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He could hear the giggling as soon as the elevator doors slid open, shaking his head he wondered just what the females topic of the day was, hearing Penelope start to giggle again he stepped out of view and waited to hear just what was so damn funny!

"I mean it JJ as soon as I think of those soft worn jeans with the tatty holes I start to drool – I think I am addicted to him" she sighed dramatically.

Morgan frowned, just who in the hell was Garcia drooling over now! He thought once she had dumped that idiot Lynch he would be able to finally show her how a woman was meant to be treated, but no it seems he had missed out again; he was fuming slowly, missing parts of their gigglesome conversation.

"All weekend? Seriously sweetie you need to leave your bed now and again" JJ was telling his blonde goddess.

Okay now he was pissed, it had been less than 2 weeks since JJ and Will's wedding, he had planned to give her a month and then ask her on a date, a proper real live date!

Morgan was about to stomp through and demand to know who his princess was now seeing so he could go and kick his arse when her next words stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Okay you can borrow him this weekend but do not return him damaged okay?" Penelope told the still giggling JJ – he didn't hear the fellow FBI agent reply so he figured she had just nodded.

JJ was going to cheat on Will? After what they had endured during the bank heist and little's Henry's brush with the psycho bitch from hell. A small grin escaped him as he recalled Rossi describing how JJ had kicked the woman's arse, going part momma bear part Matrix on her arse.

"I will take good care of him okay Pen? Will is taking Henry out for the day on Saturday so I will make some quality time for him then okay?"

Penelope sighed and agreed, giving JJ a quick hug she grabbed her coffee as a small thud sounded from their direction.

Morgan waited until he heard Garcia's heels clip their way to her office until he peeked out from his hiding place, walking up to JJ he tried to keep it light and casual when he really wanted to haul her in to interrogation to find out who Garcia was dating!

"Morning JJ"

"Oh hi Derek I didn't see you there, want some coffee?" JJ asked him nervously, trying to cover something that lay on the counter top.

"That would be great Hun thanks" he told her leaning back against the counter as she flicked her eyes behind him to whatever lay there.

"So you and Will got any hot plans for this weekend?"

"Oh not really, Will is taking Henry out on Saturday – you know daddy/son bonding and al that" she told him, a slight flush creeping up her cheeks.

"Oh so JJ is having some momma time huh?" he joked, narrowing his eyes as her flush went a little darker.

"Er yeah something like that, I really should go..." the blonde stammered, trying to reach for something when Morgan whirled round and faced her.

"Okay what's going on JJ, cheating on Will already?" he snapped.

The blonde whirled on him her mouth open in shock before she began to laugh, taking a grey covered book from the counter she handed it to him.

"Oh my goodness Derek give me some credit, I have only been married 5 minutes and Mr nosey I am going to be spending quality time with Mr Grey this Saturday"

Morgan frowned and looked down at the book in his hands – 'Fifty shades of Grey' was emblazoned on the cover – he raised confused eyes to JJ's as he turned the book and began to read the sleeve – lifting surprised eyes to hers.

He noticed some of the pages were marked and began flipping through – his eyes getting wider by the second, tearing his eyes from the erotic words he looked at JJ who was grinning widely.

"Its porn" he laughed, shaking his head in wonder.

"No its erotic female literature" she told him trying to keep a straight face.

"No honey this is out and out porn, just without the pictures" as he said that he noticed a photo that had been used as a book mark somewhere towards the end of the book, flipping it open he was surprised to see himself, it was a picture that had been taken when he and Penelope had gone to the beach last summer, in the photo he was wearing cut off jeans and sunglasses, a broad smile on his face as the sun beat down on him.

"Looks like Pen added some pictures of her own" JJ laughed, watching his face as he seemed to be considering something for a moment.

"JJ can I borrow this for a couple of hours?"

"Really? Hmm I can see your hatching a plan Mr Morgan, care to share?" JJ asked a slight frown on her pretty face as she watched Morgan thumb through the pages.

"Maybe a small plan...so can I borrow it?"

"Penelope is pretty much in love with that book right now, if anything happens to her Mr Grey she will be heartbroken"

"Oh I think if things work out as I am planning...my baby girl will never be heartbroken again" as he spoke a heat seemed to ignite in his eyes.

JJ almost took a step back when she realised that heat was all for Penelope alone, smiling and thanking which ever naughty angel was looking out for her friends, it was about damn time.

"You have an hour and then I want it back" she told him, watching as he wandered to a secluded table and started making notes.

"Oh poor Penelope you are not going to know what's hit you" JJ thought as she went back to work with a smile on her face.