This story takes place in the end of 'Castle in the Air'. (Before the princesses got sent home) Spoilers if you have not read it yet. Sorry if this is fanfiction is a bit funny and short! I'm still new. x3

Sophie sighed to herself. She was not sure why she was feeling sad for these few days. Morgan was sleeping happily in her arms and there was no more danger him. Howl is safe and sound, but lately he had been running around dealing with all kinds of things to send all the princesses back to their countries. She didn't even see him much as he arrived late at night, and by then she was already asleep. The only times she saw Howl was when Morgan started to cry during the night and Howl was sleeping peacefully, ignoring Morgan's cries.

Sophie looked at the clock sadly and went to eat dinner by herself again. It was already 7pm by now, and there was no point waiting anymore. Everyone else was happy now, so naturally she should be happy too. Shouldn't she? Time went by and soon midnight was nearing. She sat in front of the empty fireplace, as if she was ninety again. Except that Howl, Michael and Calcifer were all out. Sophie slowly stood up to go back to her room when the door opened.

Howl was home.

Slightly surprise that Sophie was still awake, Howl went up to Sophie straight away and gave her a hug. "Waiting for me weren't you?" Sophie immediately blushed and glared at him. "Of course not!" Howl grinned at her response. Then she realized that she had only missed the stupid, foolish, cowardly Howl. After having Howl gone missing, and then rushing off to do jobs for the King, Sophie had just felt awfully lonely and wanted Howl back. She laughed happily and decided to somehow keep Howl in bed tomorrow. How she would do that though, Sophie had no idea. But a short break for Howl wouldn't be too bad.

Howl eyed her suspiciously. Then he had such a shocked face that Sophie started to laugh even more. "Does my hair look Sophie?" Howl had got the wrong idea, making Sophie laugh even harder. "Why didn't you tell me?" he gasped. And with that, he ran off to the bathroom.

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