In Pursuit

Steve had been tailing the light blue pick-up truck for most of the afternoon. In his mind he reviewed the seemingly innocent sequence of events that had led to this surveillance. It all started about a month ago when he had noticed an extra spring in Jenny's step and a big smile on her face. She had definitely fallen for someone.

As time passed, Jenny's new beau and their prime suspect in a drug smuggling operation seemed to travel parallel paths. There were just too many coincidences, and Steve became suspicious, as was his nature. While he would never do anything to interfere with his secretary's love life under ordinary circumstances, he was also very protective of her. Enough so, that he just had to investigate this guy on his own. He wouldn't share his theories with his team.

Just fifteen minutes ago, he had witnessed the new man in Jenny's life delivering a package to the driver of the pick-up, who had stashed the package in the cab of the truck. Then he gunned the engine and headed out of the city toward the wealthier part of the island. Steve followed.

After almost losing the guy a couple of times, Steve decided it was time for the direct approach. He turned on his siren and motioned for the truck's driver to pull over. After the truck came to a stop, Steve pulled his Mercury around the front of the truck to block the path in case the guy changed his mind.

Steve took a deep breath. He had been seeking the truth about this for weeks and now he wasn't sure he wanted to know. What he would learn in the next five minutes might just break Jenny's heart. But now he was committed and he had to follow through. He adjusted his .38 revolver in his holster beneath his jacket and reached for the door handle to exit the car…


Jenny Sherman was in the office early in the morning, but not early enough to beat her boss. She had seen his car in the parking lot on her way in and she noticed that the door to his private office was ajar. She finished brewing the first pot of coffee, poured a large steaming mug full and carried it into McGarrett's private office along with his agenda for the day. As she entered the room, her morning greeting remained unvoiced when she laid eyes on the tall detective sleeping soundly on his couch. The collar of his dress shirt was opened behind his loosened tie, his dark hair was disheveled and there was a full day's growth of stubble on his face. Jenny smiled at the sight. It wasn't an unusual occurrence for hers to be the first face he saw in the morning.

"Good morning, Boss," she said gently as she touched his shoulder.

"Jenny…I must have dozed off," Steve said stifling a yawn while he sat up, stretched and ran his hand over his face. He gratefully accepted the mug of coffee.

"Didn't you have a date last night? What are you doing in so early?"

Jenny chuckled. "Yeah, I had a date with that man who reminded you of Tony Alika. It was a bust, boss. Turned out that we have nothing in common."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Steve replied after taking a long sip of the black coffee.

"Well, no matter. It isn't the first time a date didn't work out," she said with a sigh. "And it won't be the last."

Steve looked up at the woman that he saw every day and depended on for so much. He was still slightly shaken from his dream about the man in the truck.

"Jenny, I really appreciate everything that you do around here," Steve said sincerely.

The rare compliment took her by surprise but pleased her immensely and she blushed.

"Thank you, Boss!" the petite secretary replied. She exited the private office and started her workday.