Tristen leaned on the ropes, waiting for Punk to stop talking. She needed to do this now, before she lost her nerve, and Kane.

"Well Princess, you look like you got something to say. Any remarks?", Punk asked with a smirk.

She sighed and climbed out of the ring.
"Yeah. Just one thing, baby."
"And what would that be?"
"I'm done with you," Tristen spat, dropping the mic and walking backstage.

Punk stood there, frozen. Then he snarled and bolted out of the ring, following her.

Backstage, Tristen searched for Kane. She needed to hug him, and now.

"What was that?"
"That was me dumping your manipulative carcass. I'm done with you, Punk."
He grabbed her arm and spun her around, snarling.
"You're done with me?"
"Yes! I can't stand you manipulating me, Punk. So I'm done."
"Who are you gonna run to? Kane? What makes you think he'll take you back?"
Kane stepped out from the locker room, a glare on his face.
"Because she's in love with me. And I love her."
Punk glared up at the man, then turned his glare to the girl standing beside him.

"I hope you're happy. I hope it was worth losing me."
"Strangely enough Punk, it is. I don't need you to love me as long as Kane is right here."

Kane smiled and kissed her head, and Punk's eyes watered. He'd lost his Straightedge Princess.

"I hope that you are happy with him. And I hope he treats you like the angel you are."

Those were the last words Phil Brooks said to Tristen Colden, and six weeks later, he was found in his hotel room with a bottle of pills next to his hand.

Three months later, Tristen sat on the porch, watching the sun set.
"Penny for your thoughts, Princess."
"Just wondering if a family would be a good idea right now, Boo. We're always on the road."
Kane sat down and pulled his wife closer.

"Tristen, if you want a family, I can give you one."
"But what about our job? Can we raise a little girl on the road with a bunch of people?"
He tilted her chin up.
"Little girl?"
"I'm pregnant, Kane. I just found out."
Kane's face broke out into a grin. He kissed Tristen softly, looking into her eyes.
"It's a girl. We're having a little girl."
"Yeah. And she's gonna come to you with all of her boy problems, Big Daddy."
"Well, Little Mama, I suppose that a question is in order."
Tristen looked up at him in confusion.
"Will you marry me, Princess?"