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Chapter 5

"There's so much crap on your desk Kevin!" Rachel complained as she knocked over of a pile of shit with her ever expanding stomach. She almost paused for a second contemplating whether to pick the stuff up but decided against the thought as quickly as it came; if she bent down she would have the baby down there in the amount of time it would take her to get back up!

Rachel had barely made it to her desk before Godzilla came hurtling into the office cawing her name. "Rachel!" The tone of her voice clear, the young detective knew she had to follow immediately. Once both women were in the office Gill quickly closed the door and began, "I've had a call from a Caroline Savage, does that mean anything to you?"

Unable to speak Rachel simply stood staring at her boss. The fear ripped through her body. 'That bitch.' Rachel thought to herself.

"I told her it's none of my business who my officers sleep with," Gill continued, "but, if she wants to take it to professional standards that's her call."

If the previous news hadn't shocked and scared her, this latest revelation certainly had. Rachel remained speechless for a few more moments before finally managing "did you?"

"Mmm, I gave her their number."

Rachel let out a sigh as she dwelled at the possible outcome. "And what will they do?"

"Nothing, it is none of their business who you sleep with either." Gill said, finally making it personal.

"I didn't know he was married." Rachel suddenly blurted as the guilt rose inside of her.

"Did I ask?" Gill said, clearing not believing Rachel.

"I didn't know, you can ask Janet. I was…I was gutted when I found out!" Rachel reasoned, but her voice was beginning to crack showing the emotion behind the words, also revealing the truth in the statement.

"And is it really that barrister that got that murdering, raping bastard, Stelikos, off we are talking about?" Gill exploded for all of this office to hear.

"Yes." Rachel whispered.

Gill suddenly took a step back and looked at Rachel for a moment before asking, "He's not the father, is he?" The disgust in her voice was clear. Rachel unable to answer for fear of sending her boss into even more of a disapproving rage just stood there not wanting to move, at all.

Gill, took a sharp inhale realising what the silence meant and then continued. "When I read the transcript of the court proceedings, which I did with great interest, wondering where the hell we went wrong, what I couldn't fathom, Rachel, was how much Nicholas Savage knew how much you'd badgered Hannah Conway to give evidence in court because that was the corner stone of his defence, almost, wasn't it? How we targeted that poor innocent man. And I was sitting there, reading it, thinking 'how the hell on earth did he know that? Who the hell on earth told him that? Not Hannah. Not you.' And then, this woman, out of the blue, rings me up and tells me that one of my officers is sleeping with the very man, himself." Gill let the silence hang for a moment. "In my position, Rachel, what would you be thinking?"

"I wouldn't jeopardise the case like that!" Rachel fumed, venting the rage she had built up against tht bloody bitch of a wife. "Look, I don't know how he knew." Rachel began, return her voice to a calmer tone. "Maybe he just assumed."

"Georgios Stelikos is dead because of that verdict. Sian Cook is gonna spend the next twelve years, or so, looking at the same four walls because of that verdict!" Gill shouted, trying to show Rachel the results of her actions.

"You still don't think I've made that leap, do you!" Rachel shouted above her DCI. "And I have! I don't talk to anyone about what we do." Rachel said, reducing the volume as she spoke.

"If I find out, at any time in the future that you've lied to me, you will apologise, personally to every member of this syndicate and Hannah Conway." Rachel tried to interrupt and swear her honesty but Gill continued regardless. "And you'll walk through that door for the last time. Is there anything I've said that you're struggling with?"

"No" Rachel muttered as she was shown the door.

"Tut, tut, tut. Sleeping with the enemy." Kevin joked, whilst shaking his head.

"Piss off Kevin! You'd shag road kill if it was still warm!" Rachel snapped as she picked up her handbag. She wasn't in the mood for his jokes; she was already struggling to keep back the tears.

"You shag one sheep." Kevin laughed as Rachel waddled out of the office, he couldn't help but stare.


"Oh God, I'm sorry." Rachel said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Hormones." She added. "I kept it together in there though I was not giving going to give her the pleasure."

"So what happened?" Janet questioned whilst she stood leaning against the sink unit. Her eyes staring, tactically, at the floor.

"That bitch of a wife has rung our Majesty up and told her that I've been at it with her husband, and course she's read the flaming court proceedings, because she's like mustard, in't she? And she's put two together and she knows that it was me that told Nick about Stelikos!"

"How can she know? She can't know, not for sure." Janet reasoned sensing the fear in the young detective's voice. She knew it was imperative that she kept Rachel calm, she was pregnant for goodness' sake.

"No, course not! Would I be stood here in one piece if she did? You know all I've ever wanted, all my life, was to work on MIT and if I lose this job because of that bastard I would…well I don't know what I would do, but it wouldn't be good."

"You've got to keep your nerve, keep your nose clean and keep your head down and move one; that's all you can do." Janet instructed the younger officer.

"Sian Cook is going to spend the next twelve years in prison because of that verdict. " Rachel told her friend as she released the guilt she had acquired.

"Sian Cook made a decision to kill; you can't take that on yourself." Janet finished before the two women jumped slightly at the sudden entrance of their boss.

"Oh hello!" Gill sang cheerily, equally surprised to see the two women. "Meeting in ten, get your brews ready, it's going to be long one." With this both Rachel and Janet left the haven of the women's loos and returned to the team's office.

Janet suddenly turned to Rachel and announced "I'm seeing Jeff Hastings tonight."

"He's the brother, in't he? Of Veronica?"

"Yeah, fancy coming with me? I run out of things to say after about ten minutes. Oh go on, it'd be nice."


"You know this morning when I went to get the coffees" The younger officer began.

"Yeah…"Janet probed.

"Well I bumped into this woman, Martine Cooper. She was on the jury in Bolton Crown Court for a robbery, seriously well organised." Rachel paused excitedly trying to form the story in her own mind. "I mean it went on for about two months because there was about a million people involved. There was seven defendants, seven lead barristers, seven juniors and that's without the CPS." Rachel exclaimed hurriedly trying to help her friend understand the situation. "And they all got sent down, all except for one. And guess who defended 'that one'." Rachel paused for a second before answering her own question, impatience getting the better of her. "Nick! It was Nick. But better, well not better, but Martine Cooper had a fling with him. He took her back to his flat, definitely, while the trial was going on. I got her to repeat it; she didn't seem to have a clue how bad that was." The jubilance in Rachel's voice was almost child-like. "They saw each other for a couple of months, and then, guess what: she found out he was married." Rachel concluded. The detective was triumphant. She would be able to get him struck off for this. She had the chance to fuck him over just like how he had done to her. All Rachel hear in her head was 'how do you like that, pal?'

"And his client got off?" Janet queried, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

"Carl Norris." Rachel's short reply sparked a stunned silence. Her ex had managed to get the single biggest criminal in Manchester off.

"No!" Janet whispered in astonishment.

"Oh he was the big bollocks behind the whole thing. Everyone else got sent down, but they couldn't touch him!"

The women resided in the busy atmosphere of the pub before Rachel finally revealed the motive behind the story: "I could so get Nick with this."

"Yeah, you could. He'd get sent down; he'd never work again. But, before you do, you want to think about it very carefully." Janet answered cryptically.

"Do I? Why?"

"If you blow the whistle on him, he will be so thoroughly investigated he won't know what's hit him and the first thing that will emerge is that you PNC'd his car however many months ago for no legitimate reason whatsoever, Sherlock. " Janet stopped for a moment before truly turning into Rachel's mother. "And that's before he starts getting vindictive and starts highlighting other areas of your behaviour where you have been slightly shy of professional. Perjury, which he can't prove, but improper disclosure of information, 'sweet dreams pretty boy' to name but two. No. I am sorry Rach but he's got you by the wire wool as far as shopping him or nailing the delectable Carl Norris to the post is concerned."

Rachel sat for a moment in a slight state of shock. The news she had just been so excited about had been shattered in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

"Here give that to Geoff." Janet passed her pregnant colleague the two beers she had just purchased and watched her waddle off to the table they had occupied whilst she stood at the bar waiting for the remaining orders.

Rachel eased herself onto the chair; she had never really appreciated the impact of pregnancy on women's everyday lives. She struggled going five minutes without going to the loo and stairs…the thought literally filled her with dread.

Janet quickly arrived with the last of the drinks: Rachel's cranberry juice and her wine. As she took her seat the fair haired detective was quickly bombarded with questions. It was a pattern that had been formed during each of their meetings, the only difference being that Rachel was now answering many of the questions. Janet couldn't help herself from beaming with pride as she watched her partner in crime, so to speak, race off into the depths of detail. It surprised her how well Rachel and Geoff had gotten on.

As the evening has drew to a close the two women started to make their excuses and head for their cars. Geoff remained in his seat: he had told them he was waiting for a taxi. Rachel suddenly stopped in her tacks.

"Where do you live Geoff?"

"Just off the Chadderton high-street, why?"

"Look it's on my way home I'll give you a lift if you like?" Rachel offered, her kind-side getting the better of her tiredness.

"Oh, well, that would be nice, thank you." Geoff gushed.

They walked out to her car and she lowered herself into the car and waited for her passenger to buckle up before they sped off.

"So when's she…or, or he due?" Geoff stumbled trying to make conversation.

"She," Rachel smiled the warmth and love protruding from her speech, "she's due in August, August fourth."

"How lovely, so are you off home to join the father?"

"No, no. Not at all. He's a knob. He doesn't give a toss. I found out he was married and well we haven't really spoken since." Rachel could see Geoff tense up assuming he had hit a nerve. "But it's okay I don't want him to have anything to do with our life." The young officer tried to compensate for the awkward tension she had just created.

"Do you have much family?"

Rachel almost let out a sigh. 'He must feel so lonely, what with his sister and mother.' Compassion was new thing of this detective and she wasn't really sure how to handle it so she ignored it and ploughed on with answering the question. "Well there's my sister but I don't really see her too much. She's too touchy-feely for me. We didn't really have that much in common before but I guess with this little one on the way, she has two kids."

"What about your mum?"

"I don't speak to her. No, she buggered of with someone when I was a kid and I don't want to know her anymore, or this one to." Rachel added as they drew up outside the address Geoff had described to her.

"Thanks, it's very kind of you."

"It was on me way."

"So have you seen the report and stuff about Veronica the same as Janet has?" Geoff queried.

"Well, I was staying at Janet's for a bit after I split up with this bloke, the father and I shared the spare room with these files, so I read 'em, not all of 'em."

"Yeah." Geoff simply answered, his voice barely coming out as a whisper. "Do you want a cup of tea?"

"Yeah go on then." Rachel was eager to find more out about Veronica and she saw this as the opportunity she had be searching for; somehow it seemed easier to ask Geoff about her than it was Janet.

Geoff led the way into his small terrace house and headed towards the kitchen.

"How long have you lived here?" Rachel asked leaning against the wall in an attempt to take some of the ever increasing weight from her feet.

"About six months." The answer came just as Geoff was adding the finishing touches to their teas.

"I must have just assumed that you lived at your mum's house."

"God no!" Geoff quietly exclaimed.

"Did you not get on then?"

"No, not really."

"It must have been tough after Veronica died." Half asked trying to be sympathetic.

"Well, yeah, yeah, and before." Geoff mumbled

As Rachel received the finalised brew her eyes caught the calendar. It was Rallson's Haulage. "Did you work for them then?" The officer's fingers momentarily freed themselves from her stomach, (which had been somewhere they had learnt to call home as their owner had wanted to feel as close to her unborn child as humanly possible), in order to point towards the calendar which had caught her eye.

"Oh yeah quite a while it was pretty much the only place have worked part from the little newsagents on the high-street."

Rachel took a sip of tea as her mind began to whirr. Connections and links being made everywhere it was hard for her to hid her excitement. The brunette quickly drunk her tea and made her excuses and quickly headed for her car.

The drive home was a little more careless then had recently been but her haste was derived from her exhilaration. When young Sherlock picked up on something, nothing was going to get in the way. Not even traffic cops.