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Sherlock's POV

"Absolutely not!" I shouted for quite possibly the fifth time in the last minute.

Molly was about to yell something back at me, her face reddening in anger, before she was so rudely interrupted by a few hard pounds to the wall from the room next to ours. Our hotel was expensive but it seemed they didn't spend too much time or thought with the insulation between spaces.

Molly rolled her eyes briefly, catching me off guard before she spoke, much quieter than she had previously planned to.

"Sherlock, I can't let you go ahead and let yourself get killed."

I had told her what was written on the note addressed to me that I had gotten from the homeless man in the alley. While I didn't tell her...everything... that was on the note, she got the gist of what was really important to the investigation. I left out the part that said it was either me or her. One of us had to die and I'd be damned if someone is put in danger anymore because of me. Besides, aren't I supposed to be the metaphorical knight in shining armor? I seem more like the damsel in distress if you ask me, but this wasn't the time to refer to petty fairytales.

"People depend on you," she continued, "Even when you're assumed to be dead, people still need you. You don't know what would happen in this world if it went on without you. From my point of view," she said her voice wavering," My life would mean nothing without you, Sherlock. I can't let you do this," she pleaded, trying to keep the tears from spilling over her eyes. What she doesn't realize, is that the people I care about would be better off if they never even met the great Sherlock Holmes. What even makes me great anways? All I do is get the attention of bad people and put more lives at stake due to my ignorance.

Molly was hugging her arms around her waist and she looked like she was about to faint or breakdown completely or shout.

I truthfully didn't know what to say or what to do. Do I comfort her and tell her that I won't leave her? Or do I break up with her now to save her the heartache? That, after all, is what I did when she was dating Moriarty. I thought it was the nice thing to do. I couldn't. I can't. The feelings for me would always be there. It would kill her inside and to be completely honest, it might do the same to me.

I turned away from her, running my long hand over my face and then through my hair in frustration. I must have looked completely lost. She sat onto the bed lazily and laid back almost carefully, her arms still wrapped around her waist. She curled her legs under her and turned away on her side. She looked as if she was going to be sick. Molly was so empty inside and I don't know why I wouldn't have expected her to act this way. I really had no idea how she was going to take it. She was so brave. What's happened to her?

I inwardly kicked myself as I realized why. Sentiment.

I heard a short and muffled sniffle from Molly, who was trying to conceal it as best as she could. I shook my head absently after I set the top hat on the side table next to the bed and shed myself of my shoes and my dress coat. I sat down on the edge of the bed cautiously.

"Molly, please," I whispered.

I saw her wipe at her face behind her hair and she sat up, her legs dangling off the end of the bed, not touching the floor. She realized that she didn't like how close we were sitting next to each other so she scooted away slowly, but not as far as I thought she would. Good. That means she doesn't hate me completely.

"Molly, you have to understand-"

"Sherlock, I think I need you to sleep somewhere else tonight," she said suddenly with an air of confidence.

She looked up at me now, dry trails of tears staining her cheeks.

"I just don't think I can sleep next to you knowing that you think I have to understand and be fine with all of this. I just can't," she said weakly her lower lip quivering slightly.

"Don't be-"

"I'm going to change for bed. You should do the same." she finished the conversation and stood up from the bed taking off her shoes and searching for her nightclothes.

After a frustrated sigh she asked me, "Sherlock?"

"Yes," I asked, hopefully.

"Can I borrow a shirt? I forgot my nightclothes," she asked almost shyly, still not looking at me in fear she'd lose the confidence she was trying to hold onto.

"Of course."

Honestly, I didn't have any other clothes. We had only planned to go to the party, stay overnight, and go home the next morning in the clothes we were wearing on the train.

I reluctantly took off the shirt I was wearing and held it out for her. When she turned around I could hear her breathe in a quick gust of air before she grabbed the shirt from my hand and retreated into the bathroom, her cheeks reddening fiercely, but not closing the door until she took another glance at my bare chest. I smiled as she finally closed the door and started for the bed that looked as comfortable as mine back in London, before I remembered Molly's words and turned around again and flopped onto the couch. It was quite uncomfortable when I turned onto my back and the leather stuck the skin on my back but I wasn't going to complain about it in front of Molly. I knew that we would work it all out in the morning.

Molly opened the door of the bathroom slowly and shut the lights off inside before she closed the door. She hugged her arms around her waist in the same fashion she did before. I couldn't help but notice how my shirt was tight around her chest and several inches above her knees.

Molly noticed that I was staring at her and quickly ran to the bed and her view of me was cut off by the wall. She pulled the cord of the lamp and the room was in total darkness. I waited for a good five minutes to see if Molly would tell me goodnight, but that moment never came. I could hear her soft and steady breathing in the quietness of the room and I let my breathing fall into pattern with hers. My last thought before I fell asleep was this:

Molly looked very sexy in my shirt.

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