Chapter 1- Holly's pof.

When you were young did you ever imagine what your life would be like when you were older. I did. But of couse nothing ever goes as planned. I always wanted a kid of my own and I didnt want some one to die so I could have one. But it happened and now I have a six year old daughter Sophie. Sophie was my best friend Alison's daughter. Alison and her husband Peter had died in a car crash when Sophie was only a little tot. Even though I still miss them without them I wouldnt be where I am today. I wouldnt be married to Messer, I wouldnt have a wonderful daughter, a restarant of my own, this big house and I certainly wouldnt have a little baby of my own. Little Brynn Grace Messer was fast asleep in her crib. She is nine months old. At first we were worried about how Sophie would react to the her little sis but now, Sophie is Brynn's favorite person. When I walk up to the school with Brynn in the stoller, Brynn is the first one Sophie hugs when she comes out of school. Sophie has long wavy red is small for her age and has the most beatiful deep blue eyes I have ever seen, but of course I have to say that. She still doesnt know she is adopted. We are planning to tell her when she is eight or nine.
I glanced over at the clock. Two o'clock. Time to go and collect Sophie. Messer was working at the restarant today. We each work ever second day except sunday when someone else is on. I set up the stroller and went to get Brynn. I put a still sleeping Brynn in the stroller and went to collect Sophie.

All was quiet and I had my head on Messer's chest. The clock said it was eight o'clock on Sunday morning. Sophie and Brynn were both still sleeping. I was about to go back to sleep when the doorbell rang and woke up the whole house. Brynn started yelling and I could hear Sophie coming out of her room. Our dog Marley started barking, Messer went to answer the door while I got Brynn.
Brynn was standing up in her crib playing peek-a- boo with Sophie. When she saw me she started jumping up and down. Downstairs I could hear Messer talking to a man. I picked up Brynn and took Sophie by the hand and brought them downstairs. In the hall stood a police officer with a blonde girl who is about tweleve. Messer looked annoyed and the girl looked annoyed but had a sad look in her eyes.
"Maybe the three of us could talk in private with out little ears." Messer asked looking at me."Sophie take Brynn and Hannah into the play room" I handed Brynn over to Sophie and she took Brynn in her arms and took Hannah's hand and went off down the hall.

"What is this all about?" i asked when we were safely in the dinning room. "Officer John here says that Hannah is my daughter" Messer said quietly.