Asgard tweaked this a bit as it was rushed

For the second time in less than 24 hours, Iris found herself padding silently down a corridor on bare feet to face Loki. She didn't know what had happened to the shoes she had thrown at him earlier and in the panic that followed the explosion no one had really had time to worry about it. She'd been lifted bodily out of the sea of shattered glass and taken to an interview room. Fury questioned her at length but she insisted that the only person she would speak to was Thor. Busy ensuring his brother was secure again it was an hour before the God of Thunder finally arrived.

She was pacing the floor in agitation when he opened the door. "I am sorry. I put you in danger Iris. I had no idea you and Loki had been close. I apologise."

She hugged herself and looked at him absently "What? Oh, please don't trouble yourself about it. Are you going to take him back to Asgard Thor?" She frowned at him.

"It would seem the safest course of action. SHIELD has grave concerns that they can contain him securely but.." Thor sighed

"But what?"

"I fear that there will be a heavy punishment waiting for him. Father can be very... inventive. But if there is hope? If it is possible Loki can be made whole again maybe Father would look more kindly upon him." Thor looked desperately at her

Made whole again? Yes. He's dangerous but it's possible. But at what cost?

"I believe that it is possible." She said slowly "Yes. He is not yet lost Thor. Not yet totally consumed. Much of the old Loki remains but he has unravelled so far. I think that Asgard would be the best place for him, he needs your kind of justice."

Treacherous bitch.

"May I ask you a favour?" she continued. Thor nodded

"I need to come too. I need to be there when Odin makes his decision. Can that be arranged?"

"You care for him a great deal don't you? It may be very hard for you to witness his punishment, are you sure you want to do this?" He was trying to be kind.

You have no idea big fella

"Yes. I need to be there. Please."

So Thor had taken her to Asgard and left her in the care of Fandral while he went back to make arrangements to transport Loki.

"You married her! Fandral you sly dog." Iris croaked as she looked up from her bucket. His broad grin turned to concern and, to be honest, discomfort as the retching overtook her again. It felt like she was dry heaving her lungs up through her nose and it had been a good twenty minutes since she'd actually had anything left to puke.

"What did you call this plague? Travel sickness?" Fandral asked as patted her back gingerly.

"Yes. It's... huurrghhhhhh. An inner ear imbalance. Ohhh heeuuurggghhh."

Or nervousness. Or guilt.

Elise was delightful and had found her a place to have a quiet lie down and asked her if she'd like to bathe and change before they were summoned to Odin's court. Grateful for the chance to freshen up Iris had agreed and Elise found her a very beautiful but simple gown of cinnamon coloured silk. Iris had refused the shoes though. She liked the feel of bare feet; it made her feel connected somehow. Plus the dress was long enough to hide them.

And now she was following Fandral and Elise down a corridor to see Odin hold court and sentence his son for his crimes.

It's been a very full day.

The throne room was vast but there were only a small number of people present. Odin was already seated on the golden dais and the only person they waited on now was Loki.

He was escorted in, hands bound behind him and flanked on either side by Thor and Volstagg, Hogun walked behind as they approached the throne.

There was a long silence until finally the Allfather stood.

"Loki Odinsson. You have been brought to me for justice. You have committed crimes against the people of Jotunheim, the people of Midgard and against Asgard also."

Loki did not look away from his father but his expression was unreadable.

"Retribution must be exacted against you to pay for these crimes and it is my hope that, in time, you will come to repent your actions and return to us as a noble Prince of Asgard once more.

Tomorrow you will be brought before me and I will decide the means by which pain and punishment shall be inflicted upon your body…"

Now or never


The Allfather searched the room to find the source of the small voice.


He had intended to kill her! Or thought he had. But as he pushed her against the wall he could smell the ocean in her hair and feel sand on her warm skin. It had brought back unbidden memories of how good she tasted after she had been in the sea and he had pushed himself between her thighs without thinking. Her body responded to his touch and if she had said yes he would have taken her then without hesitation. He wanted her, wanted to look at her beautiful face as he penetrated her.

"Put. Me. Down."

He felt the rejection twist like a knife. Clearly, now she had perceived the monster first hand she no longer desired him and it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Furious with himslf at the lack of his own self- control he had turned to what he knew best and set about ruining her with his words.

"..Your love, your existence was not enough." The bleakness in her eyes told him he had won but the feeling of victory was less satisfying than he might have hoped.

He waited for Thor to arrive amidst the chaos and was relieved when the decision to take him back to Asgard was finally made. At last. Better some interminable punishment of his father's than being constantly bothered by humans. He was weary and after Iris had gone he realised she had been right about one thing. He could still feel that hollow pit inside him. He looked forward to it being smothered with pain and torture for he no longer knew his own mind. His purpose and conviction had abandoned him once more and he was left with a yawning emptiness that contained nothing at all.

Standing in the great hall before his father he had barely heard the words that Odin had spoken. Loki was uninterested in whatever torment would be heaped upon him and he was only pulled out of his torpor when the small voice repeated itself.

"I said no."

Iris? She is here?

Odin spoke "You are Iris are you not? The seer? My son's lover?"


"What is it you wish to say Iris?"

Loki couldn't see her as she was behind him but he could hear her tremulous voice get stronger and clearer as she spoke

"Forgive me Allfather. But Loki has destroyed many lives of innocent human beings and of other beings that I am not able to speak for. He tore families apart and while I understand your intention is to punish him for this, I am afraid that just torturing him is not enough.

Redemption requires more than just endurance of physical pain but he understands nothing of redemption because he risks nothing. He is immortal and does not understand the loss he has caused. "

He words rang around the silent hall and Loki realised bitterly she was going to get her revenge and betray him to his death.

Hell hath no fury...

"You wish me to take my sons life in recompense for his crimes? You ask too much of a father." Loki widened his eyes as he heard the break in Odin's voice. He was confused, he had not thought his father could still care for him enough to be so moved; the doxy may find taking her revenge much harder than she anticipates.

Loki could not have imagined how his heart would rise in his mouth at her next words.

"No, Allfather. I offer you my life in his place."