Post~ The Golden Lily
Sydney's POV

I pulled up to the curb across the road from Spencer's, so tired that I almost forgot to lock Latte. Man, I needed a caffeine boost. I strolled across the near empty street not bothering to check if a car was coming. Lately I had been too exhausted to even motivate myself to drive to Spencer's. I don't know what that was all about though; I loved coffee more than anything else in the world. As soon as I opened to door to my favourite place, I was hit by the amazing aroma of coffee and all the different flavours that went in it. Mint was my favourite. Trey wasn't working today so I felt like I could truly be alone. These past couple of days I have been doing favours for everyone. Jill needed help with some chemistry homework, and although I love the subject I found my mind wandering. Ms Terwilliger had asked me to help her transfer more spells into English, as she wasn't great with Japanese. I told her I could do them by myself but she insisted she had to be there. Even Eddie wanted some help with maths homework. I just needed a timeout. Spencer's seemed like the place to go.
When the barrister called out my coffee I nearly ran up to collect it. I was getting sick of the little one-cup instant coffee maker I had in my dorm, it wasn't even close to this. I turned to go and sit in the corner booth, where I always sat, but someone was there. They had their head down, intently focusing on today's newspaper.

It was Adrian.

As soon as I saw it was him I quickly turned around and went to sit on the other side of the cafe. I purposely sat with my back towards him, knowing that if he saw me there would be no doubt that things would get awkward. I hadn't spoken to him since that night in his apartment. That had been almost a month ago. He had tried calling a few times, but when he figured out I wasn't going to answer he stopped trying. Sitting here slowly sipping my coffee I tried to plan an escape route. One that would mean I could avoid Adrian without seeming rude. There was only the one exit and he just happened to be sitting where he had a clear view of it. It was amazing that he hadn't seen me when I came in, but I suppose he was reading the paper. My mind then went into a panic. What if he had seen me? What if he was just waiting for the right moment to come over to me? What if there was no way I could avoid talking to him? A plan then formed in my head. I would sit here quietly until I finished my coffee then just hope to God that he had left by then. It definitely wasn't a fool proof plan, but it was the best I could come up with. I was nearly finished my drink and dared a look over my shoulder. To my absolute relief Adrian was gone. I thought to myself this may be a good day yet. I put my finished coffee cup in the bin and headed out to Latte. As soon as I was out of the doors I froze. Adrian was sitting on my car! So much for this being a good day. My first thought was that he better not have dented or scratch my baby.
I had been avoiding him like the plague but now it would seem there was no way out of it. Walking across the road, again not checking for cars, my heart started beating faster. Adrian looked good. Better than good even. His styled messy hair look was enough to almost make my heart stop. He wore a green dress shirt that matched his eyes perfectly. I had seen this shirt before and it was by far my favourite look for him. I bet he knew it too. I had butterflies in my stomach and my palms were starting to sweat. What was wrong with me? Why did he have to make me feel this way?
"Sage, it's so good to see you," he said flashing that lazy grin of his."I'd say the same, except you're sitting on my car. We've been through this, no body sits on Latte." I fully expected him to get off and apologise, but he just sat there!
"Come on, seriously. Just get off my car and I'll listen to anything you have to say." This caught him off guard, like he wasn't expecting me to listen. He got off almost immediately though. He was silent for what seemed like hours. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it quickly. I decided if he wasn't going to speak then I was going to leave. I started to walk around to the driver's door.
"What are you doing?" He said.
"I'm leaving. I've got stuff to do." I realised that I sounded impatient.
"I wanted to talk to you," he was all serious now. I liked seeing this side of him. He wasn't just sarcastic all the time. I quickly decided I should at least give him a chance.
"Okay then. What do you want to talk about?" he again seemed caught off guard, and I realised he thought I was going to leave. Again.
"Okay. I know we haven't a while, but I was hoping that we could hang out. Like we used to. I miss that. I'm so lonely, and I could really use a friend. And I promise that's it. Just a friend."
I contemplated his words. Just a friend. If only he knew how much more I wanted to be to him than just a friend.I knew my thoughts were wrong, but I couldn't help thinking them.
"Sure, anytime." I blurted out. Not realising what it meant until after I had said it. I couldn't be friends with a vampire. And what happened a month ago should never have happened either. The Alchemist in me was telling me I was in way too deep. Get out now. As much as I wanted to listen to that voice, there was this almost magnetic pull, pulling me towards Adrian.
"Okay, great. How about tomorrow afternoon. We'll meet here at Spencer's at 4pm. Just us two. And don't worry, I've got everything planned."
Before I could reply he was almost skipping back across the road to where his mustang was parked. I silently cursed myself for not noticing his car before I pulled up. It must have been the caffeine withdrawal.
As I got in my car I replayed my conversation with Adrian. He wanted to hang out with me. Just us two. Tomorrow. And he had everything planned. What did that even mean? Was this a date? I went over the conversation again and again on my way back to school. A date? A date with Adrian? Oh no. I had fallen prey to his charm and he had taken full advantage of that. There was no way I was telling anyone about this. No doubt Jill would already know though. I hated that bond.

Back at school I went straight to my dorm in hopes that some homework would take my mind of things. No such luck. Half an hour later I found myself knocking on Jill's door. It opened and there she was, grinning the biggest grin and almost jumping up and down with excitement. I shouldn't have expected anything else. Jill pulled me to the bed and started rambling.
"Oh Sydney! I'm so happy for you! Do you know what you're going to wear yet? How are you doing your hair? Aren't you exciting? I can't believe he finally did it. He asked you out and you said yes!..." She went on and on. I tuned out and started thinking what a horrible idea this really was. If the Alchemists knew about me going on a date with a vampire I'd be sent to a re-education centre for sure. This was bad. This was worse than bad. Now I was wishing I said no to Adrian. How could I be so stupid?Vampires and humans don't mix. It's wrong on every level. Jill was shaking my arm.
"Are you listening to me? We have so much to do before your big date,"
That was it. I couldn't stand it any longer.
"It's not a date." I lied. "Just two people hanging out. I don't even know why I agreed to this. Vampires and humans, let alone Alchemists, can't be friends. We can't be anything. This was a bad idea. I need you to call Adrian and tell him something came up and I can't make it." I was more and more realising how bad and wrong this was. I couldn't go through with it.
"No!" Jill almost shouted. I froze, completely shocked by her. Little Jill never raised her voice. She was quiet and shy.
"I am not letting you do this to him," she had lowered her voice, but only a fraction. "You agreed to do this. You can't back out. Think about what it will do to him. I don't want to see him upset like he was after Rose. I will help you with your outfit, hair and makeup. You have no say in this. You're going on this date weather you like it or not."
I was shocked by her outburst so I could only manage a slight nod. She
seemed satisfied and led me to the door. Her last words were "I better see you here straight after school tomorrow, or else." This was not the Jill I knew. The Jill I knew would never say anything threatening to anyone. I realised that this date was important for her. She needed to see Adrian happy. As I climbed into bed I thought about tomorrow. I would go on this date for Jill, and no one else.

The next day went fairly fast. But I couldn't stop thinking about how wrong this date with Adrian was. I had almost admitted to myself that I had some type of feelings for him, but I couldn't. I wouldn't. It was impossible.
After school I slowly trudged up the stairs to Jill's room, hoping she had forgotten about the date. No chance. When she opened the door she looked pointedly at her watch and said "You're late." School had officially only finished 7 minutes ago but whatever, I didn't argue. I just wanted this to be over as fast as possible. The getting ready part, the date part, the seeing Adrian part. I wanted it over even before it started. While getting ready it was like I was on auto pilot. Jill did my hair then makeup. Then she dressed me and checked over everything again and again. When she was finally done she pulled me over to the full length mirror.
"How do you like it?" she asked, still so excited. I stared at my reflection. I couldn't believe it. I was beautiful. Jill had styled my hair so that my Golden Lilly was in full show, yet my hair was down. I had a light brown eye shadow on that matched the thin belt around my waist and my sandals. I also had on hint of clear lip gloss to give my lips a shine. The dress I wore was so cute. It had light blue flowers all over. It had cap sleeves and a square neck. On the rack it would have looked like a five year olds dress, but looking at it on me now, it was gorgeous.
"It's perfect. Thank you." I answered Jill.
She rushed me down stairs and out to Latte. Jill shoved me in the car and I wound my window down.
"Whatever happens, whatever he says or does, just promise me you'll give him a chance."
"I promise." Jill stepped away from the car and waved goodbye.

In the car now, alone, I was actually a little bit excited. I really didn't want to feel like this, but I couldn't help it. I pulled up at Spencer's and parked in the same spot as yesterday. I was glad to see Adrian wasn't there yet. It meant I had a few more moments to myself. I got out of the car and walked across the road, this time checking for cars. I figured I'd just wait outside Spencer's so I could see when he comes. At last I could hear his mustang turning the corner. Pulling up to the curb Adrian stopped right in front of me. He got out of his car and walked around to where I stood. He looked amazing as always, dressed nice but casual. I was glad I was dressed nice too. While he was walking up to me he was looking me up and down. He took my hands in his.
"Sydney, you are so beautiful." My heart was fluttering.
"You clean up good too," I joked and immediately felt stupid for saying it. But he didn't care.
He led me into Spencer's and took us over to the booth he was in yesterday. We sat down, silence filled the air. Finally after it seemed like he was done looking through my eyes into my soul, he said,
"I thought we'd grab some coffee, then I want to show you something." I had no problem with that. Coffee sounded great right now. I told him what I'd like and he went to order it. I took this chance to study him. He seemed really happy. Relaxed and happy. It was nice to see that I had that effect on him. While he was waiting for the coffees to be made he glanced over and caught me looking at him. His smile widened. I was about to get up and join him when a tall skinny blonde girl walked right up to him. She was definitely human although she looked a bit like a Moroi. She hugged him like she knew him. Her back was to me so I couldn't see her face, but I could see Adrian's. He had on his seductive smile, and I could tell by his body language that he was flirting with her. I was a bit annoyed by this but it's not like we were dating or anything. He could flirt with whoever he wanted. I heard our coffees get called out. Adrian started to walk to the counter; the blonde girl put a hand on his arm and spun him to face her again. Before I knew it she was kissing him. It wasn't just a quick peck on the check either. It was a full on kiss that made her wrap her arms around his neck. At first he seemed shocked but then he wrapped one arm around her waist. It was a disgusting sight. This kiss wasn't meant to be seen in public. I had had enough. I might have been jealous. But it was more than that. I had forced myself to come and promised Jill I'd give him a chance, but this was crossing the line. I stood up and headed for the door, not sure if I was going to cry or not. I was fumbling in my bag for my keys as passed Adrian and the girl. He must have sensed someone walking past because he stopped kissing her. I was opening the door when I heard him call my name.
"Sage!" Sage, not Sydney. That hurt. "Where are you going?" It was like he was totally oblivious to what I had just witnessed.
I turn and scoffed.
"Home." I said. He must have noticed my facial expression then because he said,
"Oh this, it's not what it looks like." Even me, not romantic at all, knew exactly what that looked like. I turned and ran out the doors, afraid now that I would cry. I wasn't going to let him see that. He was through the doors only a second after me.
"Sydney, wait." As if I was going to do that. I was across the road now, trying desperately to unlock my car. My eyes were filling up with tears and it was making it hard to see. Just as I unlocked it and opened the driver's door Adrian was there. He slammed to door and stood in front of it so I couldn't get in.
"I'm sorry." he said. At least he had the decency to apologise, but that wasn't enough. I was in danger of letting my tears escape. I hadn't realised how much I liked him until now. I was angry and I had to admit fairly jealous. I didn't want him to see me like this.
"I know your type, Adrian. You can't decide who you want. Well, now you won't need to choose. You had your chance with me, and you blew it. And I don't give second chances, so don't bother." And with that I pushed him out of the way and got in my car. I could hear him through the window saying,
"I'm so sorry Sydney, I messed up. It won't happen again. Please, just stay and we can talk about this." I couldn't bear to look at him because I knew that if I did, I probably would stay. I started the car and drove away. Looking in my rear view mirror I saw Adrian in the middle of the street staring after my car, hands on his head like he wanted to pull his hair out.

A tear rolled down my cheek. I turned back to the road and refused to look back.

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