Amy Rose was still in Seaside Hill, heading northward on the beach as she heard a cry. She stopped in her tracks, spotting three Moto Bugs circling around Cream The Rabbit. Amy gasped as she covered her mouth with both of her hands.

"Oh my gosh! Cream is in trouble!" Amy exclaimed as she shook her fists. "I better go do something about it! Time to proof my worth!" Amy let out a war cry as she dashed towards the badniks.

The three Moto Bugs turned around, spotting Amy. Cream looked up, gasping as Amy used a homing attack on the Moto Bugs, breaking apart their robotic shells and freeing the blue Flickies that were trapped inside. Cream stood up, holding her hands together as she smiled.

"Oh Amy, thank you for saving me!" Cream exclaimed as she celebrated.

Amy laughed as she placed both of her hands on Cream's shoulders. "It's no problem, Cream! I heard you were in trouble, so I came as fast as I can!"

"Ewww..." Cream quipped in disgust as she stuck her tongue out.

Amy waved her hands in defense. "Not like that!" She sighed as he placed her hands on her hips. "Anyway, why were those robots attacking you?"

Cream rubbed her right elbow. "Well, they seem to be kidnapping innocent animals left and right... I saw some of my friends getting snatched up in a flash!"

Amy raised her right eyebrow, dropping her left arm by her side. "Did you see where they were headed?"

Cream turned around and pointed towards the tropical foliage. "Well golly, they headed out towards the north western direction. I think they're heading to the island nearby here..."

Amy stared at the plants, thinking for a moment. "Wait a minute... northwest from here..." Amy snapped her fingertips as she gasped. "They're heading towards Carnival Island! I gotta go there as quick as I can!"

"Amy, wait!" Cream called out, but Amy continued heading northward, going through the foliage. Cream sighed as she dropped her arms, muttering with disappointment, "I wanted to come with you..."

Amy said to herself as she brushed against the thick tropical plants, "If they were in Seaside Hill and headed up north, then they can't be far off in Carnival Town... this may be the thing to help me stand out as a heroine!"

She made it out of the mini jungle, seeing several checkerboard loops and wooden bridges. Amy noticed that there were plenty of Egg Pawns there, as well as the likes of Moto Bugs, Crabmeats, Choppers, Spinners, Coconuts, and Buzzers. Amy stretched her arms as she smirked, willing to beat up several robots in order to continue her adventure.

"Come and get me, you robotic freaks!" Amy exclaimed as she was willing to get down and dirty.

The badniks looked at each other as they ran towards Amy. Amy jumped in the air, grabbing a Crabmeat and tossing it at two Moto Bugs, causing them to bust. Amy was then bitten by a Chopper, being dragged into the water, but Amy grabbed one of the tossed bombs from a lone Coconuts and chucked it at the Chopper, causing it to explode. Amy was sent away from the explosion, using homing attack on the five Buzzers that attempted to blast her. Amy then spun around, knocking away incoming Moto Bugs and Crabmeats like a pinball. Amy then stopped, feeling dizzy as she placed her right hand on her head. Three purple Spinners approached Amy and started knocking her away with their mini wings. Amy tried breaking free, but the Crabmeats tossed several rocks at her, hurting her head.

"This isn't going as well as I expected!" Amy exclaimed in pain as she growled, "But I gotta stay strong! I can't quit now! I'm a heroine, damn it!"