Chapter 3

For Chap 3, I have copied War horse(You know.. the movie?) quite a bit.

The mighty beast twisted his body so extremely his own weight turned against him as he began crashing to the earth. Hastily and desperately Jake freed his feet from the iron stirrups and scrambled out of the path of Wildo. Barely a few inches marked the distance from the stallion to Jake's head. Stunned, Jake lay sprawled on his side.

"Ely!" The sergeant barked.

With a flicker of irritation and anger, he scrambled to his feet and glared at the sergeant.

It was very clear that the man had given his best effort to kill him, but why?

"Hmm not bad, no rider has ever been able to ride Wildo up til' there. I suppose a deal's a deal." He grunted.

"Anyways, go catch that stallion, we have practise tomorrow at four... "If you're even late by a second.. " He hissed.

Jake cleared his throat and did a salute.

The sergeant meandered around with his hands balled tightly behind his back.

Jake Ely hadn't been late but his best friend Luke had, and he wasn't looking forward to what was going to happen to him.

As Luke lead his little grey mare from the stalls the sergeants eyes narrowed into a look one might see a hawk wear eying its prey.

His voice was like a volcano, laced with underlying anger threatening to erupt at any second.

But for now the only sounds were the ones coming from the horses.

When Luke stood beside Echo, his mare, the sergeant strutted over to him and he looked down at young Luke.

"I am sure that you were informed that it was four o'clock this training session?" His tone was level but Luke looked small like a lamb to a wolf.

"One hundred push-ups!"

"Yes sir!" Luke croaked and he threw himself to the ground.

"Men... Mount!" Sergeant James ordered.

Jake swung into Thunder's saddle and the gelding gave a little buck in protest.

"Ely! Go saddle up Wildo! You will be riding him for the rest of your sorry life!" Sergeant joked, but there was no humour in his harsh eyes.

Jake's heart missed a beat.

Ride Wildo? WILDO?!Jake's stomach turned. This was turning into some kind of sick joke.

"Yes sir!" Jake shouted confidently but inside... he was consumed with the ureter fear of the probability of his death.

Wildo was tied to a wooden pole, thrashing his head against the tether. He wouldn't give up the fight for freedom.

Jake tried whistling but the reaction Jake got was a flick of an ear.

Wildo could have been the Phantom's twin, huge muscles, slim legs, slight Arabian features and mostly, his Mustang eyes.

"Steady, steady." Jake whispered to the stallion as he got closer but the liver chestnut ignored him and continued his battle with the pole.

Jake pushed away the fear and reached out to place a hand on the stallion's shoulders.

The stallion stopped, they had gotten off to a rough start but that could change.

With the stallion's cautious eyes on him, Jake untied the rope from the pole.

He tied the long rope to his some-what halter and mounted quickly and carefully.

When Jake pushed the sword in his belt away, the stallion reared again, this time coming down and launching into a full gallop. Ears pinned down flat against his neck, Wildo careened to where the training session had started.

As if he had always dreamt of being a bronc, Wildo reared than started bucking. He was wild alright, no one could question that.

The solders in the training turned their heads to watch the rodeo show that had been put on for them.

Jake almost felt like his successful rodeo champ brother, Kit Ely. If only he had his Stetson with him.

"Focus!" Sergeant James ordered as he spanked the foot of a man who was sliding off his horse.

The sergeant pushed his way to Jake and Wildo.

"Ely! What in the name are you doing disturbing this training session?"


"Shut up!" The Sergeant cut Jake off.

Jake couldn't help but chuckle at his hilarious British accent.

"Go join the men now! Adam will be taking over now!"

The young boy who was still in his early twenties had always favoured Jake, from being close friends to sharing his expensive Thoroughbred time to time.

The red haired boy was an undisputed horseman.

Here he came on his Bay Arabian cross. The little bay always had reminded Jake of little Ace. The colt had been given to Sam's niece a few months ago.

Adam flashed Jake a smile and trotted his bay to the front.

Jake slipped inline beside an older man who's name was Berget and his giant Appaloosa mare, Spotless which was pretty ironic sine the mare had at least a million spots.

Wildo had calmed down but kept facing Jake to roll his eyes and toss his wild mane.

Lucas had told Jake that the stallion had been too wild to cut his mane and he reacted to sharp objects which sometimes was at least few good metres away.

"Raise your swords!" Lucas shouted over all the neighing and snorting from the horses.

Jake cautiously lifted his sword and pointed it forward, just beside the stallion's head.


Hmmm... I wonder what Wildo will do? Will he rear and go crazy again or will he be calm for once?