You Gotta Take A Chance.

Dedicated to my Beta Reader; Kavazya!

Diclaimer: I own nothing apart from the plot and some new characters...

Ok I know what your thinking... Well maybe... I know that I have heaps of "Just made" stories but I like to publish a lot of things and this one, I worked harder on then any other story. Please review! This is a random war thing that I made! I couldn't resist NOT making it! Also 1 more thing. This is more about horses (Kinda like War Horse the movie) than romance and all. Hope you enjoy!



Sam studied the newborn, black shiny colt. There was something about him that no other colt had, something almost magical about him.

"That's the colt…" Wyatt muttered in a disappointed way.

"I expected some more potential from that mare and stallion." Wyatt grumbled as he walked off briskly into the glorious morning that welcomed the two of them.

"Dad, please don't sell him off! I know that he's worth it!" Sam pleaded as she jogged to catch up to her father who was walking faster than usual.

Wyatt suddenly turned around to face Sam. She backed off when she saw the anger in his eyes.

"I have enough horses on my hands to feed. I don't need another one, especially if he's useless." Wyatt said raising his voice.

Sam froze at the coldness of her father. However Wyatt gave no hint that he way going to withdraw the coldness. He staggered hesitantly then disappeared around the corner. Tears swelled in her eyes and blurred her vision. She slid down to the ground and tightly hugged her knees. She shivered at the thought of selling the little colt in the auction.

"I will get you back… whatever it takes." Sam vowed as she scrambled to her feet and breathed in the scent of horses.

Chapter 1 – The Announcement

It must have looked like silver lightning shooting across the desert: black dirt flew up from the dusty earth as the bold stallion ate up the ground. Hooves thundered as they hit the hard ground at a fast rhythm. The warm breeze blew against Sam's long auburn hair as she clung onto the silver stallion's wild mane. Her tall, black boots were now covered in dirt but she couldn't have cared less. Sam squinted at the blazing sunlight as the stallion slowed to a long lope as he climbed up the hill. His long silky ears flattened as he pushed himself up. Sam took the opportunity to steal a backwards glance; Jake was now only a little speck in the distance on his black mare. There was no stopping now.

"You know better." Jake's words rang in her ears.

Sam shuddered when she looked ahead and saw the endless green pastures. Just as she thought the stallion had tired, he lengthened his strides once more and launched into a full gallop yet again.

"Do you ever burn out?" Sam shouted, knowing she couldn't be heard over the sound of his pounding hooves. His sensitive ears, however, flicked back at the sound of her voice and the beat of his hooves finally slowed to a trot.

"There you go…" Sam whispered gently into the stallion's ears.

She dismounted and stared into the vast horizon in search of Jake. The stallion gave a proud and victorious neigh as he threw his head.

"We weren't racing you know!" Sam chuckled at her horse's reaction to his apparent victory.

Sam patted the Stallion's strong, hot neck gleaming with sweat as she nudged him to a slow walk to cool him down.

Turning her head behind her, Sam spotted Jake a small distance away, his mare tiring from Jake's constant demands for speed. When he had closed the distance, Jake slowed Witch to a halt and dismounted. The mare shook her body, sending droplets of sweat flying into the air.

"That stallion, I've never seen any horse as fast as that." He said pointing admiringly at the proud stallion.

"That's 'cause you haven't seen a whole lot of other horses." Sam laughed as she took him inside to the stable.

Jake began laughing with her, a blush appearing on his tanned face.

As Sam emerged from the stable, she noticed a small band of army trucks coming down the bend.

"Jake? Who are they?" Sam asked, worried.

"I don't know." Jake said covering his eyes with his hands to shield them from the sun.

As the trucks slowed to a stop in front of the stable, a man dressed in army uniform stepped out of the truck with an irritated expression.

"Is there a Jacob Ely living somewhere here, miss?" The solider said, placing a cigarette in his mouth and pulling out a lighter from his pocket.

"I am Jacob Ely." Jake said as he put up his hand.

"Good. We American's are going to war and you are expected to attend! You will receive military training and be a part of the U.S. army. You will be coming with me tomorrow. Get ready." The man said, poking Jake's chest with his index finger.

The man got back inside the truck and drove off with the other trucks following behind him.

"Jake? What are we going to do? You can't go to war!" Sam said, terrified.

Jake turned around to face Sam and a sad expression washed over his face. "I have no choice," he said gravely. "I must go."

I know it was VERY short but I hope you guys enjoyed it! I put more effort into this one in making it descriptive then another others of my fan-fics (Not that I ever put effort in in them! XD Shhhh that's a secret!) But my Beta Reader did put much effort!