Harvey Specter receives a phone call one morning. An ex of his has a son named Michael, Arthur. She is dead. Harvey is the father. Mike is three years old

Harvey Specter, groaned as his alarm blasted into his ears, he slowly made his way out of his warm bed, cursing his alarm clock, as the cold air hit him as his bare feet touch the oak wood floor, he shivered

He slumped into his kitchen and made some strong black coffee, today was a good day, he had just closed one of Pearson/Hardman's biggest cases, Jessica was pleased with him and he loved rubbing it in Louis's face.

"Harvey", Donna approaches Harvey with nervousness and confusion not her usually joyful bounciness, which has Harvey confused

"Yes donna"

"Phone for you, child services"

Harvey Specter's mouth drops and he straightens his tie,

"Harvey, Specter, look I think you have got the wrong number, I don't have a son

Harvey puts the phone down and stares out the window, "DONNA" "Yes Harvey?" "I, have a son!"

"What?" Donna asks "" My ex Elizabeth died, she was ill, I have a son, I have a child. I don't like children Donna, I can't stand them. They are messy

"I'll get you a coffee Harvey", "Thought we didn't get each other coffee" Harvey chuckles, " this is an acceptation, you can pay me back later" Harvey chuckles and leans back in his chair.

"Thanks donna", "so", Donna asks siting down on Harvey's couch, leaning forward, legs cross elegantly. "What's your son called?" "How old is he?", "where does he live?" "Whoa which one do you want answered first? Harvey says eyebrows raised "he's three, his names Michael and he lived in New Jersey, but right now he's in a foster home just now in New York"

"Donna, what do I do, children don't like me, and my sister could adopt him" Harvey says considering his options. Donna glares at him, Donna I like my job, I love my job. I don't love kids.

Harvey Specter he is your son