It was a starry summer night. The seaside town of Vellisa lay in peace as waves gently danced around it's shores. Every now and then gusts of wind brushed the sails of the ships docked at the harbor. White sands traveled across the shores leading to the cliffs, the woods and the wilderness beyond.

There was a light coming from the edge of the woods. It was a firelight. There was a meat strung on a spit across it. A small tent was propped up and before it were three figures.

Sitting on a log was a blond haired boy, his hands resting on his palm. He was wearing clothes that were too large for him. The sleeves and the pants were rolled up several times. His brown eyes eagerly watching the meat on the spit. Beside him was a large battle worn robot. His once golden armor had faded to a peachy yellow. He seemed busy with his left hand. Standing closest to the fire was a tall burly man. His long brown hair was tied back with a green headband. The most noticeable features were his deep blue eyes which were staring into the fire. There was no sound around except for the soft crackling of the meat cooking in the fire.

"Uncle Max, how long is it going to take?" asked the blond haired boy.

"Not long lad," replied Max, "It's almost done."

"Master Ian, could you come here for a second?" said the cyborg.

"Sure," Ian replied getting up.

"Here hold this," the cyborg said gesturing to the iron plate near his wrist. "Let go when I say so."

"Okay," Ian pressed it with his thumb. The cyborg carefully lowered the lid of the wrist. "Now." Ian quickly let go and the plate closed with a click.

"So Adam, is everything ship shape?" asked Max looking over his shoulder.

"Not a 100 percent master, but it's still a progress." replied Adam.

"Yeah, better something than nothing." Max smiled. "What do you reckon Adam? Is it done?" Max said gesturing to the roasting spit.

"Judging by the charred texture of the meat. I would say yes." said Adam.

"About time." said Ian. He watched as his uncle carefully lifted the meat from the stake and set it down on the leaves. Max went went towards the tent. Ian eyed the meat hungrily shuffling his feet. Max returned with a knife. His eyes twinkled in amusement as he saw his nephews antics.

"Supper at last." Ian sighed as his uncle handed him a plate with a large slab of meat.

The two men sat there enjoying their meal while the cyborg watched.

"This beef is delicious," said Ian relishing the taste.

"Yes," Max said, "Spice makes food taste so much better."

Adam observed silently as his masters finished their dinner. He was curious about what food tasted like. Alas. He was only a cyborg. After they finished their meal the duo of uncle and nephew went towards a pond nearby to wash up.

"So uncle, where to next?" asked Ian dipping his hand into the cool water.

"What do you mean?" Max said as he wiped his hand with an unusually regal handkerchief. "It's off to bed with you."

"Come on uncle" Ian groaned re-folding the sleeve of his red shirt, "The night is still young as I am."

"Oh, is that so?" said Max pocketing his handkerchief. "Well campfire story time then."

"Yay," Ian muttered. "Another tale of how he got out of that damned castle after slaying that damned Dark Dragon or how great that deserter who called himself my father was, I swear I will jump off a cliff." he rambled to himself as they went back to the camp.

"Did you say something lad?" asked Max..

"Nope," said Ian as he took his customary seat beside Adam.

As Ian expected, it was another story of his father. This time it was about how he had heroically sacrificed himself to save Max from Darksol's death blaze at the tower of the ancients. Ian had half the mind to make a mad dash for the cliffs.

"Uncle," Ian said after Max finished his story.


"I've heard those tales for a thousand times by now. I know my father more than I think he even knew about himself. Heck! I'm even wearing his clothes." Ian said waving the long sleeves to emphasize his point. "So why don't you tell me about something else? Why don't you talk about your comrades that helped you slay the Dark Dragon? Why don't you talk about Guardiana?" Ian said looking into Max inquisitively.

Max was taken aback at his nephew's sudden outburst. He was at a loss for words for a response.

"Um...?" he looked towards Adam for help.

"Yes, master Max. Why not tell Ian about your best friend Lowe, your lieutenants Mae and Luke and her majesty the beloved queen Anri?"

Max scowled. 'One would think that a robot that was designed to serve me would take my side.' He thought irritably. Since there was no way to avoid this, he sighed in resignation.

"Well..." Max contemplated where to begin. "What do want to know?"

"Tell me everything, how they were, what they looked like, how they fought, did you like any of the women from..." Ian began with an ear to ear grin.

"Whoa, slow down mate," said Max putting his arms up. "One at a time, one at a time..."

As Max recounted the tales of his adventures and misadventures with the original Shining Force the night slowly passed by. It was near midnight by the time Max finished. Adam had gone off somewhere in the woods.

"...and the last thing I heard was them shouting my name, as they were teleported." said Max rubbing his eyes. Ian in contrast, was not tired in the slightest. He was looking at his uncle with prying eyes.

"I want to see them." Ian said. Max snapped out of his daze.

"What? Are you kidding me?"

"Not at all." said Ian crossing his arms, "Why? It's about time you went back to your friends and let them know that you are alive. I bet they are still waiting for you."

Max blinked. His face was unreadable.

"He's right master." said the deep voice of Adam. "It is time we visited our friends. How long are we planning to wander around aimlessly?"

"When did you come back?" Max snapped.

"Just now, and you don't need to change the subject." said Adam.

Max frowned. He scratched his chin as random thoughts ran through his head. How can he go back? How can he just go there and say, 'Tada! I've survived! I didn't come back earlier because I lost my memory and by the time I got them back I was near forty. Oh I've a nephew. He and I teamed up and killed Mishaela and Darksol...again.'

"Fine...I'll talk to the harbor master tomorrow, I'll see if he can get us a ship that is heading for Guardiana…" said Max.

"Yes!" said Ian punching his fist in the air, pleased with his victory. "I am going to go pack."

Max rubbed his head warily as he saw his nephew head for the tent. This was why he did not tell Ian the tales of his friends and Guardiana. He knew Ian was going to push him to go back to Guardiana. And it was hard to say no to a lad he was so fond of. And what was worse was Ian knew that his uncle would do whatever he asked him to.

In the back of his mind Max knew he had no valid reason to not go back. He sort of missed his friends, the ones that he could remember anyway. But he was unsure about how they would receive him.

"I've a bad feeling about this." Max muttered rubbing his head.

"About what?" asked Adam.

"Nothing." Max said gruffly. He could only wonder where this new venture could lead him to as he looked towards the sky.

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