see this side of Max before. The sound of a loud, quick beeping, made me tear my eyes away from Steve and to Max's heart monitor. The lines were becoming larger, rapidly. Three doctors and two nurses pushed past me and the other three doctors and security guard fighting me. Max began screaming and thrashing out, as the doctors and one nurse pulled her down onto her bed.

"Relax sweety. You need to calm down," A nurse probably in her late twenties said to Max.

I felt a slap to the face, making me turn my attention back to the doctor that just slapped me. I guess he was fed up with me fighting him. Angrily, I punched him in the gut, making him lose his grip on me. I turned my attention back to Max and the doctors. Suddenly, Max began hollering louder and began shouting.

"Let me the fuck go! I fucking hate you Steve! I hate you! I hope you burn in hell, you low life! Fucking die!" She screamed as a needle was put in her arm. Seconds later she was out. An eerie silence filled the room. The silence felt more loud than quiet and I couldn't take it.

"No! What'd ya do!?" I yelled, pushing the doctors and security guard off of me. Rushing to the body of one of the only people I care about. I knelt down beside her and took in the fact that she was out cold.

"Get the fuck out! Now!" The doctors and nurses put their heads down shamefully and walked out quietly, with Steve following behind them. "You! Randle!" I walked up to him and pulled him back roughly and pushed him against the wall by his collar. "What did you do to her?!" I yelled in his face.

"Dal, we got in a fight and she jus' wen' insane!" Steve spoke panic-stricken. I've never seen Steve act like this. He's usually almost as tough as me, but now he was in freak-out mode.

"I can't even look at ya," I said shoving him against the wall then walking towards the sleeping beauty in front of me. Staring at her face, I noticed how innocent she looked even though her hair was sticking to her face all over, showing that she had been sweating. She was sound asleep, as if nothing had happened today; like the scene that took place in this room was all a hallucination, but from the burning coming from my left cheek from when the doctor hit me, told me different.


Blinking my eyes open, I heard the sound of my heart monitor beeping at the normal pace. The light shining in from my open window, blinded me until my eyes adjusted to the bright light, as they landed on a sleeping Dally. He looks so innocent when he sleeps. His icy blue eyes are no longer shown, his smirk isn't painted on his face like usual and his eyebrows aren't weaved together like when he's mad or frustrated.

"Dal?" My voice came out very groggily and rough. My throat felt like it was on fire almost. I guess that's from all the yelling yesterday. Dally's eyes eased their way open, as his neck directed its way up so he could take a look at me.

"Hey Maxy," Dally said.

"Surprise seein you here," I said honestly. He hasn't come to see me, but the day I go into hysterics, he just happens to come see me? I don't get it.

"Yeah, I know Maxy. Look, sorry I haven't seen ya yet-" He started, but for some reason I was pissed off. Maybe it was because he was supposed to be like my big brother, and when I land myself in the hospital, he doesn't even see me.

"No Dal! Ya haven't even seen me and when ya do, ya don't even talk! I got a fucking hole in my body, and the guy that's supposed t' be like my big brother, can't even look at me!" I started. I could already feel my palms getting sweaty, from working myself up.

"There's a reason I haven't seen ya," Dally said calmly. Wow. Normally when someone yells at him like that, his crispy blue eyes pierce a hole in you and he erupts like a volcano.

"Really? Enlighten me," I smart-mouthed back.

"I was scared to see ya. I couldn't believe that someone could even lay a finger on ya, much less hurt ya. I didn't wanna see ya, layin' in this hospital bed, connected to fifty machines, with a patch on ya covering a hole in ya body. Ya think I wanted t' see that?!" He said quite calmly for Dally, but you could tell that he was still pretty pissed. But what he said shut me up; he did have a point. "I'm sorry I haven't see ya, kid," He finished.

"Sorry, I just- I'm not myself," I stated.


It's been a week since Dally visited me and now he's seen me a few more times. We didn't really leave it on a good note the first time, but we worked it out. Steve hasn't dared come see me since because Dally told me that he would rip his head off if he even came within a mile of me. I know I shouldn't, but I really miss Steve. We've become so close since... the accident. It seems like he knows everything about me and now it just feels unnatural to not see him everyday. That pit I've dug myself in, just seems deeper and deeper. Whenever I glance up and see the light, it seems like no matter how far up I reach, I'll never get there.

"Ms. Bryant?" I looked up to see my doctor poking his head in the doorway. He walked in the room and looked at his clipboard, flipped through some papers, then looked back down at me. "Your stab wound seems to have healed very well. You can go home today, but your stitches aren't able to come out quite yet, but we'll call you when we can get them taken out. What number should we call?" The doctor explained. I'm leaving?! I'm finally getting out of this hellhole?!

"Oh umm you can call uh-" I started, but was interrupted. Looking up, I saw Darry and Ponyboy standing in the doorway. A huge smile was on both of their faces, making one erupt on my face.

"Call the Curtis residents," Darry said not peeling his eyes away from mine.

"Okay thank you Mr. Curtis. Well Ms. Bryant, you can leave whenever you'd like," The doctor said while disconnecting my IV chord and the rest of them then left. I softly stood up, trying to not pull my wound.

"Yes! I'm breaking free!" I cheered making Pony and Darry slightly laugh at my exaggeration.


Sitting in between the car door and Ponyboy, made me anxious to see who would be waiting to see me at the house. I know that people will be waiting because Darry made a phone call before he took me home. If Steve is there, then I don't know what would be better. Refusing to get out of the car, or just jumping out right now; then I wouldn't even make it home, but I might also die while trying to escape. Maybe thats not the best idea.

The more I pondered on who would be awaiting for my arrival at the Curtis household, I could feel my feet slowly grow numb. Without me even noticing, the car came to a stop and when I looked into the window of the house, I could see Sodapop standing in the doorway of the kitchen talking to someone on the couch, I'm guessing to Two-Bit because I saw a hand holding a beer. The thought of having to face Soda after the incident in the hospital, not only made my feet numb, but everything up to my knee. What made it worse, was when I saw a shadow of someone standing up and when their face came into view; it was Steve. How does he even have the nerve to show his face around here after what he did? My entire body went numb. I couldn't even feel my fingertips as I rubbed them together trying to soothe myself.

"Max? Ya there?" My eyes came into focus on Ponyboy waving his hand around in front of my face trying to get my attention.

"Umm yeah. Can ya help me?" I asked. He nodded his head and helped me down on the ground, but letting me put most of my body's pressure on him so it didn't hurt me as much. He looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile. Returning the look, he helped me inside the house.

A disturbing silence filled the room, as I looked up to see Two-Bit with a big ole' grin on his face, sitting on the couch holding his beer-like usual. Soda was standing in the kitchen doorway, with his right elbow leaning against it propping him up and his right foot overlapping his left. He had a small, but warming smile on his face. Maybe he wasn't mad? I don't know. Johnny was sitting on the couch, intently listening to everyone talking. Dally was sitting in Darry's chair, hunched over with his elbows resting on his knees and his chin resting in his hands. It was as if he was thinking, but then I caught the glimpse of hatred in his eyes directed at someone. I looked in the direction that he was looking for my eyes to rest on Steven. He was standing alone on the other side of the room, propped against the wall. I couldn't describe the look on his face as he stared at me the moment I stepped in through the door.

"Uhh hey," I said trying to break the disturbing silence.

"Maxy! Oh darlin! I missed ya 'round here!" Two-Bit said happily. I smiled at him and broke into a little laugh. He jumped up and tackled me in a hug. Wincing in pain, I could hear Darry lecturing Two-Bit on not being so rough to me, but he didn't let go of me and I didn't let go of him. Missed the lil' feller too much!

"Oh hush up Darry! I need my daily dose a' Two-Bit! But thanks anyway!" I said in Two-Bit's chest. I missed the smell of Two-Bit. He hadn't come and seen me in four days and he's the only thing that can truly cheer me. When I pulled away from Two-Bit, he slung his arm around me as we faced the rest of the gang.

"What'r we doin'?! This is a party! Let's rock!" Two-Bit exclaimed. All the guys responded with whooping and hollering as they all rushed into the kitchen to get beer. I couldn't help but laugh at their childishness.

I walked across the room uneasily, but made it to the couch and sat down. The smile that was put on my face by the gang's outburst, I somehow couldn't tear away. I love these guys so much. They're always there for me, no matter what. But Steve, I couldn't say the same for him, unfortunately. My thinking was cut short, by Two-Bit and Ponyboy entering the room laughing, probably at something Two-Bit said.

"Well my, my. Ponyboy look what we' gots here. Hey there lil lady," Two-Bit said in a mocking voice. A little giggle escaped my lips.

"Mind if we sit here pretty girl?" Ponyboy continued in the same mocking voice, making me laugh harder.

"Well, my, my. Look who we gots in front of me. Hey there boys," I said in an equally mocking tone. I batted my eyelashes continuing to play their game. We all broke out in laughter as Two-Bit and Ponyboy plopped down on either side of me on the couch.

One-by-one the boys flowed into the living room with a beer in their sat in his chair contently watching all of us talk, Johnny squeezed in next to Ponyboy on the couch while they were talking. I swear I heard the word sunset. Steve and Sodapop were having an arm wrestle on the coffee table, each sitting on the ground next to each other. And me and Two-Bit were talking about cars.

"No! A 68' ford mustang gt cs, has a much more powerful engine! Ya can even hear it down the street!" I exclaimed. We were debating which car's engine is louder.

"No babygirl. That's the sound system. A 69 dodge charger rt 400 is much louder! If ya real' wanna make some noise, then thats the car," He rebuted back.

"Ya'r wrong," I said slumping into the couch, folding my arms over my chest.

"So Maxy, ya ready for the rumble?" Sodapop asked me.

"I'm gonna kill those damn socs that did that to ya. Don't worry," Dally added.

"I wanna beat them socs til their nothin'!" Steve continued, getting the guys angrier. Suddenly they all broke into death threats, but Dally's rang through my ears. I couldn't let him do that. I can't let him kill them because he would be thrown in jail.

"They're already dead to me," Dally said in a very low, disturbing, sinister tone.

"Guys no! I don't want no rumble!" I objected. I couldn't let them all put themselves out there to get beat up for me. I'm not gonna let that happen.
"What ya ramblin' on 'bout Max?" Darry questioned. Confusion was the only look on all the guys faces.

"I don't want ya'll gettin' beat up cause of me. I wanna press charges," I said answering them and standing up abruptly. Well, my little idea caused a big outburst from all the guys. The only thing that really stuck, was when Dally said "I want them dead!" He continued repeating. It made my stomach twist and turn and not in a good way.

"Guys! Shut up!" I screamed trying to make this stop.

"Why would ya want that Max?" Johnny asked in a sweet, angelic tone. He was probably the most calm out of the boys. Most of them were swearing, punching the wall, or just yelling, but Johnny sat there calmly only saying a few words under his breath.

"Cause Johnnycake," I started and sat down next to Johnny again. "It's more affective, then ya guys jus' throwin' a few punches. I want them to suffer-" I began, but Dally interrupted me.

"Ya! Suffer with a blade in them!" He said making the guys start hollering again.

"NO! Please. I couldn't stand if any of ya get yourselves hurt. Please for me," I said. The gang went silent and thought on my decision. Darry opened his mouth to answer, when a knock came at the door.

Throwing his head down, while the guys threw their heads up to see who was at the door, Darry walked over to the it and opened the screen door. In front of us, stood a man. Probably mid twenties. He had jet black hair that wasn't slicked back like the rest of the guys, but still looked pretty tuff. He had piercing blue eyes, just like Dally did, but not nearly as frightening. The mysterious man, was wearing a gray hoodie, with a white T-shirt under it and some jeans with torn up sneakers. He almost reminded me of Tim Shephard, except for the fact that this man looks harmless, like a lost puppy.

"Can I help ya?" Darry asked in an annoyed tone.

"Is Max Bryant here?" The man asked. He had a low tone, a little lower than Darry's. It wasn't an edgy voice though. It was calm and collected.

"Why?" Darry asked suspiciously.

"I'm her brother," He spoke the heart stopping words.