a spider-man fanfiction by show me the horizon~

the first sign.

He returns to school on Monday with a heart less burdened, but if he had thought — if only for a second — that dinner on Friday night would have eased the tension between them, he's wrong. If anything the silence between them is even more forced and pronounced. Sometimes, though, he sees her sneak these tiny glances at him, with those searching, soulful eyes of hers — and it's all he can do not to march up to her and demand what exactly she expects him to do, because he's the one with the promise and not her.

Whatever euphoria he'd experienced that night, whatever hope he'd had at reconciliation — all seemed to fade into nothing on Monday, when she sees him and looks away almost instantly, as if they're back to playing that game again, one in which neither emerged champions.

It's hard to describe how defeated he feels — they're back to square one again, with no sign of progressing. But she, evidently, has other ideas.

The first sign comes on Tuesday morning, when they've just been dismissed from their last lesson; as is typical, the school tunes in to the local radio station for the news. He's halfway down the corridor, heading towards the exit, when the speaker suddenly crackles. ". . . there's been a robbery down on . . . police are currently trying to apprehend the perpetrator . . . " he tenses, immediately, and starts towards the door, but a hand wraps around his wrist, holding him back. He turns around to face a pair of dangerously shiny eyes, and she whispers, "Don't."

"I have to," he replies, and tries to tug his hand out of her grasp, but she remains firm. "You don't have to save the world, Peter Parker. No matter what you think, what my . . . father told you." Her voice falters, and the tears almost spill from her eyes, but she manages to hold them back. "If — if you don't do this, I —" for a moment, she almost looks uncertain, but steadies her voice. "The reason why my father wanted you to keep away from me was because you have this . . . obsession with saving the world."

He's mesmerised by her, and finds that he suddenly can't move. "The world won't end if you just let it go this once," she says, a note of finality in her voice, before she lets go and stalks away, head held high. He's frozen there in the middle of the hallway, motionless and pondering her words. Is she asking him to choose? Is she asking him to choose between her and Spider-man?

You've made many choices that changed your life, Peter Parker, he tells himself, but a sense of urgency bubbles up in him — almost as if his brain it's shouting, it's now or never, make your pick. Gwen — or Spider-man?

I don't want to save the world, he thinks reflexively, it shouldn't be one thing or the other. Then why, he wonders, does he hurry off at the mere mention of crime on the radio? Why does he feel that, just because he has the ability to, he has to help rid the streets of robbers and crooks? The burden of saving the world is too much for any teenage boy to handle, and even if that's what he's heading to, he's not ready for it, not yet.

Time seems to pause.

Then he swings his pack over his shoulder and extracts his handphone, thumbing in a familiar number. " . . . yeah, hi, Aunt May? It's Peter. I'm — I'm coming home for lunch today." He turns around and heads towards the exit, guilt weighing heavily down on his heart. "Uh, yeah, the Daily Bugle doesn't need me on duty today . . . "

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