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[Opening Song Wolkenreiter by Digimon Data Squad plays]

1. Chapter

The Portal is Open, Comeback of the Digimon!

"Lord Beelzemon! Lord Beelzemon!" A DemiDevimon with a purple ribbon binded on his wing runned through the corridors of the Castle of the 7 Great Demon Lords calling out for his master. He soon found him. "Lord Beelzemon!"

"What?" groaned the Demon Lord of Gluttony in annoyance. First, Beelzemon never liked to be called lord or master. Such formal things annoyed him. And second, he was the whole day in a bad mood.
"The Portal-Room. There's a DigiPortal." said DemiDevimon. Beelzemon's eyes wided and he rushed towards the Portal-Room. He literaly slamed the door as he entered, followed by DemiDevimon, a small room with an arch. In the middle of the arch was a DigiPortal, big enough for an average teen to pass it.

"I can't believe it." muttered Beelzemon. "Yggy actually shut all portals between the DigiWorld and Real World."
"I also wonder how it appeared." said DemiDevimon.

The answer was a giggle as a shiny creature flied around Beelzemon. It was a DigiGnome. It then flied out through the window.

"Thanks!" said Beelzemon before it flied away. In the next second he got covered by a bright purple light and as it faded away, an Impmon appeared. He turned to DemiDevimon. "Go and tell Lilithmon about the portal. She'll know what to do."
"Alright, but what about you?" said DemiDevimon. Impmon smirked.
"I'm going to the Real World." he said.
"I wish you a nice trip." the DemiDevimon bowed. Impmon jumped into the portal, soon finding himself in the Data Realm. He walked through the empty Realm. 0s and 1s floated around him.

"Ms. Mezurno. We have a Wild One emerged in the Data Realm." said a woman who was sitting and typing something in front of a computer. The other woman, who had brown short hair and chocolate brown eyes and was dressed up in a buissnes suit, with higheeled shoes, a dark blue skirt and coat and a white shirt walked adressed the woman in front of the computer.
"What are you waiting for? Start programm D-Death." said Tammy Mezurno.
"Programm started." said the other woman.

Impmon, who was still walking in the Data Realm froze as he saw something which looked like a triangle with three red balls on the tips floating towards him. He bowed and the programm passed him by. He rose his head and looked at it.

"What da heck's that?" he blinked in confusion. His eyes wided in shock as the programm came back. "So you wanna play tag? I don't have time for this! Infernal Funnel!"

He summoned a fireball and threw it at the programm. The programm got hit by the attack and exploded. In the next second, Impmon realized that he wasn't anyomore in the Data Realm, but in a DigiField. He looked at the thick purple mist and smirked. The mist just needs to disappeare and he's free.

"The Wild One Bioemerged." said the woman at the computer.
"Damn!" hissed Tammy.

[Home by Breaking Benjamin plays]

"That was fun. Now, let's find out where I am." muttered Impmon and jumped on a tree. The place was indeed familiar and he was sure that he was here before. He found soon himself in the subrub of the city. A feeling lead him towards the part outside the city. Just as he stopped at one house. It looked like and old traditional japaneese house. Impmon's eyes wided in shock as he realized where he is.

"That must be the house of that old crazy lady, Chiaki. So I'm Yokohama! Ba-Boom!"

"Arisa, try to smile!" told a 16 year old girl the other, 16 year old girl.
"Z-chan, I can't. I just can't." sighed Arisa.

She had cried the last night and the next last, and the one before. Each night, she had the same nightmare. How Yggdrassil forced her partner to go back to the DigiWorld. Not only Impmon, but also Guilmon, BlackGatomon, Terriermon, Renamon and every other Digimon who had a partner and was living in the Real World. Yggdrasil even managed to destroy the D-Powers which bonded the humans with their Digimon and the DigiPortals that existed in the Real World, mainly the ones in DigiCity. After that happened, the Tamers were all shocked and dismayed, but they couldn't bring their partners back. Since it was the beginning of the summer holydays, Arisa's parents deceided that the heartbroken Arisa should stay in Yokohama with her grandmother Chiaki Ando, who indeed could handle with her grandaughter. Arisa had no idea what happened with the other Tamers.

Arisa Bunya was an average 16 year old girl with brown hair binded in pigtails with black ribbons and brown chesnutt colored eyes. She wore a purple T-shirt with black slevees, a dark blue jeans miniskirt and black shorts. On her feet she wore black-white trainers. On her skirt was a purple belt with a red heart. On her neck she wore a purple scarf and a Tag with a Crest which looked like a heart, with a thunder inside, and a black and a white angel wing on the sides.

Her best friend from the kindergarden, Zia Hasane, who also was 16, was a girl with brown hair which had some blonde hairs and crimson red eyes. She wore a blue t-shirt with a silver dragon print. She wore blue kapri jeans and yellow-blue sneakers. The girls were in the garden at Chiaki's house.

"I'm sorry Ri-chan. I don't have a partner, so I have no idea how is it when you lose your own partner." said Zia, rubbing her head.
"It's alright." Arisa sighed.
"No it's not alright!" Zia clenched her fists. "Yggdrassil has no rights to take away your partner. Or the partners of the other Tamers. It's not fair. Maybe the humans did wrong things, but neither the Digimon were angels."
"I know. But try to explain that Yggdrassil. Alright, the Souveregines would have some understeanding, but Yggdrassil really overacted." said Arisa placing her head on her hands. "I just wish to see Impmon one more time. He's sure sick of worrines about me."

Impmon, who listened to the conversation from the tree in the garden, giggled. Oh, sure he was worried about Arisa and he was happy that she worried about him. In his mind formed the idea of how to surpriese his Tamer. He smirked deviously. This's gonna be a shocking surpriese. He jumped in the bush next to the tree and made some noise.

"What's that?" Arisa rose her head as she heard the rustling.
"Possibly a cat." said Zia and walked towards the bushes. "I'm gonna shoo it away."


Zia fell on her ass and let out a loud cry as Impmon jumped out of the bushes scaring her. Arisa stood up and blinked in confusion at her partner who was laughing his ass off.

"Impmon?" she whispered. Zia meanwhile stood up angrily.
"You little...argh, now you're gonna pay you little..." she couldn't finish her sentence as she heard a loud cry and saw Arisa rushing over to Impmon and hugging him tightly.

"Ari, you're gonna choke me! Ba-Boom!" replied Impmon. Though he didn't like it to be hugged he deceided to let this one go.
"I thought I would never see you again." said Arisa. She finnaly let him go.

"Hey Imp, I see you're finnaly back. Guess it was boring in the DigiWorld." Zia walked over to them. She met Impmon two years ago and both seemed to agree with each other since both liked troubles.
"Hi Z. It wasn't boring at all, but I missed Arisa so I deceided to come here as a DigiPortal opens." said Impmon.
"I thought that Yggddrassil shut down all the portals." said Arisa.
"He did and believe me, he spied the Desert Plane and the Souveregines Area to prevent the opening of a portal. The only place where he didn't want to spy was the Dark Area. Our castle to be precisise. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon. He smirked. "That was a mistake. A DigiGnome opened the portal inside the Castle so I got here."
"I'm glad about that." said Arisa.
"Seems like you were right when you said that the DigiGnomes are our allies." said Zia.
"They are. And I'm dying to know what happened in the DigiWorld the last 4-5 months." said Arisa.
"And I want to know what happened in the Real World. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Your side of the story first." said Zia.

"Well, after Yggy shut down the portals we all managed to digivoluve somehow, partly with Creampuff's help and more or less turned back to our old lifes. Omnimon, Gallantmon, Dynasmon, Crusadermon, Magnamon (after Veemon found somehow the DigiArmorEgg of Miracles) and Sleipmon returned to the Royal Castle, Ophanimon, Cherubimon and Seraphimon returned to the Clockwork Plane, Apollomon returned to the Olymp Temple, I and Lilith to the Dark Area and the rest split up. Elecmon, Calumon, Renamon, Lalamon and Gaomon stayed at the Primary Village. Shoutmon, Wormmon, Terriermon, DemiDevimon, Dorumon and Agumon went to the Green Village and what Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, MarineAngemon and BlackPawnChessmon regards, I don't know where they are. Anyways, the DigiWorld was pretty destroyed, especially the Dark Area so we had to clean up the mess. What indeed surpriesing was was the fact that the Temple was untouched." said Impmon. Arisa knew what he meant. The Temple in the Forbidden Area where the other five DigiEggs of the Demon Lords were. "Yeah, however, after the DigiWorld recovered, I heared from Gallantmon that Yggdrassil forbid passing the portals to the Real World and the Royal Knights had to stop the Digimon who tried to pass to the Real World by force. Pinapple-head said that Alphamon wasn't very happy about it but they couldn't do anything against the 'Digital God'." Impmon spat Yggdrassil's title with disgust. "Anyways, what about you?"

"Well, after the battle was over, the Rangers Organisation got dissolved. I don't know what happened since my parents sent me here after the events. Everything I know that there's a kind of new Anti-Digimon Organisation." said Arisa. "Luckily, they're after living Digimon, so they spared the shop of my parents."

Arisa's parents owned a shop where they saled Digimon Cards and Mangas.

"I see it so. Here in Yokohama, it's shiny and sunny. But in DigiCity, a dark cloud appeared and darkness covered it." said Zia.
"Nice description of the situation. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Anyways, the gouverment is against the Digimon so you should stay hidden that no one sees you." said Arisa.
"Don't worry. I'm just happy that I'm again united with my Tamer." said Impmon. Arisa looked down. "What is it, Ari?"
"Well,..." started Arisa. Zia interupted.
"What Arisa wants to say is that tehnicaly you ain't partners anymore since Yggdrassil managed to destroy every Tamer's D-Power." she said.
"Wha...! That can't be your honest! Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Sadly it is." Arisa sighed and put her chin on her hand. "If I just could get a Blue Card, then I could transform my Card Reader Ex into a D-Power."
"Maybe you can." Impmon smiled. "Forgott already that we have the DigiGnomes on our side?"
"You're right." said Arisa and went into the house, returning with a Blue Card and her Card Reader.

"Sheesh, that was fast." said Zia.
"I found it in my card box. Let's see what'll happen." said Arisa and slashed the Blue Card through her Card Reader Ex. The Card Reader sparked and it counted an huge amount of numbers, until it transformed into a D-Power.

"Yay, I'm back as a Tamer!" Arisa smiled as she examined the D-Power. She blinked in surpriese.
"I don't remember that your D-Power had thunders on the sides." said Zia.

The D-Power was a white one with a purple ring, strap and buttons below. However, next to the rings, on each side, it had a purple thunder.

"I wonder what that means." said Arisa. "Well, it seems to be just like my old one. Besides the thunders."
"What a shame there ain't any Wild Digimon you can test it on." said Zia.
"Zia please..." Arisa rolled with her eyes. She knew Zia wished some action.
"Well, since Zia mentioted it, I also wish some action on the show. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon clenching his fist.
"If you want some action then go into the house and face my grandmother." said Arisa, giggling.
"No waaay! I'm not gonna face ol' Chiaki." said Impmon and crossed his arms. Arisa sighed. After Impmon first encounterd her grandmother, he quickly realized that she hated him. At least, she tried to make his life miserable as much as she could. For an old lady, Chiaki Ando was a good fighter and leaded a Fighting Dojo where Arisa trained since she was 5 years old. Suddenly, Arisa's D-Power turned red.

"Hey, seems like a Wild One Bioemerged." said Arisa. "Then let's go!" exclaimed Zia.

The three runned towards the park, Impmon jumping from roof to roof to not been seen by the other humans. Finnaly they got to the park, where they noticed a DigiFiled. Arisa nor Zia had any sunglasses so they covered their eyes with their arms as they went into the DigiField. Impmon jumped into it from a tree.

The Digimon turned to them. It looked kinda insectoid, with a purple armor and was familiar.

"It's a Diaboromon." said Zia.
"Diaboromon. Level: Mega. Type and Attribute: Unidentified. It's attack is Wev Wrecker. It takes pleasure in destruction and slaughter. Also it's ulitmate goal is to hijack a military computer and try to destroy the Real World." read Arisa on her D-Power. "Okay, Impmon, ready to beat this thin'."

"'Course I am. Ba-Boom!" nodded Impmon. On Arisa's D-Power appeared the Crest of Gluttony and shined.

[Shinka Theme Sei Frei by Digimon Tamers plays]


"Impmon, Warp Digivolution to..."

Impmon got covered in a purple orb which was similar to a cocoon like DigiEgg. His form changed to the one of a demonic biker.


The Diaboromon growled.

"Cable Crusher!" He stretched his arms and launched his huge clawed hands to slash at Beelzemon. Beelzemon easily escaped it by jumping by side. The Demon Lord Digimon pulled out his Berenjena shotguns. However, just as he was ready to open fire, Diaboromon countered.

"Web Wrecker!" He fired a powerful shot of destructive energy from his chest-cannon. "Digi-Modify, WarGreymon, Brave Shield activate!" Arisa slashed a card through her D-Power. The Brave Shield appeared in front of Beelzemon, protecting him from the blast. Beelzemon then stepped out.

"Double Impact!" He fired his bullets at the weak, uncovered spots on Diaboromon's body. The Digimon yelled in pain. Beelzemon put away his shotguns and rushed over to Diaboromon.

"Darkness Claw!" He slashed at the Digimon, who with a cry of pain, turned into data particles which faded away. The DigiField slowly faded away too. Beelzemon de-digivoluved to Impmon.

"That was amazing. Seeing you two in action was just great." said Zia. "I just wish to have a partner too."
"Maybe you'll get your own partner soon." said Arisa. "You just have to wish it strongly."
"The ol' speech of the DigiGnomes." Zia shrugged. "How about going to your place and eat somethin'?"
"I'm staying away from ol' Chiaki's house. Ba-Boom!" protested Impmon.
"Don't worry, my grandmother went shopping. She won't come back so soon." said Arisa.
"Then it's alright." said Impmon and climbed on a tree and followed the two girls.

"Z-chan, what Digimon do you want for a partner?" asked Arisa.
"I'm not sure. I guess I want one which is cute, knows how to have fun, mischievous and a bit of showoffer." said Zia and smiled pointing with the forefingers at her own face. "Just like I am."
"With the cute part cut off. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon from the nearby tree.
"Tsk, I am cute. I'm actually the cutes girl in our class." said Zia angrily.
"You forgot to say that you're hot-tempered." mocked Impmon.
"Hey, come down here and I show you who's hot-temepered!" said Zia angrily. Arisa pulled her hand.
"Just ignore him." she said. The two were near the exit of the park as they met three other girls.

One of them had long blonde wavy hair and icy blue eyes, wore a dark pink T-shirt with white puffy sleeves, a bunch of silver metal bracelets on her right hand, a white skirt and pink boots.

The other had glasses, black straight hair and blue eyes and wore a green dress which reached to her knees and a plastic blue brecelet on her right hand.

The third had long straight brown hair, green eyes, a black T-shirt with a blue vest, a watch on her left hand and blue jeans.

"Ow, lookey, lookey, who do we have here?" said the blonde haired girl with a devious smile. She had a slight american accent.
"Hey, Kathrin." said Arisa with a cold tone in her voice.
"Look, you two are in my way, so I suggest you to step by side." said Kathrin. "And do me a favor and call me Kat."
"Yeah!" said the other two girls at once.
"Why don't you step by side?" said Zia.
"Moi?" said Kathrin with a false french accent, pointing at herself. "No. Way. I won't listen to such losers like you."
"Losers? Why don't you look at the mirror? I don't remember that we had such a big pimple on our face." said Arisa.
"What?" Kathrin covered her nose.
"Oh, sorry, my fault, that was your nose." said Arisa and she and Zia giggled. "I couldn't recognize it since your big ego covered it."
"This was a good one." said Zia giving her a high-five.
"Kat 0 points, Ari 1 point." said Arisa. Kathrin clenched her fist and hmpfed. She pushed Arisa by side.
"Let's go girls. We won't talk with girls whose status is underneath ours." said Kathrin and the three walked away. Her followers stick out their tounge at Arisa and Zia. Arisa pulled out her D-Power.

"Imp, how about teachin' them a lesson they won't forget?" she said.
"I'm already on it. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon, smiling deviously.

The three girls walked through the park as suddenly flames came out of the bushes.

"What's that?" yelled the brown haired girl.
"Get them off me!" yelled the black haired girl as she runned away from flames who seemed to chase her.
"I'm outta here!" yelled Kathrin at the girls runned away screaming.

Arisa, Impmon and Zia came out of the bushes, laughing their ass off and giving each other high fives.

"Kat 0, Ari, Z, and Imp 2 points." said Zia.
"Kathrin is such a snob. Just because she's the most popular girl in the class and because she's half american, she thinks she's the chief in the school." said Arisa.
"She ain't." said Zia and sighed. "But she knows how to spread rumors through school. Because of her, I became known as the Crazy Aiz."
"Crazy Aiz?" Impmon giggled.
"Aiz is Zia spelled backwards. And what Akinari, Hiroshi, Airu, Damien and Seichi regards, they also got an unpopular status since Kathrin described them as wierd just because they formed their own group called Shadow Tamers." said Zia and turned to Impmon. "And if you call me Crazy Aiz, I'm gonna choke you to death. Understood?"
"Yeah, yeah. Can we go now? I'm getting hungry. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon as he rolled with his eyes.

The three went to Arisa's old home. Just as they entered the ktichen, they heared someone adressing them.

"Arisa, Zia, you're back. Go and wash your hands, I prepeared you some ramen." said the old woman who was standing on the sink.
"Oh, damn." whispered Impmon and tried to sneak away.
"Stop right there Little Demon!" hissed Chiaki Ando at Impmon without turning around. Impmon froze and turned around. He was slightly shaking, though he tried to stay calm. Chiaki had grey hair binded in a bun and a red band binded on her forehead. She wore a white bluse and blue sack-like pants bound with a black ribbon-like belt. She was barefoot.
"What do you want crazy lady?" he asked with a serious expression on his face. Chiaki smiled.
"Don't worry, I won't you take over coals because off leaving my grandaughter." she turned around with a serious expression on her face. "But don't never ever again think that you can sneak out thinking I didn't notice you, Little Demon."
"Yeah, yeah. And can you please call me with my actuall name?" asked Impmon.
"Why don't you show me some respect and call me by my name?" replied Chiaki.
"I won't. Ba-Boom!" Impmon crossed his arms.
"Then be it so, Little Demon." replied Chiaki, hiting Impmon right into his nerve. Arisa and Zia just rolled with their eyes.

"Will they ever stop their war?" asked Zia rethorically and both girls looked at each other. Then they sighed answering the question.


The DigiPortal is open and the Digimon are coming back. What effects will this have on the further events? Stay tuned for the next episode of Digimon Tamers Digital Rebelion!

[Ending Song Unsere DigiWelt by Digimon plays]

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