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"I don't care how hard it is for you to do it, lie and tell me I'm good in bed." She hadn't expected the grin she got in response to her sarcastic comment, and somehow, she felt relieved. That this was somehow the right thing to do, that this was what she was supposed to be doing, and now that she was finally doing it, it was as though a yoke she didn't know she was wearing had been removed from her.

"So, what do you say to getting out of here so I can test my lying skills?" She grinned, helping Maura up from the chair, and letting their fingers intertwine as they headed out to the car. This felt – right. It felt like what she was supposed to be doing, that this was something that she had been waiting for and now she finally had it. But it didn't mean she wasn't nervous. She'd never done this before. This was unknown, uncharted territory. This was another woman, this was a relationship that had existed well before the sex, this was Maura. What if she was terrible at the whole sex thing? Maura had just admitted that she needed something physical as well, and Jane wasn't sure she could stand it if Maura slept with other men.

It had taken her entirely longer than it should have to come to the realization, but she was very firmly convinced that she loved Maura. That this was what their relationship had slowly been building up to, to entwine them together forever. She'd just been too stubborn and hardheaded to realize it. She. Loved. Maura. In the entirely soppy never shall we part, forever yours, you're my specific dream rabbit sort of sense. And it sort of terrified her. She'd never loved anyone before, not like this. Sure, she loved Tommy and Frankie and her mother, but that was different. She was obligated to love them. Maura, though had just sort of fallen into her life and refused to leave, and she didn't want her to leave.

The drive home was silent, save for the radio humming out Springsteen's Cover Me, which wasn't helping her nerves at all. Especially not when it was followed up by Barry White. She wanted to throw something at whoever had programmed the station, glad for a commercial break to save herself from thinking about what she was about to do. The less she thought about, the less nervous she would be. She stole a glance across the car to catch Maura doing the same thing, surprised to see the other woman blush slightly before looking away.

When they finally got home, she found that her nerves were getting the better of her. She fumbled with the keys, and was surprised at Maura's down-to-business sort of attitude over everything, gently grasping her hand and tugging her in the direction of the bedroom. She found herself standing in the doorway, staring as Maura unzipped her dress, slowly easing out of it.

"Well – uh -" She wasn't quite sure what to do. Sure, she'd always thought of Maura as beautiful, but she'd spent so long trying to ignore the odd thought, the odd pang of want that would course through her whenever an attractive woman walked past that she didn't quite know what to do with herself now that she didn't have to pretend to herself that those feelings didn't exist. She'd spent all of her life trying to not be the stereotype of the female lesbian cop that now that she was presented with an absolutely beautiful woman that she was supposed to be doing something with, she was lost.

"Jane, are you nervous?" The words sounded incredulous, but the slight smirk on Maura's face said that the doctor was fully sure of what she was doing.

"Not nervous – just -"

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"No – I want to." She took a step forward, reaching out a tentative hand to trace along a wonderfully flat stomach, soft and pliant and smooth. "I want this." She stepped forward, tilting her head down for a slow and gentle kiss. It wasn't the sort of thing that romance novels made it out to be. It wasn't the sort of head swimming and fireworks and drums pounding in her head that the collection of romance novels she had carefully tucked behind her true crime hardcovers on her meager bookshelf made kissing one's true love to be. But it was better than all that. True, there was no sudden rush of passion, or lust, or anything – but this felt right.

It felt like this was something she was supposed to be doing. Like this was where she was supposed to be, right here, tentatively kissing her best friend. It was far from perfect, noses and teeth got in the way as they tried to shift positions, a soft gasp when a nibble to a lower lip became just a bit to hard, and the moment of trying to figure out where everybody's limbs went to be comfortable. It wasn't Jane's most awkward kiss – that one went to Paulie from the sixth grade when their braces got tangled together – but it definitely was not the sort of thing that movies made it out to be.

They stood there for a long moment, adjusting to the kiss. Once they got everything sorted and there were no noses, teeth, or hands in the way, it actually was quite nice. Not all that different from what she was used to with men, but softer, gentler. She let her hands gently start exploring – trailing a line down Maura's back. It was odd, she already felt as though she knew every inch of Maura's skin, but she'd never touched it in this way before. She'd always known that the spot at the back of Maura's neck, where her shoulders joined her back, where that one single vertebrae stuck out, was exceptionally sensitive – whenever she'd helped with necklaces, annoying zippers, she'd seen how it'd always elicited a shiver. Now was no different. Only now, the shiver wasn't just a byproduct of touch, the shiver was because she was touching her.

She took her time, gently exploring, enjoying the soft gasps and whimpers she was dragging forth. This was, well, it wasn't at all what she had expected, but she was liking it. She trailed her lips down Maura's jugular, enjoying the feel of the pulse beneath her lips speeding up as she nipped gently over it. She reached up to cup a breast, surprised at how soft and heavy they were. "Just – uh - "She paused, pulling the soft skin above a nipple between her teeth, close enough to tease, but not close enough to give any relief, "Just tell me if I need to do anything different." She backed them towards the bed, fumbling with Maura's bra. So this is what a sixteen year old boy feels like she mused, as she found the item extremely difficult to remove. It was different, trying to unhook it from this angle.

She laid them back on the bed, slowly kissing her way down from a pale, perfect neck, pausing to suck lightly at each nipple, before kissing her way down a trim, perfect stomach. "Believe me, nothing is -" Whatever Maura was going to say was swallowed up in a gasp as she bit down on a hip bone. She found herself slowly pulling off a pair of lace panties, watching in awe at the way they slid down perfectly smooth legs.

She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do, but she knew what she wanted to do, and she placed a kiss to that spot in the surprisingly dark hair – dark enough to make Jane question whether or not Maura was a bottle blond -that was begging for her touch. She flitted out an experimental tongue, tracing along the slit, feeling Maura shudder above her. The taste was different, but not unpleasant, and she gave another curious lick, much like a dog – not exactly a precision strike, but a long lick from somewhere beneath her opening to the top of it, tasting everything, getting a feel for where everything was.

She felt a hand tangle in her hair, very pointedly keeping her where she was. She gave another tentative lick before her tongue zeroed in on that nub that stuck out, laving it over and over again as she felt a pair of surprisingly strong hips buck up into her. She bit down gently, letting her teeth brush over Maura's clit, was surprised at just how violent of a reaction she got, with Maura's hips suddenly jutting up to meet where she was, and a shudden sharp gasp of her name. "You like this?" She asked, looking up at Maura.

"Please don't stop." She hadn't planned on it, but the encouragement certainly helped as she swirled her tongue around, letting it slip inside Maura. This was new. This was different. But it was not at all unpleasant. She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to be doing, but somehow, things seemed to be going well. At least, Maura wasn't pulling away and kicking her out, at any rate. She sucked gently, feeling the fingers in her hair tighten.

It was odd, she'd never liked it when a man had done that to her – tangle their fingers in her hair and control her pace, but with Maura – with Maura it was different. She didn't know what it was, but the hands in her hair seemed to say I don't want this to stop instead of I want you to do this my way. And now that she'd gotten a taste of Maura, she was content to never stop.

It was a different sort of taste, but she was already in love with it, just knowing that it was Maura. She was sure if it was anyone else, it would not taste as sweet. But this was Maura, her Maura, and she tasted delicious. She grinned, and the grin brightened as it elicited another hum of pleasure, before she turned her tongue back to the little raised bundle of nerves. She swiped her tongue around in an approximation of the narrow J that started her signature. She continued on with the a-n-e and paused before starting the C due to the sudden wild buck of Maura's hips. She reached up out of instinct, holding Maura down, running a calming hand across a quivering stomach, and continued her signature across Maura's clit. "Jane!" Maura was reduced to gasping moans and shouts, and she likes that. She likes knowing that she's reduced the normally loquacious genius to one-syllable words.

The hands in her hair tightened again and she knew Maura was close. She wracked her brain for all the things that she knows she enjoys in moments like this, all the things that past boyfriends have done to get her just there and then wondered why the hell she's thinking of her exes at a time like this. She reached up with her right hand, her left still holding down Maura's hips, and slowly slipped in two fingers, all while sucking hard on that bundle of nerves. She was glad she was smart enough to keep a hand on Maura's hips, because if she didn't, she was sure she'd have a broken nose.

She could feel the sudden contraction around her fingers, and suddenly felt rather as though she was in one of those sensory deprivation chambers as two thighs clamped around her ears. The only thing that she could think, feel, smell, hear, see, was Maura. And that thought alone, being there, hearing her name come from Maura's lips – it was enough to have her right on edge herself, rocking against the bed trying to find some sort of friction to relieve the ache between her legs.

She slowly, gently, placed laving kisses to Maura's slit, feeling the body below her relax completely. Once the shudders, the aftershocks still, she dared to lift her head up, suddenly feeling very aware of herself and what they had just done. She's almost afraid to move from her spot, afraid that if she left this nice, warm, comforting place she's going to get told that this just isn't going to work, and it's time to go back to her crappy little apartment, and all this would be for naught.

She felt a hand lazily tangle with the one that's resting on a hip, gently tugging her up. She slowly crawled up the bed, relieved to see a lazy grin across Maura's face. She likes the way that Maura rolls towards her, burying a blond head against her neck, wrapping an arm around her waist. She doesn't like, however, the sleepy look in Maura's face when she can still feel her own need between her legs. She was wound up, on the edge, and she found herself undoing her pants, sliding them down, wondering how they wound up in this state with her still clothed.

She slips a hand between her legs and hears Maura mumble something against her neck. "Mine." She heard, coming from a very sleepy-voiced Maura and found her hand being pulled away to be replaced by Maura's. Somewhere, in some corner of the back of her mind, she wants to know where the hell Maura's learned whatever it is that hand is doing, because it's absolutely wonderful, there's all kinds of thrusting and rubbing and she can hear herself whimpering, so close to the edge. "All mine." Maura repeats, and it's the sudden application of teeth to her neck that has her suddenly shouting, feeling the world suddenly narrow to a single point of pleasure.

She relaxed back, surprisingly enjoying the sudden possessive post-coital Maura. There was an arm wrapped around her waist and a leg thrown across hers, pinning her in place. She smiled, attempting to find some way to pull the covers that they're laying on top of over them, before deciding that they're just fine the way they are. So it hadn't been the most romantic sex of her life, it hadn't been the most mindblowing, she still had her shirt on, her pants were tangled up in her ankles, and they're laying there spread diagonally across the bed. But this felt right. Like she was designed to fit just there, and Maura was designed to fit perfectly against her, and that they were made to be there with each other. Besides, they had forever in front of them to practice this whole sex thing, and people did say that practice made perfect.