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"What the hell Oscar" Harvey yelled slamming the phone down on the kitchen counter stalking over to his brother. Abruptly holding his hands out for Mike, Oscar gently passed his nephew over to his furious looking brother. Harvey adjusted Mike and pulled him into his chest

What the hell possessed you to take my kid" Harvey said trying not to yell he had to keep his anger under control. He did not want to terrify the little boy.

"Do you know how you just made me feel I woke up to find my son gone. I have never felt so sick in all my life. Oscar looked guiltily he looked down at his feet"We went to the café you take him too for breakfast sometimes and then to the park, we thought you would like to sleep" Oscar said rubbing Mike's back as he held him. Mike was playing with a rubber lizard chewing on it oblivious to his daddy's worry smiling up at Harvey.

"I know you wouldn't have meant to scare me but you don't just take my son without asking" Harvey whispered furiously as he bounced Mike on his hip. Mike giggled happily snuggling into his shoulder babbling as he ran his lizard over Harvey's collar. Harvey smiled fondly at Mike and kissed the little boys rosy pink cheek.

"Look Harvey I was trying to do you a favour and this is how your repay me I honestly did not think about it I heard him crying and you looked exhausted" Oscar muttered appalled and taken aback by his brothers reaction but now he realised how worried his older brother must have felt, at seeing his only son missing.

He had thought that the kid would enjoy sometime outside to be able to explore and let his imagination run wild, to see all the bugs and squirrels. Oscar used to love that as a kid, he would wander off and just explore the woods or the river usually it would be up to Harvey to go after him.

"I am talking to you!" Harvey yelled seeing his brother 'deep in thought'

"Jeez Harvey I looked after him" Oscar tried to defend himself against his brothers wrath.

Harvey glared at his brother and rocked Mike as the little boy let out a whimper , placing a hand on his bottom "Yeah that's why his diaper is wet" Oscar fidgeted nervously ignoring the glare his older brother had fixed on him "You did take the diapers" Harvey asked eyes fixed on his brother looking over at counter confirmed what Harvey had thought as the gruffalo diaper bag was sitting on the counter next to some colouring books and sippy cups.

If it was possible Harvey's glare became even fiercer when his brother shook his head

"HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN IN A WET DIAPER" Harvey yelled no longer able to hold in the fury at how stupid his brother could have been. Harvey quickly snatched the bag seething as he gave his brother a death look taking Mike into the bathroom.

"You wait there Oscar I have not finished with you!" Harvey called through to his brother; Oscar stood standing nervously leaning against the counter worried that he had pissed of his brother. He remembered when he and Harvey used to fight when they were younger not proper fighting but Harvey still kicked his ass.

"Dadee gwo dwookie" Harvey frowned as he noticed the cookie crumbs and smeared chocolate on Mike's little navy blue grufallo coat.

"That is not my idea of breakfast kiddo chocolate cookies "Harvey muttered smiling brightly at Mike as he changed his diaper. The truth was Mike ate what he wanted for breakfast or any other meal which could include popcorn, chicken cereal or anything that the kid wanted to eat. Harvey didn't believe in forcing Mike to eat what he wanted him to eat it just caused Mike upset and Harvey felt like there was no point upsetting a child who had difficulty enough communicating. And who was he really hurting if Mike liked to have popcorn for breakfast.

Harvey had quickly learned that you couldn't raise an autistic child the same way you raised a child classed as the 'norm' the parenting books that he and Donna had purchased did not really help they just described the autistic child as being 'alien' which Harvey did not like. Mike often sat up at midnight with his daddy while they both had some chicken tenders, watching the late night comedy show, to anyone else this could be seen as bad parenting but to Harvey this was their way Mike and him were together for the long haul so he wanted something that would work for both of them.

One of Harvey's biggest pet peaves was that the 'professionals' who wrote all the books that hit you as soon as you enter the book isle in the supermarkets is that they probably didn't even have kids never mind an autistic one so how could they act like their books were the bible.

Mike smiled back at him and held his hands out to be picked up. Mike had developed somewhat of an obsession with the gruffalo. When they had been shopping Mike had suddenly cried out looking up from his I-pad pointing out some slippers tilting his head wondering what the monster was. Harvey had smiled as he found Mike's size and showed the little boy the slipper popping them in the basket, he realised looking at the tag that it was in fact a book after scouring the shelves they found the striking and colourful book of the grufallo and the grufallo's child.

Harvey had quickly put them in the cart, when you found something Mike liked, you couldn't not get it. After about a week Mike's room had been transformed into a safe haven that any gruffalo fan would love to have. After collecting some more gruffallo themed items such as a bag for kindergarten and a giant stuffed toy the made their way to the tills. The lady who served them had raised her eyebrow and smiled at Mike as he clutched the grufallo tightly to his chest.

Their fridge at home was covered in the childish art work, every time Harvey walked past he thought about how proud he was of his son and how his life had changed for the better. The fridge in their kitchen was covered in Mike's pictures from school one of the clients of Pearson Hardman who had been invited back to Harvey's house to have a meeting because Mike was had been struck down with the flue and had regressed quite a bit with no speech at all. It always saddened Harvey when Mike regressed because he didn't always know if he would come back to being his beautiful lively son.

He knew he was being paranoid but he had read so many articles which said that not all children would progress and that they would be stuck in the worst stage of autism all their life. The client had commented saying that they must arrange a play date for their toddlers. Harvey had smiled and told the man that his son was five and not the two year old that he was assumed to be.

"Yeah what other rubbish has Uncle Oscar been feeding you?" Harvey asked tickling his son "come on kiddo daddy get your bum changed huh kiddo leaving you in a wet diaper poor Mike" Mike giggled as his daddy tickled him squealing as he kicked his feet. Harvey loved these little moments he had with Mike just to be able to bond. That would have to wait now though as he had an 'idiot' to deal with.

Harvey finished changing Mike grabbing the little boy's teddy bear from the bedroom along with some other toys.

"Oscar Mike needs a lot of care if you are not fit to look after him then you don't" Harvey said firmly but in a much calmer voice, not letting go of the little boy in his arms, he wanted Mike in his arms he knew he was probably over reacting but Mike was precious.

"Come on Harv I accidently forgot the diapers okay" Oscar said trying to get Harvey to see that Mike was safe with him even if he did forget that.

"No it is not by any means okay you can't forget that I have never forgotten the diapers and If I did I would be straight back to get them"

"Or you would send Donna" Oscar joked trying to bring some fun into the situation, Harvey couldn't stop the grin that escaped he felt bad for 'screaming' at his brother he was just caught up with worrying about Mike not knowing where he was. He never wanted to feel that emotion again.

"I can see that daddy has two kids today" Harvey said sarcastically rolling his eyes at his brother's antics.

Harvey put Mike down on the floor and the five and a half year old ran off into the play room and bringing back his toy story sensory.

Mike sat on the floor for about two minutes checking the car over and pressing the buttons before tapping pulling on Harvey's jeans "Ahhh" Mike cried taking Harvey's hand and pointing at the bottom of the car (Where the battery pack was) Harvey who bent down so he was height level with Mike "This needs batteries kiddo that's what you're trying to tell me" Harvey said proud of his little boy' Mike was highly intelligent but his speech was very limited. "What a clever little man" Oscar raved lying back on the couch, Harvey rolled his eyes "You going to work today Oscar" Harvey asked "Yeah night time bro nigh time"

"There we are buddy one car with batteries" Harvey always removed the batteries from everything as Mike would stick them in his mouth.

"Harv can we continue our conversation. I am sorry I love the kid, you know that I would never intentionally hurt him"

Harvey nodded stubbornly "I do Oscar but Mike needs a lot of care he is autistic you can't leave him in wet diapers he couldn't tell you if he was wet things like that are important he is vulnerable"

"I know Harvey really I am sorry please don't take Mike away from me, I would miss him like hell"

Harvey sighed contemplating his decision "I am not goin to take him away from you, I know that you a great with him but you must understand why I was worried, you can't take your eyes off him for two seconds"

"I swear it will never happen again I didn't mean to scare you, the kid was crying and I thought a walk to feed the ducks would cheer him up.

"Well it did" Harvey said smiling "He looked really happy and content when he came back, he likes spending time with you Oscar just I worry .You know I am no good at this parenting thing" Harvey said confiding in his brother, Oscar raised his eyebrow siting up

"You are a fantastic daddy Harvey. I mean I knew you didn't just care about yourself that little boy worships you look at him he is smiling away at you" Mike giggled sucking his thumb as the car made noises "Do you like that Mike?" Mike nodded picking up the car and siting on Harvey's knee.

"Thanks Oscar, you're not doing too badly at this uncle lark ether" Harvey praised sarcastically playfully punching Oscar's shoulder

"That is because I am cool big bro" Oscar knew that this was Harvey's way of saying he loved him.

"Uncwa oswar wook dwis" Oscar smiled at Mike bending down and flying the aeroplane in the air he felt awkward when he couldn't always understand the boy's speech. Harvey reassured him that this was fine and that he himself sometimes struggled to pick out what Mike was trying to say which would cause Mike to become really frustrated.

"Its fwying daddee" the little boy said pointing to his plane as he ran it across Oscar's body.

"Yeah so it is buddy can we say good bye to Uncle Oscar now" Harvey asked Mike stroking the little boys hair hair.

"Harv I apologised I am sorry I thought we were cool" Oscar said seriously confused he thought it was all good.

Harvey sighed running a hand through his hair "What do I need to say, beg I am sorry okay I never meant to hurt him you've got to trust me Harvey what we had that big 'heart to heart for nothing"

Harvey broke the glare with a grin "As much as it would amuse me to see you beg I have a dentist appointment can I trust you to look after Mike?"

"You bastard you were faking" Oscar said jokingly quickly covering his mouth when Mike looked up at him with interest.

"Oscar! Do not swear in front of Mike. Harvey warned sternly Oscar nodded as he showed Mike how to attach the trailer to his tractor, "Ahh mwine" "My bad Harv sorry I just forgot I am not used to being around kids" Oscar said trying to excuse himself.

"Buddy" Harvey called bending down to Mike's level. "Daddy has got to go out okay Uncle Oscar watch you"

Mike held his tractor out to Harvey "Dadee dwo it" Mike said pointing to the trailer. Harvey smiled at Mike and fixed the trailer onto the tractor grabbing some paper from the kitchen to make a list for his brother who it was fair to say was an 'air head'. "Oscar read this do not do any of these things" Harvey warned "Seriously Harvey you think that we would dress up as spiderman and come to your office, I am not stupid of course I wouldn't do that" Oscar ranted raising an eyebrow "What about the time you came as batman" Harvey asked as he also raised an eyebrow "Okay- Oscar said holding his hands up "I had been at a costume party and I told you I have my wallet nicked how was I supposed to get home"

Harvey smiled "I will never forget Louis's face as a drunk bat man walked past his office. "Hey next time I do it I will bring my girlfriend and she will be cat woman" Harvey narrowed his eyes "Don't even think about it"

"Mike shall we do some painting" Oscar asked trying to distract Mike away from the fact that Harvey was leaving the little boy was staring at Harvey as he took his coat off the coat peg.

"Mike get the paper and paint" Oscar encouraged, Mike stood up from the carpet and went into his red drawers set sucking his thumb trying to comfort himself as he pulled the paper out.

"Bye baby" Harvey said giving Mike a quick kiss on the head and pulling his black winter coat on trying to get out as quickly as possible so not to upset Mike.

"What time will you be back Harvey do I need to feed Mike lunch" Oscar asked as he laid the 'finding Nemo' arty plastic mat over the glass table.

"There is some wraps and bits made up in the fridge in his teenage mutant ninja turtles lunchbox his eating chart is in there as well just write how much of each thing he had and there are some yoghurt tubes in the fridge he can have those don't feed him loads of sweets I do want him to have a nap when I come back. "If he doesn't want to eat something don't make him just write down what he didn't eat

"You think I would try to force feed my nephew Harvey" "Of course I'm not, don't be ridiculous Oscar I am just saying if he doesn't want something it is fine don't try and persuade him to eat it, it will only upset him"

"Behave Oscar" Harvey warned his brother his look showed that he was just daring Oscar to disobey him.

"Just relax Harvey we will be fine won't we Mike" Oscar asked the little boy as Mike was trying to squirt the blue paint bottle ending of spraying it all over his hands and on the table "On the mat kiddo see there we go that's it", "oops in here that's it" Harvey smiled "It's okay Nick everything in here is Mike proof, isn't it baby?" Harvey said bending down to give Mike a kiss.

Harvey was fine with Mike making mess he would admit that before he had a child he used to wince if he was around children but now having his own he didn't understand those parents who would not allow their children to get dirty, (clothes would wash) at the park he was the one encouraging Mike to jump into the dirty puddles while other parents were reprimanding their children for doing the same. Oscar was messy which was great for Mike the little boy loved to do messy activities with him. Harvey had came home one afternoon to find his son and brother making gloop which Mike had decided to decorate the wall with.

"Dadee gwone now de paint" Oscar laughed when Mike said that. Mike was a funny cheeky little boy with a great personality.

"I dwo dwadday wicture" Mike said as he emptied the whole of the paint tray onto his paper "I think that's enough paint what do we say kiddo" Mike gave a wail as his uncle tried to take the paint away "AHHHH MWINE"

"Mike chill buddy I am just going to knock the paint off" Mike grabbed for his picture and deliberately put paint on Oscar "Mike why did you do that? " Oscar asked laughing

Mike whined and grabbed again,

"Come on let's see who can get paint all over their hands, Oscar said putting his hand in the tray Mike giggled but cried as Oscar took his hand to show him what to do "Ahhh no uncwle oswar" Mike cried pulling his hand away from Oscar as he dipped his hand in the paint himself.

"Okay Mike can you be a big boy and hang your picture on the radiator please" Mike ignored Oscar and carried on painting the already soaked dripping with paint picture "Here Mike you take this piece "AHHHHHH" Mike yelled slapping Oscar, Oscar just ignored Mike's hitting he knew the little boy didn't mean it he just didn't know what to do in order not to lose control."

Mike do you want to get your cards. "AHH" Mike yelled throwing himself on the floor and kicking his legs hard against Oscar's knee. "Look Mike your picture is still waiting to be dried" Oscar was struggling to make Mike feel more comfortable, it was easier for Harvey Oscar thought is brother was with Mike practically twenty-four seven and knew how to help Mike to make him feel comforted. Oscar rubbed his temple trying to think of what Harvey had said to do.

Mike started making sucking noises he often did this when he was upset and angry "You want your pacifier kiddo" Mike nodded and continued his screaming and crying, Mike snatched his pacifier sucking furiously on it as he lay on the floor gently drumming his feet on the floor.

"There we are kiddo you want to watch some TV and we can have cookies Uncle Oscar brought some awesome peanut butter cookies" Mike stopped the drumming and looked up at Oscar holding his hand out for the cookies. "Come on little man let's go get them" Mike willingly took Oscars hand clinging onto the mans t-shirt.

Mike climbed onto the sofa grabbing his bob the builder fleecy blanket burrowing his head into it "Look at that TV Mike has daddy got a new TV?" Oscar asked going up to the TV and kissing it which made the little boy giggle.

"Let's see what we got here man you've got parenting blocks on it" Oscar complained his plan of watching some adult movies when Mike went down for his nap was destroyed. Harvey made sure to block things that were not appropriate for the little boy as Mike was into everything, he would often take Harvey's phone to play the games and draw on Harvey's paperwork.

'Sesame Street'! Man score I haven't seen that in ages kiddo your daddy and I used to watch that Mike" "Ahhhh" Mike cried excitedly pointing out what he wanted to watch "You wanting to watch some Scooby doo?" Mike nodded. Oscar rifled through Harvey's dvd collection as he sat next to Mike on the sofa watching Scooby doo, It was really nice being with Mike as he would point things out on the TV finding great delight in things that everyone else took for granted. Everything was different in Mike's world.

After about 10 minutes of lying on the couch Mike climbed down siting on his space hopper bouncing as he watched his programme "doooo doooo" Mike cried Oscar didn't know whethere Mike was pointing at Scooby or if he needed his diaper changed "Can Oscar check your diaper buddy" Oscar asked bending down pulling back Mike's pants. He quickly laid the little boy down and changed him, that was one thing that Oscar would never get used to, the diapers, Harvey really didn't seem bothered by it and would happily change Mike wherever they were in the house

Mike whined throughout the diaper change wanting to go back to his bouncing trying to roll away" "One minute kiddo just need to finish this just be a minute" Oscar promised letting Mike 'escape' as soon as he was done.

"We having fun kiddo you like your space hopper don't you yes you do" Oscar cooed "I suppose I'd better get you fed, daddy will be coming In wondering what we have been doing"

Mike nodded as Oscar walked into the kitchen preparing Mike's lunch.

The good thing about the kitchen was that the lounge and kitchen were open land which meant Harvey could supervise Mike when he was busy doing things. As it was Oscar didn't notice what Mike was doing as he was too busy trying to clean up the mess that he had made by dropping some food on the floor.

Mike had moved into the dinning and was dancing on the dining room table. "Mike Mike where have you gone" Oscar asked worried as soon as he saw that the little boy was no longer watching the TV he quickly raced to check the rest of the condo.

"Mike buddy I didn't know where you had gone" Oscar was glad that he had caught Mike just in time to see him dragging his space hopper on the dining room table because to Mike it seemed like a good idea to use it on the table.

"No no Mike buddy that is dangerous we play with the space hopper down here come on Mi-"

"AHH" Mike screamed as his uncle suddenly went to pick him up he kicked his feet out aiming a pretty good kick at his uncles groin, Oscar gasped in pain and gently picked Mike up despite the kicking and screaming


"Mike we need to take the space hopper and play here do you understand" Mike screamed again grabbing his space hopper but stayed on the floor turning away from his uncle whimpering as he rubbed his eyes.

"Mike keep your clothes on, what are you like" Oscar said laughing at seeing the little boy who had managed to pull his joggy bottoms down was standing there in just his diaper and cardigan looking very happy with himself. Mike refused to put his trousers back on and after upsetting the boy again Oscar gave up allowing his nephew to pretty much do as he wanted.

Hello" Harvey called walking into the condo; he saw the mess still on the table and his brother trying to make lunch while keeping the five year old away from climbing onto the TV cabinet which was proving difficult. Harvey couldn't help but laugh at the mess, his brother was being tested and Harvey couldn't say that he wasn't enjoying every moment of it.

"Your kid doesn't like clothes Harv", Oscar said panting as he put Mike's lunch on the only available clean space on the table exhausted from dealing with the little boy for only a couple of hours. "I know I usually let him run about naked" Harvey said chuckling bending down to smile at Mike.

"Thanks Oscar he eats over here" Harvey informed his brother picking up the plate and putting it on a footstool while he layed the monsters inc rug on the floor placing the plate on it

"Mike buddy come get some food, "Harvey called , Mike ran over to him grinning as he kneeled down on the rug deciding what to eat.

Oscar stared at his older brother in surprise "you let him eat on the floor bro? Wow you have changed"

"He doesn't like to sit at the table, I try and make him eat at night but during the day we eat wherever we feel like at the time don't we baby" Mike crawled over to the TV standing right in front of it watching his show as he munched on a few grapes.

"He is one hell of an energetic kid Harvey, I don't know how you do it I am knackered I literally did not get a rest"

"God, I can see that did he run you ragged" Harvey asked grinning

"Yeah he is lively though I take him running with me, he loves it lets of a bit of his steam. I am thinking of getting him a puppy, we just got a trampoline to put in the playroom he had his dinner on that last night" Harvey said shaking his head laughing as Mike inspected every grape before deeming them okay to eat stuffing them into his mouth

"Dada cudddle" Mike said coming up behind Harvey and wrapping his arms around the man's neck, "Hey baby, did you have fun with Uncle Oscar" Mike cuddled closer dribbling down his vest as he stuffed a grape into his mouth offering the mashed up mess to his daddy, Harvey pretended to eat the grape then hid it behind his back.

"Harv, what is with all the popcorn and snack jacks that's all I could find to eat". Oscar asked walked back into the lounge after scouring every cupboard for some as he would say 'munch'

"Uncle Oscar's raiding our cupboard again kiddo" Harvey said cuddling Mike on his knee before answering his brother "Mike, loves popcorn he could live on the stuff if he isn't in the mood to eat, popcorn is a great thing to have if you are watching him you better hope you have popcorn otherwise you better get some ear plugs" Harvey warned his brother who raised his eye brows worried.

"Aw Mike, what have we said about that kiddo" Harvey groaned as Mike was pulling at his diaper again. (More specifically the tabs of his diaper) he had been trying to take it off and had managed a couple of times which resulted in lots of 'surprises' for Harvey to clean.

"Where's your blanket baby"

"Ahhh" Mike responded picking at his wrap; frowning at the cucumber, throwing it aside and onto the floor. Harvey sighed Mike could love cucumber one day and the next he would act as if he had never seen it before.

"Harv do you mind if I put the TV on something else" Oscar asked after he had already done so,.

Harvey rolled his eyes at his brother as he looked through some of the new information the doctor had given him regarding Mike. He was forever getting told about new drugs which helped with this and that, unless they lived with Mike they didn't have a clue of what helped the little boy so they should stop pretending that they did. "Go for it Mike's not watching it" Harvey said as he helped Mike play a game on the I-pad. The I-pad was a god send for Mike it had so many games to help improve Mike's development.

"Nice the wrestling score look at that one he looks like a sumo!" Oscar shrieked immaturely. Harvey and Oscar had always been chalk and cheese, Harvey had the brains he could do anything which upset his parents so much when he was taking the drugs and wasting his life, Oscar on the other hand was not intellectual he preferred to go with the flow rather than try his hardest at something he was the cool one who wasn't having 'rug rats' as he called them.

Mike looked over at his uncle watching the TV and decided he didn't want it on as it was interrupting what he was doing. "AHHH" Mike cried pointing at the TV "we're playing with your I-pad kiddo it's okay" Harvey told Mike. Mike whined running over to switching it off.

Harvey put the I-pad down going over to Mike "Mike Uncle Oscar was watching that buddy, Uncle Oscar wants to watch the TV" Harvey explained to Mike switching the TV back on. Mike made an unhappy noise (a bit like a growl,) he had been growling recently when he didn't get his own way, switching it back off.

"Sorry Oscar you can watch it in the other room" Harvey apologised trying to keep Mike away from the TV even though it was now off Mike liked to stick things in the DVD player, they were on their fifth in the lounge seventh in the play room. Tenth microwave as Mike would stick everything in the microwave. Harvey had found the little boys Nintendo Ds in the microwave as he went to make some popcorn.

"So let me get this right kiddo, you don't actually want the TV on or you just don't want to watch Uncle Oscar's programme" Harvey asked smiling as he raised an eyebrow at Mike. "Yes Mr I know your game"

Mike looked up at him innocently and picked up one of his DVDS. Harvey shook his head and got the new game out instead. "Let's see we have got monster bowling you watch too much TV Mike we need to be doing other activities" Mike kicked Harvey's leg as the man opened the box and pulled the skittles out.

"This looks good fun Mikey, see the monsters, fluffy" Mike's inquisitive mind was working nine to the dozen even if he didn't want to be distracted, grabbing one of the blue fluffy monsters he rubbed it against his face. "You like those buddy yeah they are nice aren't they"

"wa dwa?" Harvey smiled as the five year old seemed interested in his new bowling game, Donna had bought it to develop Mike's fine motor skills.

"That is the ball. The ball knocks these down when you roll it, like this see" Harvey demonstrated and Mike clapped crawling over to the skittles picking them chewing them, "Do they taste nice baby" Mike giggled nodding his head eagerly picking up the different coloured one to see (what the difference in taste was)

"Whoa the wrestling is off the hook today" Oscar announced excitedly entering the room drinking one of Harvey's cokes what are you doing here" he asked crouching on the floor

"It's a new game to develop his hand eye co-ordination"
"That looks cool, can I play Mike" Mike smiled nodding and pulled on Oscars hand to drag him down on the floor beside him. "Ahh dwis one" Mike said handing the wet soggy skittle to his uncle.

"You know Oscar I really do wonder if you are just a little boy stuck in a man's body" Harvey sniped sarcastically after watching his younger brother only to eagerly get involved in the monster bowling.

"I'm just cool and young, you are old and boring" Harvey head slapped his brother raising an eyebrow "Who's old?"

Mike looked up at the sudden violence and shrank back worried about what was happening, he didn't understand why his daddy and uncle were hitting, were they going to hit him next? Harvey sensed that they had upset the little boy when Mike was looking up at them eyes wide. "Aw buddy I'm sorry we didn't mean to scare you kiddo, sorry.

Daddy have a hug?" Harvey asked Mike nodded allowing Harvey to pick him up. Mike cuddled into Harvey playing with the mans hair messing it up. Mike had a thing for hair he liked to brush and feel Harvey's hair and he Loved Donna's hair he would stand on the couch behind her and play with her hair for hours.

"So Christmas is around the corner bro what are you getting the munchkin?"

"Well his main present is a sensory TV with colourful lights and some games that he can play and a tricycle"

"Am I allowed to get him that cool scooter I saw" Harvey shook his head "It's a nice idea but I don't think he would be able to use it Oscar, I wrote a list out of a few w things you might like to choose from to get"

"Nah Bro I can get them all not just one present, that's no good for any kid, I want to be the awesome uncle"

"Quantity doesn't mean anything to Mike, look he is quite happy playing over there with his squishy caterpillar, which costs $3.00 he will not like you anymore for buying expensive things. Oscar raised an eyebrow "Says the guys who has all the expensive gadgets" Oscar commented sarcastically "Most of the as you say 'gadgets' are for a purpose i.e. they are to help Mike and the rest are mine which having nothing to do with the kid.

"Dadeee, dwon gwain"

"Good boy Mikey, clever boy does you like your I have a really cool musical instrument it's a bongo drum" Oscar said Harvey groaned Oscar was a musician, well a 'struggling musician' he played at gigs and enjoyed his work and being in his band called 'the devils are on fire'. His day job was working in pub he didn't want to do what Harvey he couldn't imagine such a high end time consuming job; he admired his brother for what he did and for how amazing he was with Mike.

"I was going to buy him a bike ,Harvey there is this really cool bike in the shop and it has like flames and eyes" Harvey smiled at his brother who was getting totally wrapped up in describing the bike. "It's a nice thought Oscar, but Mike wouldn't be able to use a bike, he doesn't have the co-ordination he needs a special bike, one like this.

"What the fuck! $3,000 for a Bike! This is not fair Harvey what happens to kids who haven't got rich parents"

"I know I agree with you toys for children with special need are a rip off, it is going to cost me $9,000 just for a TV and Bike for Mike that is before all of his other presents.

"He can't watch a normal TV can he is that why you brought his portable one when you came to mine"

"He can watch the TV but some of the light will affect him and we don't know exactly which ones so to be safe he can only have the special TV's.

"Okay I bought him a puppet it's a crocodile and it supposed to be good for the 'fine motor' skills Oscar mocked lightly, the lady in the shop was a right old bag, would that be suitable for him"

"I am sure it would be as long as there is nothing that he can swallow on it he puts everything in his mouth and has starting spiting which is really not nice"

Daddee" Mike called toddling over to Harvey and planting himself on the man's lap " Wook fwuffee" Harvey stared in amazement and Mike and quickly pulled the boy into a cuddle

"Good boy kiddo, you said fluffy, you said fluffy, we need to write that down"

"What's that Harvey?" Oscar asked as Harvey quickly stood up jumping Mike on his hip as he grabbed a small whiteboard and pen "I Like to record each new word he accumulates because it is so rare that he says a new word, isn't it kiddo" Mike smiled and repeated the word again.

"Here we go I brought the crocodile with me" Oscar said handing the bag to Harvey

"Well it says a choking hazard for children under three but it looks okay. It looks brilliant I am sure he will love that" Harvey said smiling as he put the toy back in the bag. Mike climbed onto is knee grabbing for it "Mwinee mwineeeee" Mike cried "That's for Christmas kiddo" Mike started to cry he couldn't understand why the toy was being taken away from him.

"Aw just give it to him now Harvey I can get some more gifts" Harvey sighed handing the puppet to Mike who put it on his hand babbling as he moved the mouth "Gwos teef"

"Mike please stop grabbing for things, you can't take everything off the shelves" Harvey was trying not to get frustrated with Mike but he was struggling as the little boy kept pulling things off the shelves knocking everything down. Something as simple as a half hour shopping trip for anybody else had turned into a two hour operation with Mike.

Harvey bent down to pick up the rake that Mike had knocked on the floor.

"Dadee ahh ahh" Mike grabbed a DVD and thrust it at Harvey, "Mike we've got this at home kiddo" Mike screamed when Harvey put it back on the shelf not understanding why his daddy has said no. "AHHA" Mike grabbed it again and Harvey patiently bent down in front of Mike, "Mike buddy we have this film at home. We are not getting it"

"Look at this one, this one's looks good" Mike screamed and knocked the box out of Harvey's hands standing on it. Harvey groaned as the box snapped and he would have to buy it. "Mike that is naughty , we don't break things" Harvey said firmly.

Harvey picked up 'the Grinch' and put it in the cart, picking Mike up as the boy screamed flailing his arms and legs, he also put him in the cart, he knew that Mike's melt down was causing quite the scene and the little boy was getting frustrated and scared by the people who were watching him. Harvey sighed taking Mike out the cart and cuddling him.

He found a lady and explained to her what had happened with the DVD she very kindly said that he did not have to pay for it; Harvey insisted in paying for it but said that they did not want it.

"Shush shush shush buddy you're okay baby, you're okay" Mike cuddled into his daddy sucking his thumb and clutching Harvey's shirt in his small fist as he lay listlessly. Harvey felt Mike's head and groaned when the little boy felt warm.

Aggression usually came out when the little boy was feeling under the weather. Harvey tried not to laugh and roll his eyes at everyone who said to him that he is lucky that Mike is such a sweet boy who wouldn't hurt a fly, what people failed to understand is that aggression in kids with autism could be ten times worse than in kids without and Mike's meltdowns were violent.

Harvey always wondered what it must feel like for Mike to not be able to say how he was feeling; his communication was lost on so many people who didn't understand. What must it feel like to feel lost; kissing his son's head he rubbed his back.

"Come on baby let's go home"

Again still conflicted about this chapter. I don't know i just don't feel asthough it's my best.