"Dude…are you sure this is gonna work?" Brett asked Simon one day as they walked from football practice to the Dairy Queen.

The brunette look up, contemplating. "No, I'm not sure. I may not be able to predict the future, but it's safe to say the odds are in your favor."

Brett rolled his eyes. It would be an understatement to say he was annoyed, not particularly with Simon, but with his predicament as a whole. He looked down at himself, and then to Simon, and suddenly wondered how his friend was even putting up with him. Almost every shared conversation between the two of them turned into "Evan Goldman this" or "The Brain that". How could Brett let himself become consumed by a silly crush, and since when had the boy he punched in the face in seventh grade become his top priority without even knowing it?

Simon broke the silence after a minute or so. "Look, if you want things to go your way you're going to have to possess the same amount of confidence that you do on that football field."

"But how?" Brett whined, sighing.

"Well you care about Evan, correct?"

The quarterback nodded.

"Then just find a way to transfer that football energy to here…At least temporarily, because we need your head in the game for the sake of the team, too."

Brett nodded a second time and urged Simon to continue. He had to admit – it was nice not having to be the guy with all the answers for once.

Simon had to think. He pulled out his iPhone, sent a few text messages, and came up with an answer only minutes later. "Alright, The Brain's having his bar mitzvah later on in the school year. There's your conversation-starter."

Brett never would find out how Simon figured that out, or how he knew when Evan would be at the Dairy Queen in the first place, but he admired his friend's dedication to the cause. After a second, though, the question Simon was expecting hit him. "Wait…I thought he had his Jewish party in middle school."

"He was supposed to, but my hypothesis is that after the fight between the two of you he called it off, not wanting it to be a loser-fest in the basement of a Methodist Church with just him, his mom, two friends, and the rabbi they found online."

Despite the jolt of guilt that ran through him at hearing that, Brett carried on. "So what – he's redoing it now?"

"Go find out for yourself…" The boys had reached their destination, the sacred Dairy Queen. Brett was pleased to get the chance to mend things with Evan in the very same spot they left off.

The store was mildly empty, and the only familiar face there was Evan. His back was turned to the window at the check-out line buying what looked like an orange smoothie. Brett was a little worried about the outcome of his conversation that was to come, but it was outweighed by how perplexed he was that Simon's information was actually dead-on.

"Okay dude, I'm going in. But remember, if anybody finds out how nervous I am to do this, or finds out about this at all, I know who to beat up." Brett honestly trusted Simon more than anyone else in all of Appleton, but felt the need to sound tough to feel better about the whole situation.

Nonetheless, the other boy nodded obediently, knowing that he'd do anything to preserve Brett's secret.

Evan could honestly say that the one most amusing statements he had heard all summer had to be, "Hey look, it's my favorite Jew!"

Brett would do anything to avoid showing his nervousness in a public setting, so instead he took Simon's advice and let his football confidence shine through. When he realized that Evan wasn't greeting him back with the same amount of enthusiasm, he added a simple, "'Sup Brain?"

Evan rolled his eyes at the old nickname. He couldn't believe Brett was still referring to hi as the "Brain". "Hey Brett", he replied in a manner that set the tone as "I can't be bothered right now". He sat himself down at a nearby table, only to be followed by Brett. He didn't particularly mind the other boy's attention, but he couldn't help but feel suspicious as to why the most popular kid in school wanted to suddenly associate with him, especially considering the way they last left off.

"So, I hear your new and improved bar mitzvah is coming up…" Brett raised an eyebrow, ready to tackle any dilemmas that were to come his way with his suave sense of words.

Evan wasn't feeding into whatever trap Brett had planted, despite the other boy's sweet-talking ability. And the fact that Brett somehow heard about his party only made him more apprehensive. He needed to mask his worry, though, and play along with whatever game Brett was bringing, if only for a little while. "And what made you think that…?" Evan replied sharply, playing dumb.

Shit. Could Simon's facts have possibly been off? If they were, Brett would not only lose his 'conversation-starter', but also sound incredibly stupid. Confidence, though. Confidence. "Well," he continued, shifting in his seat, "it's common knowledge amongst our class."

Brett was only digging himself a deeper hole with every word. Evan wasn't dumb – he knew the football players didn't exactly spend their time gossiping about people like him, especially over summer vacation where information was so much harder to come by. "I only told two people, and I'm sure you don't even know their names, let alone talk about my personal business with them."

Okay, so it was true. Evan was definitely having his party, and Brett figured that the fact that he knew what was apparently selective information made him seem more mysterious. "Try me," he replied in response to not knowing Evan's friends' names.

"Patrice and Archie."

Crap. Who the hell were Patrice and Archie? Brett nervously crooked his head up and decided that the ceiling tiles were incredibly captivating.

Evan smirked. Brett was such a dimwit. It did make Evan wonder though, because who else could have heard the news about the bar mitzvah? "Look, I don't really care that you know about my party, but please just tell me how you figured it out? Who told you?"

"Well screw being mysterious or whatever; Evan's obviously not buying it and if you really like him then you shouldn't be playing mind games anyway," Brett thought. "Fine…Simon told me."

Simon? That was kind of weird. Sure, he didn't seem to be as much of an asshole as the rest of the football players, but he definitely wasn't buddy-buddy with Patrice and Archie, either.

"Before you ask, I don't know how Simon found out either," Brett added honestly. "Look, I didn't come here to talk about your Jewish party…"

"Wait, so you came here looking for me? How did you know I'd be here?" Evan was getting creeped out. What did Brett want with him, anyway?

"Again, Simon. But no, that's not what I meant. I didn't come looking for you, but since I have your attention I wanna maybe talk."

Simon, again? What the hell was up with that kid? Evan made a mental note to keep that in the back of his mind, but brushed in off for the time being. "Talk about what? Last time I tried to talk to you, you punched me in the face."

Brett sighed. How many times were people going to keep bringing that back up? He needed something to keep his hands busy, so he started fiddling with the keys in his pocket as the conversation continued. "I know, and I'm sorry. But 'Forgive and Forget', right?" He plastered on his award-winning smile.

Evan hesitated. "I actually prefer 'Forgive, but never Forget'…"

"Well, I'd like to think we've both matured a little since that day."

Evan laughed internally. Brett, mature? It would have to take a lot of convincing before he believed that. "Back up and show me some proof, and then I'll believe that you've matured. We haven't talked in literally years, so if you're looking to befriend me or something I'm not just going to be suddenly cool with you."

"Befriend? You don't even know, Evan…" Wait, did he actually just blurt that out? Maybe he should cool it with the confidence.

Evan was taken aback. What the hell was this boy trying to get at? "If you don't quit the game, I'll just get up and leave."

"I still have your number; I'll just text you."

"Why, though? What is it that you want from me, Brett?"

'Friends'. Sure. Brett figured he'd have to deal with that if he ever wanted to actually get with him. He's not the typical cheerleader that will just delve into something complicated, and he certainly isn't anywhere near one of Brett's fans that would do anything to be with him. He kind of suspected it all along, but this conversation clarified it – Evan would require more work than the typical suitor. "Because…" Brett swallowed, keeping 'friends' in the back of his mind, "I wanna catch up. We never got a real chance to chill, without my boys hanging around."

"Okay, well what are you getting at?"

"Let's go out. Just the two of us, without Malcolm or Eddie lurking in the shadows. If you're available we could meet back here tomorrow, grab some food, and just, y'know, talk." Of course he'd be available. Brett assumed it was either an exhilarating trip to the library with that girl or a hot date with the Brett Sampson. Brett would choose himself, of course, but he wasn't so sure Evan would. And also, Evan wasn't considering the event to be a 'hot date', either.

Evan was hesitant. He had so many unanswered questions, and knew he couldn't ask them all. "Well…I…"

"Damn, are all you Jews so uptight?" Was that the wrong thing to ask…?

"Excuse me?" Evan took his religion very seriously. He didn't mind the jokes about his "barf matzfa", but he did mind misguiding stereotypes from a boy who might not even know the sum of two plus two.

"I just mean…stop getting so nervous over every little thing. Let loose and live a little. All I wanna do is meet up with you to do some catching up, but if you have other plans that include sitting at home then don't let me get in the way."

Evan was insulted just slightly, but kind of had to admit that Brett wasn't wrong. "You know what? Fine, you're right. I'll be here. But if this turns out to be some trick—"

"It won't be. I have football 'till four, so is a quarter after okay?"

"Yeah. A quarter after. I'll be here."

"Cool. See you tomorrow Brain," Brett replied with a smirk and even a wink. He was excited, but had to contain it until he was outside. "By the way," he turned around to ask, "Are you still seeing that girl?" Brett had to know. If Evan was taken, then he'd be getting his hopes up for nothing.

Evan immediately knew who Brett was referring to. "You mean Patrice?"

Oh, so that was Patrice. Brett would have to remember that for future purposes. "Yeah, the library girl. Are you two dating?"

"We did for a little while, but it was a middle school fling, and it's over. We're still best friends, though." Maybe Brett was right, and they could use some catching-up if he still thought Evan was dating Patrice.

Score. "Okay, well, bye." The boy exited the Dairy Queen with a hidden smile on his face.

Evan was ready to leave, but waited behind to watch the quarterback through the window. He, of course, couldn't hear the exchange of words between the football players, but all he saw was a satisfied Brett high-fiving with Simon. Something was up, and now Evan was sure of it. The last thing he wanted was to be the pit of a joke planned out by the popular kids, and in that moment Evan was considering backing out on that 'date'. He texted Patrice to meet him at the park with Archie, because he really needed some outside opinions on the scene that had just played out in front of him.

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