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Allen's POV

At least half an hour had passed before Allen had successfully reached his dorm room on the higher levels of the school building. When he finally arrived at his room, he was bleeding freely, his head was spinning, and there was a trail of blood on the floor. It was like a trail from Hansel and Gretel, but Allen wouldn't be the one following the trail.

He fumbled slightly trying to get off the floor, using the handle of the door to get up, then yanking his key violently out of his pocket and jamming it into the key hole. He stumbled into his room, trying desperately to reach the first aid kit he kept on his bedside table. Allen wasn't stupid. After everything that he had been through; the punches, the kicks, the hits and slaps and insults, he knew how to deal with this kind of thing. And dealing with it included dealing with the aftermath.

He pulled open the first aid kit, knowing that he needed to stop the bleeding from his multiple cuts and wounds before dealing with anything else. Grabbing some gauze, he hastily put them directly over the wound on his head that was gushing blood into his eye, securing it in place with medical tape. He then moved on to the minor cuts after making sure that his contraption would not only stay in place, but also apply pressure. Fifteen minutes and two rolls of gauze left, Allen was done nursing his cuts and was satisfied that the cut on his head had stopped bleeding.

He reached up to his forehead and carefully slid his fingers under the medical tape before lifting away the gauze that were dripping blood. The sight alone was enough to make any man queasy, but combined with the smell of the blood- a rustic sent that assaulted your senses- was enough to make anyone hurl. But not Allen. This combination was all too familiar to him. He didn't even flinch at the blood soaked wad of fabric in his hands, just merely tossed it into the trash can by his bed.

He then moved on to wrapping his ribs, because he could feel a bone protruding slightly from his skin, and the only thing he could do for it at the moment was wrap it tight.

When he had finished mummifying himself to the point of making it hard to breathe, there was an insistent banging at the door. Allen slowly stood up, still mindful of his tender ribs, and slowly made his way over to the door.

Pulling the door open, Allen was surprised to see none other than the Kanda Yuu in all of his raven haired glory. He was breathing heavily, and there was a slight sheen of sweat on his forehead that would have gone unnoticed by even Kanda himself it was so light. Allen was shocked to say the least. Here was Kanda, the guy that he was almost certain he had feelings for that went past your usual samurai-moyashi relationship. The guy that was nearly untouchable, besides for a select few. The guy that was thought to be as straight as a line- as proven with his stellar presentation of PDA with a certain girlfriend- and was thought to hate almost everyone.

It was out of the realm of possibility in Allen's mind that Kanda could feel anything close to tolerance for him, let alone anything of the magnitude that Kanda did feel for the silverette.

That's why, when Kanda grabbed his face, he was shocked and tense, not knowing what the hell was going on. When Kanda slowly lowered his head towards Allen, a thousand thoughts were running through his mind at once. 'Was Kanda going to kiss me? Would I let him? What happened to Sydney? If he liked me, why would he date her?' All were questions that Allen couldn't answer, but one was about to be answered. Or….make that two. When Kanda's lips came within a centimeter of Kanda's, Allen stepped on his tip toes, pressing his mouth firmly to Kanda's, the two pairs of lips melding together perfectly.

When Allen's lips touched Kanda's, he felt a spark, then a feeling of rightness and peace that he had never experienced before. It was like a part of him was finally reattaching itself to his soul. He was overwhelmed in happiness, drowning in it. Inhaling it, drinking it, being it. It was all he could feel, breathe and think. All of it was Kanda, Kanda, Kanda. His smell- sweat mixed with ginger mixed with soap-, his taste- spearmint-, his body. His arms wrapped around him, holding their bodies together. His chest, pressed firmly to Allen's. His hands, one travelling up and down Allen's body as the other tangled in his hair.

Allen wrapped his own arms around Kanda's neck, spreading his lips and teasingly sliding his tongue back and forth over Kanda's teeth, begging for a chance to enter. Kanda complied quickly, but had no intention of letting the puny Moyashi take control of the situations. Kanda thrust his tongue into Allen's mouth, quickly beating Allen in the fight for dominance and set to work running his tongue around Allen's mouth, tasting and taking in every aspect of the kiss. Their breathing became labored, and both were forced to pull away, both panting for breath and clinging to each other in a desperate attempt to stay standing.

Kanda brought his forehead down to rest on Allen's, staring deep into his eyes and searching them for something, anything that will clue him into what the guarded Moyashi could possibly be feeling. Kanda's own heart was beating a million times per minute, barely being contained by his skin. He was nervous and excited and elated and scared and victorious all wrapped up into one little package that could explode at any second.

"What do we do now?" Allen whispered, as if he was afraid the spell they were both under would be broken if he spoke t loudly, or, even worse, he would wake up and this wondrous moment would have just been a dream.

Kanda's heart swelled at the sound of Allen's whispered inquiry. The emotions he heard in Allen's voice made him want to cry in happiness, scream in joy, and jump up and down like a little girl on Christmas. Kanda could hear all of Allen's love and affection, along with the longing, fear, curiosity, confusion, and insecurity, but he wouldn't be Allen if he didn't feel every one of those things and more, possibly hidden underneath that beautifully constructed mask.

"Whatever the hell we want," Kanda answered simply. Then he brought Allen's lips up to his once more in the sweetest kiss either one had ever received.

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