{ Chapter 4: The departure }

As soon as the room was clear, except for me and the soldier Dresdner, he rushed to me and removed the manacles. Having run completely out of strength, I crushed into him. "God, I'm so sorry this happened," he murmured while pushing my head up.

Tears and blood were smeared all over my face and I couldn't even begin to describe the hurt I felt in my eye. With a trembling hand, I tried to feel what exactly was happening on my face, but the soldier gently pushed it away. "Better not to," he said.

"Is it that bad?" I whimpered. I didn't look him in the eye, afraid I might read the answer on my question in it. I heard him sigh.

"Nah," he hummed. " 's not that bad, just don't want to get it infected," he soothed.

I laughed, though it came out as a snort. "I don't believe you."

"Come on," he smiled and took my arm, giving me some support.

The way to the medical room felt like it would never end. I just felt so tired and my prospects just fell like a huge weight on my shoulders. Because of me, my brother was in danger. But more importantly, I was on the verge of bringing the Inglourious Basterds down. And there wasn't a single thing I could do.

"Here we are," he said while opening a door which revealed a clean, yet cold medical room. I didn't want to know who had been here before and for what reasons, the place just sent chills to my spine. He made me sit on the surgical table and told me to stay still while he took some supplies.

The first thing he gave me was some more morphine, so it wouldn't hurt as badly. After that he started to take out some bandages out of their package, waiting to treat my eye until the morphine would do its work.

"Why do you care?" I couldn't help but ask why this boy bothered to treat me with so much care. He was a Nazi.

He stopped with what he was doing, looking at me. "pfft, I don't know. With this whole war going on, I can't seem to figure out anymore what's right and what's wrong. I mean, I don't know if Jews are bad or not. I really don't. But I do know that doing this," he took a bandage and began wiping off some blood and tears. "to a person, any person, is just really wrong." I flinched when he reached the hole in which my eye had been mere minutes ago.


"You consider me a person?" I asked, not believing him. For a minute, he held my gaze. Suddenly, he looked away.

"I think so," he replied, though it came out as a question.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen, ma'am." Poor guy, I couldn't really blame him. Who was I to judge? He grew up in a family that despises Jews, his uncle is the infamous Arschloch of a Jew Hunter. I could only be grateful for the way he treated me.

"Don't call me ma'am, makes me feel old," I laughed. He smiled as well. "It's Julia."

"I'm Arne," he grinned.

He tried to clean my eye once again, but was interrupted by the door that slammed open. Another soldier, much older than Arne, came rushing in and shoved him out of the way.

"Wir haben keine Zeit für Gerede," he yelled. "Glaube nicht, dass du begünstigend seit, nur weil du der Neffe von Landa bist!" Out of the short time I've known Arne, I could conclude that he was stubborn and he wouldn't let anyone run him over. (We don't have time for chatter! Don't you think that you're privileged just because you're Landa's nephew!)

"Verdammt, ich habe satt immer der gleichen Sachen zu müssen hören! Ich habe trotzdem Aufträge bekommen sie zu behandeln?!" Seen my native language was German, I could understand everything. (Dammit, I'm sick of hearing the same thing over and over again! Didn't I get the order to take care of her?!)

"Die Truppe reist ab in zehn Minuten, und ich meine es ist beabsichtigt dass das mädchen mitkomtt," the soldier said sarcastically. Oh, how I'd love to slap that grin off of his face! (The troop leaves in ten minutes and I believe the purpose of this whole mission is that the girl comes as well.)

Arne replied by throwing the bandages he was holding on the floor. He left, but not without giving the older soldier a push with his shoulder while he passed him by. He grunted.

"Sie werden erwarten in der Garage in zehn Minuten, Sie gehen zusammen mit die Truppe um mit der Basterds zu handeln," he called after him. (You are expected in the garage in ten minutes. You leave with the troop to negotiate with the Basterds)

"Leck mich am Arsch!" He left with both hands in his pockets, showing his irritation. I really hoped he'd put his stubbornness aside and show up, since I really dreaded having to go without him. (I'm not translating this :p look it up.)

The older soldier, who was very broad-shouldered, picked up the bandages and just started wrapping them around my head, covering my wounds in the process. It was still bleeding and I could already feel how the bandage would attach itself to it. Scheiße, it'll hurt to get these bandages off. He wasn't careful at all, but I refused to show him it hurt. I bit my lip, trying to muffle any shouts of pain. Once he was finished, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off the table.

"Komm mit, du Sau!" All the way to the garage, he dragged me along while pulling my arm. Having short legs, certainly in comparison to this tall man, I could barely keep up and more than once, I stumbled over my feet. (Come along!)

When we finally arrived, he handcuffed my hands behind my back, tearing open the wounds around my wrists once again. I saw a truck with a driver and a bunch of soldiers sitting in the back. I couldn't help but feel relieved when I saw Arne was there as well. The older soldier pushed me inside just a little too hard, which resulted in me falling flat on my face, not having my hands anymore to land on. I received a bunch of laughter from the Nazis, except for Arne. He calmly came to my side, pulled me up and made me sit next to the end of the truck, while he sat next to me. I tried to sit as comfortably as possible, even though I didn't know how long we'd be riding. Soon enough I fell asleep, probably trusting Arne he'd keep an eye out for me.

"Steig aus! Wir präparieren das Camp hier. Der Basterds werden ein Uhr von hier mitgeteilt." A nudge from Arne got me out of my slumber. (Get out! We make camp here. The Basterds were seen an hour from here.)

We seemed to be in an open place in the woods. The soldiers began setting up camp, while one of them took me to a tree nearby, unchained me and handcuffed me again, only with a rope this time. The rope was hung on the branches of the tree, giving me just enough length to sit down, though my hands hung in the air. Verdammt, the wounds around my wrists stung. I'd never be able to sleep properly this way. Leaning against the tree seemed to be the most comfortable.

An hour later, the Nazis were enjoying their meal. And I must say, it smelled good. I hadn't eaten anything anymore since yesterday morning and I began feeling a little dizzy. Closing my eyes and focusing on something else, anything, helped. After their meal, they chatted the evening away and two hours later, they all went to sleep. And then it was quiet and dark, those Nazis sleeping 10 meters away from me. Being this alone scared me as hell.

"Hey." I screamed, startled by the sudden sound after that dreadful silence.

"Shh, it's me, Arne." A sigh of relieve was what followed. I looked to my side, while he kneeled down.

"You startled me," I laughed.

"Heh, sorry," he looked apologizing. "You must be hungry." He pulled out a package which contained some food. I was really grateful for him sticking his neck out for me. But I couldn't help but look up at my hands and then back at him. It took him a moment to comprehend I wasn't able to eat with my hands tied up.

"Oh, right," he shook his head and laughed at his own blunder. I laughed as well. With a pocket knife, he cut the rope loose.

"Won't the others mind?" I asked, raising my eyebrow. It felt good, the ropes coming loose.

"Don't worry, I'll keep watch so you'll be able to sleep properly for one night and when the sun rises, I'll make sure you're tied up again. Here." He handed me the food.

"Thank you, for everything."

"Hey, no worries. They won't touch me with one finger, cause if Landa would find out, he'd get them executed. So I'm safe." He looked away while I started eating.

"I'm going to get some vodka, cause your eye is looking like shit at the moment and it really needs disinfection," he said while getting up. What eye, I thought. I continued eating, though I felt a pit in my stomach, knowing he'd have to take off the bandages and knowing it would hurt.

I was done eating when he returned. I turned towards him, making it easier to inspect my eye.

"Damn Müntze, disinfecting your wounds and cleaning it up would've only taken him a second. The whole fucking bandage is drenched in blood!" He seemed angry, did he really care that much?

"At least it'll come off more easily. I was scared it would get stuck in the wound."

He carefully untied the little knot at my ear and started unwrapping the bandages. It came off really easily, seen it was wet with blood. He lay it on the ground and when I saw it, I almost had to throw up. My eye socket smelled rotten and the sight of the bloodied bandages didn't help either. I put my hand to my nose, trying to block the smell.

"Scheiße, that doesn't look good," he whined. Taking a cloth, he poured the vodka over it and started clearing away the blood. I clenched my teeth together, it stung a lot.

"I'll do it as quickly as possible," he promised. It took maybe two minutes, though it felt like much longer. "I'm not going to touch your actual eye socket, I'm not a doctor and I really don't know what to do with that. Let's just bandage it up, 'kay?"

I nodded. Gently he bandaged my eye, tying the end at my ear into a little bow. He smiled, looking proud of his clean work. But it soon turned into a frown again.

"It's starting to bleed again, already," he groaned.

"It doesn't matter," I say. "At least it's clean now."

He took of his army jacket and wrapped it around me, for which I was really grateful. It had become much colder and with my dress without sleeves, I was practically freezing.

I don't know it he'd mind or not, but I embraced his right arm, holding it, and leaned on him, trying to catch some sleep. At first I felt him tense, probably taken by surprise, but I don't think he minded it that much, seen he soon put his head on top of mine. It was the first night in a while I slept decently.

The next morning, he woke me up, tied my hands a little less firm than they had been before, took his jacket and apologized he had to do this. And I said he didn't need to worry, he did everything he could and even more than that. Smiling, he returned to his tent and we both pretended nothing had happened.

The Nazis didn't notice a thing, not even the much cleaner bandages around my head. They handcuffed me with proper manacles and pushed me in the back of the truck. Taking my place next to Arne, we drove off to the Basterds.

The pit in my stomach grew by the minute. I felt a little excited, knowing I'd see my brother again after all these years. But then I realized he will be doomed in only an hour, so I merely feel sad, angry and helpless. I didn't know that much about the Basterds and what I did know, I had learned from the newspaper. I still couldn't believe my brother had joined them, seen how cruel they were and how he used to always be everything but.

Suddenly the truck stopped and my heart started beating irregularly, my blood ran cold. I had this feeling this would end badly for every single person who was involved. Or maybe it would end badly just for me. What if the Basterds won't care? Maybe they won't let the life of one little person interfere with their mission. But Wilhelm wouldn't allow that. No, he always had my back, I'm sure that hasn't changed.

The man who had been sitting next to the driver and who probably was the one who lead this mission, got off the truck and yelled with an awful German accent. "Lieutenant Raine?"

I could hear a series of guns being cocked, probably a few meters away from where the truck stood. "I wouldn't want to do that, if I were you."

I was really getting nervous now, my brother stood a few meters from me and I couldn't see him and it irritated me.

"Give us one reason," a man with a remarkable funny American accent replied, probably the lieutenant.

The leader went to the side of the truck and banged it a few times, probably ordering to get me out since one of the soldiers grabbed me by my arms and pulled me out of the truck. He put his hand on my mouth so I wouldn't make any noise. I saw blood trickling down his hand and I assumed my eye was bleeding like hell. I was brought next to that Nazi leader, who grabbed my hair and pushed a gun against my temple.

"Doesn't she look familiar?" He shook my head, as if telling them to take a better look. I didn't mind, I was too busy looking for the face of my brother. And suddenly, there he stood, right next to a big guy holding a bat in one hand and pointing a gun with his other. I presumed he was the Bear Jew. I tried to catch Wilhelm's eye, so he'd see who I was and get me out of this mess. Or so I hoped. But he was so focused on the Nazi, he never noticed me.

The lieutenant seemed to find the whole situation hilarious, since he chuckled while replying: "You go an' kill 'er, she ain't with us!" The other Basterds laughed along and that's the moment Wilhelm looked up from his gun and caught my eye. The terror that appeared on his face the moment he saw me, broke my heart. I could've cried easily, but knew this wasn't the time to act weak.

He threw his gun on the ground, probably out of anger, and rushed to his lieutenant. The other Basterds were curious as to what was happening, but still didn't take their eyes off of the Nazi. I saw how he exchanged some words with Raine, whose huge grin suddenly turned into a big frown. The Nazi leader holding me was probably smiling as hell, knowing their plan would work.

Suddenly Wilhelm grabbed his lieutenant's collar and hissed something angrily. All my hopes dropped, Raine wasn't going to put the lives of his team in danger for the sister of one of them. This is it, I thought, I'm going to die. The lieutenant grabbed the hand that was holding his collar and gently pushed it away, probably saying he'd gone too far. But then Raine patted my brother's shoulder. I didn't get it anymore, but my hopes were raised again. Wilhelm took a step back.

"Okay, you got us, she one o' us," the lieutenant said while turning back towards the Nazi. I didn't realize I'd been holding my breath, but I felt so relieved when I heard him say that. "Now you take that grin off o' your face and tell me what ya want in exchange fo' the girl."

"Well, it's simple," he smiled. "We promise Wilhelm wicki and his sister are free to go, but in return we want all the other Basterds, including you, lieutenant, to give themselves over to us."

Raine laughed. "Nah, sorry, that ain't gonna happen." In return, the Nazi cocked the gun he was still pointing at my temple. The sound sent shivers to my spine. Wilhelm was nervous, probably wanted to rush to me, but was stopped by his lieutenant.

"You're pushing my limits, Raine. Now tell me what the plans are, or I kill her." The Nazi tensed, probably fearing his mission was failing.

"Wait, just, … Just gimme a sec to figure this out, 'kay?" Raine said while toying with the ends of his little moustache. He briefly looked behind him, looking at his comrades. Then he yelled, "Stiglitz?"

A gun being cocked could be heard behind us. The next happened in a matter of seconds, not giving the other soldiers time to react. The Nazi leader looked behind him and was shot right in his head. In the process, he fell and took me down with him. The other soldier who had been standing outside of the truck had yet to pull out his gun, but before he could do that, he was shot as well. Overhearing the ordeal, the other soldiers rushed out of the truck and the other Basterds shot them all, except for two. One of the Basterds aimed his gun at both of them and brutally forced them to sit on their knees, using some awful cursing through the orders he gave. I was happy to see Arne was one of them still being alive.

I was lying on the ground with my injured 'eye' facing the ground, dirt was probably finding its way to my injury. I couldn't get up, my hands being tied up behind my back. Wilhelm rushed to me, kicked that Nazi asshole out of my way and pulled me up from the ground. The first thing he did was take me in his arms, caressing the back of my head like he used to do when I was little. I wanted to hug him back, but couldn't because of my handcuffs. I started crying, so relieved yet so scared at the same time. I didn't even manage to say something anymore.

"Verdammt, was ist er passiert?" he mumbled. (Damn, what happened?)

"Wil…" I tried to say.

"Was haben sie getan?!" he said angrily. (What did they do?!)

"Wilhelm, my handcuffs." It had been so long I'd spoken any German, it seemed easier at the moment to just speak English.

He took a little knife out of his pocket and poked into the lock of the handcuffs. A few moments later, my wrists were free and I wrapped them around my brother's neck. He kissed the top of my head and told me he was sorry for everything several times. Suddenly, his lieutenant put a gentle hand on Wilhelm's shoulder. He looked up.

"Wicki, I think it's 'bout time you made those sons o' a bitch pay." I looked at Arne, kneeling on the ground and my heart froze. It was over for him.

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