Rewrite: The Vampire Bride.

It's a rewrite of my last fan-fiction that I wrote.

"Hey Marc!" A black-haired boy calls him. The said boy turn around and look at his sibling from the book that he was reading.

"Tony. It's not even Halloween yet. If you want to be a monster, do it tomorrow, okay?" He said then continue reading the book. Tony pouted at him cutely (which he will denied, everytime. He hate being called cute) and walk into their room while carrying his Halloween costume.

"Come on, Marc! It's like, tomorrow! And the best part of tomorrow is~" Tony spins himself around and points his finger up the sky. "The School's Halloween Party!" He added some sound effects to his words. Marc just looked at him dejectedly and sighed. A small smile was plastered on his face as his little brother talks about of what he pronounced "The Best Party Ever". That's right. Their school are having a Halloween party. Southdale Jr. High is conducting a party after receiving an award for the Cleanest School for 5 years in a row. When the principal announced the party, everyone was screaming like their on cloud nine.

"Tony, what are you yelling in here? It sounded like a truck got hit by a train." Marc and Tony looked at their older brother and sister as they walked into their room. "Shut up, Lee! Can't you see I'm telling him about the party." "For the tenth time" Marc whispered quietly. Tony glared at him and they all laughed at the cute kid face.

"Yep! I'm so totally gonna dance till everyone's eyes are on me~!" Said Megan. "And once more, I got the cool and fab outfit for the party! It's the perfect ways to get back on Tami for ripping my favourite arm-warmers!" The boys just sweat-dropped at that. "So~, what do you guys planning to be at the Halloween? I'm gonna be a beautiful princess, waiting for a handsome prince to rescue me.!" She said dramaticly while a spotlight shone on her.

"Anyway… I'm going as the coolest superhero who had ever lived! Broccoli Boy!" They fall dramaticly at Tony's admission. "Sorry T, But you're fashion sense is a wreck." Marc and Megan nodded their heads.
"HEY! If yours so special, what are you wearing, redhead?" Tony stuck his tongue out at Lee. Lee smirked at him and said " I'm gonna be an evil zombie! Eyes that is no longer normal! Shirt and pants torn! Watch out! Or you'll be doomed!" He did a zombie acting and pretend to bite Tony's hand. Tony quickly leaped away and pretend to be scared while laughing. The children laughed until Tony was tired and he and Lee sat on the bed with Megan.

"What will you be, Marc?" Megan asked. Marc looked at Megan and scowled. "Do I have to?" "YES!" Marc sighed and thought for a minute. Then, his hazel eyes look at them, coming to a conclusion. "I Think I'll be.. a vampire." He quickly jumped on Megan pretend to bite his neck, sucking her blood. She playfully played along and screamed. Everyone laugh at his act. "Marc, you're so old style. Vampire is so~ last year. Remember Twilight?" Megan asked. "Oh, how I love the way Edward and Bella love each others." She said dreamily. Marc shrugged.

"Hey, I just want to wear something simple. Besides, the twilight stuff did give me on some ideas to dress." "Whatever suits you, bro." Lee said. Suddenly, the floor began to shake and a large hole on the floor sucked the spiez in. "Great! A mission before Halloween. What a great start!" Tony said sarcastically. The others just sighed and scream as they slide down in the tube until they landed on a pink cushy sofa (or something?). The spiez looked at the head-boss, annoyed.

"Hello, spies. I bet you wondering what mission we have today." Said Jerry. "Like what's with the mission, Jerry? Can't we have a holiday or something!" Lee and Marc quickly shut his mouth with their hands. Megan quickly said, "Ignore the brat, what's the mission?". Jerry stared at Tony for awhile before pushing a button, showing the spiez a map with some red dots on several countries.

"There's been several cases happening on these countries. Many victims have been found nearly drained." "So what? Just give them some rest and sleep for awhile." Tony said. "The problem is they're not tired, Tony. They're drained from loss." Jerry said before showing a picture of recent victims. "The victims are found dead, only 1/3 of the victims lived. Unlike vampires as I presume what Megan will suggest, the victims were found with their hands slashed, causing a deep cut that can cause death." The spiez looked at the pictures and think. "Was the victim that lived told anything about their cuts?" Marc asked.

"No. But they seemed light-headed and they kept repeating funny words. The weird thing is all of them talked about the same thing. Something about the end and bride." Jerry finished it with a British accent and tilts his head. "Now chop chop spiez. I want you to investigate and find any clues in the crime scene. Good luck, spiez." "Wait! What about our gadjets?" "A jetpack, magnifying sunglasses and a supersonic headphones. And our newest creation, the WHOOP bubblegum 200." "Cool! What does it do?" Said Megan while holding the gadjet. "You'll find out. Ta-Ta spiez." A tube appeared and sucks the spiez out. The spiez were transport in a jet and soon they begin their mission.

"Marc! Marc!" a man called him. He felt light-headed and look around himself. He was in grassland, the sun is up above the sky yet, he felt cold but comfortable. He was wearing a white dress-shirt and white loose shorts. He looks around a saw a teenage boy, 3-4 years older than him, smiling at him. Marc felt himself blush. The said boy/man? have brown hair, v-curving at the front. His hair was long and was tied loose. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The man have a pair of red-eyes. His eyes was menacing, yet playful at the same time. Marc realized that he was standing in front of the man and the man was reaching for him slowly, touching his face. He felt the man's hand cold, yet warm. His feelings was un-describeable. He leaned into the touch. He slowly opened his eyes, not realizing they were closed. The man smiled at him and pulled him for a hug. The man's lips slowly trails along his cheek to his earlobe. The man's breath hits his ear, causing him to shiver. Then slowly, the man whisper words that causes him to blushes brightly. Before he could ask him, the man whispered his name before the dream end.

"Marc! Wake up dude, we're here!" said Lee while shaking his brother awake. Marc slowly woke up then suddenly blushed as he remembered what he had dreamt. Lee looks weirdly at him. "What's the matter, Marc?" he asked. Marc just shrugged his shoulders and looks away. Lee just sighed and motion him to follow with his hand. Marc followed him out of the jet and into the crime scene.

Pasadena , California -2:00 pm (United States Time.) In a cornfields. (I think. Do they have any?)

The spiez were looking around for clues around the scene. As they searched for clues, Marc was thinking about the dream he just had. The man, what was his name? Ly.. Lyric..? That was his name? Lyric? Ah… What a nice name he have. Wait! Stop thinking about him! Looks for clues, you idiot! Marc mentally cursed himself. He shook his head a few times and looked for clues again. Suddenly, he heard Tony's voice over the MP-COM.

"Hey, guys! I found some weird prints that really looks weird. It has two heads and a tail!" "…Tony, do you know that a footprint only have … feet fingers, I think? Marc?" "*sighed* Either tony found a new pet, or the is some strange footprints or something with two fingers only on his feet?" "Hey! I found one here two!" Megan reported. "Let's split up. Marc, you're with Tony. I'll go with Megan." Lee said. Marc quickly went to Tony as he mind still wondering about the mysterious man.