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It may as well have been years they had waited to see a healer. The waiting room was filled with heavily pregnant women accompanied by their partners. The women were shrieking and sobbing in pain as contraction after contraction occurred. The waiting room itself was more like a hallway, with very little seating area and many dark wooden doors. Hospital staff came and went, as though the room was a thoroughfare. This had infuriated Cygnus, who was trying to argue with the less than interested receptionist, a dark-skinned man whose head hardly rose from the newspaper resting on his desk.

"-I don't care! My daughter is in labour!"

"As are many other women, Mr Black. Now if you could take a seat, please?" The receptionist mumbled nonchalantly, licking his thumb and turning the page of his newspaper.

"If you can get Bellatrix a room, I will give you all the money I have!" Cygnus pleaded. He pursed his fingers beneath his chin like a man in prayer.

"Cygnus-" Druella hissed, her eyes wide. She sat beside Bellatrix, holding her hand. Bellatrix groaned again as her womb felt like it was ripping itself apart; another contraction.

"We do not take bribery at this hospital, Mr Black. Now take your seat." The receptionist snapped, looking up for the first time.

Bellatrix gasped in pain, grabbing her mother's hand in her own. She threw her head back and moaned very loudly.

"You can see how much pain she's in. Do something, anything!"

The man at reception sighed to himself but did not respond, eyeing a blond-haired man who entered the room through a pair of white doors.

"Mrs Lestrange?" The man said, taking a pair of latex white gloves out of his robe pocket and pulling them on to his long-fingered hands, "I'm Dr Pritchard."

Bellatrix lifted her head and looked, grimacing at him.

"So your file says you're six months pregnant with your first child." Pritchard glanced at Bellatrix over the brown file in his hand. She sobbed loudly, grasping her swollen stomach, "And it seems that you've gone into labour early."

Druella rolled her eyes, "Isn't that obvious?" She looked over at her husband who mouthed 'Bloody hospital staff!' behind Pritchard's head. She repressed a smile. Bellatrix groaned again.

"Let's get you into the examination room, Mrs Lestrange. You can bring one of your parents if you wish, not both. I doubt it's a good idea for you to be crowded in your condition."

Cygnus touched his wife's arm, and then took Bellatrix's hand in his. He gasped as she crushed his fingers. Druella pulled a pink handkerchief from inside her robes and blew her nose as she watched Cygnus whimper as his daughter crushed his hand. He walked with Bellatrix and Pritchard to the office on the other side of the waiting room.

The office was pristine, with white walls and dark wooden furniture that was covered in a thin layer of polish. Pritchard helped Bellatrix through the door with her father and then took her over to the high bed which was covered in blue paper towels. She breathed heavily as she rested her head on the foam pillow, lying down. Pritchard went over to the wooden door and closed it quietly.

He gestured for Cygnus to sit down at the mahogany desk. He did as he was bidden, watching the blond man examine his daughter; waving his wand and reading notes being taken by a quill which scribed, apparently of its own accord, on a levitating notepad.

"Hmm…" He grumbled, sitting down and grabbing the notepad as it floated over to the desk, "Your daughter has suffered some severe trauma to her uterus."

Cygnus furrowed his brow, "Is the child…?"

Pritchard looked down at his desk, "The endometrium, the uterus lining, has ruptured. Your daughter is definitely in labour, but whether or not the baby will survive the birth is another matter. We will do all we can, Mr Black," He looked back up at him again.

"Will Bellatrix be alright?" Cygnus' voice quivered slightly. He couldn't bear to imagine losing his oldest daughter.

The blond man smiled, "Bellatrix will be fine. There may be some physical damage to her body, however. We will find out after the baby has been born," Pritchard looked over at Bellatrix who was still crying in pain, "Which judging by the spacing between her contractions should be any minute now." Pritchard stood up, "It's up to you whether you wish to stay with her or not," he began to walk towards Bellatrix, waving his wand again.

It felt like hours since Cygnus and Bellatrix stepped into Dr Pritchard's office. Maybe it had been. Druella hadn't checked her watch. She sat in the waiting room, rocking on her heels, chewing her fingernails. Her eyes were glazed, her face tear-stained.

"Has she had the baby yet?" A voice came from behind her.

She turned. There stood Rodolphus, his hair dishevelled. He walked around the benches and then sat beside her, "I don't know. They've been in the doctor's office for a while now." Her voice was hoarse.


Druella nodded, "Cygnus went in with her." She pushed her blonde hair away from her face, "He came out a couple of hours ago." She explained briefly what Cygnus had told her.

Rodolphus raised an eyebrow, but then relaxed as he saw men in green robes walking towards the doctor's office. He caught a glimpse of Bellatrix, whose face was scarlet and shining with sweat.

"Those men that just went in, don't they take the baby to the incubator?" He leapt to his feet before Druella could respond, "I'm a father!"

Druella glowered up at him, "Sit down, Rodolphus. They won't let you go in."

Rodolphus sneered at his mother-in-law and walked towards the office door. He could hear muffled voices, though their words were inaudible.

"I can't hear the baby." Rodolphus muttered, pressing his ear to the door. He could hear a woman sobbing, Bellatrix. He tapped gently on the door. The voices hushed suddenly, though Bellatrix continued to cry.

The door opened.

"You must be Mr Lestrange," the doctor said sternly, "I'm Dr Pritchard."

Rodolphus gulped, looking at Bellatrix who held a tightly wrapped towel in her arm. She looked up at him. Her bottom lip quivered slightly as she fought back the tears that were stinging her eyes.

The doctor sat down on his desk, rubbing his forehead, "I'm very sorry, Mr Lestrange."

Rodolphus furrowed his brow, "What do you—"

"The baby was breeched. If your wife had gone into labour at full term we would have been able to save him. He wasn't strong enough."

"A son?"

The doctor nodded but did not elaborate. Bellatrix held the bundled towel tightly in her arms. Rodolphus looked at the tiny baby… He may as well have been sleeping. He was beautiful. Rodolphus sniffed, fighting back the tears he knew would come.

"Have you named him?" Rodolphus asked, kissing his wife's forehead.

"Draco." Bellatrix whispered, her voice hoarse. She stroked the baby's soft cheek, "His name is Draco."