"Boys!" came the voice of their mother; Linda Flynn-Fletcher. Perry opened one of his eyes at the sound; Phineas and Ferb were busy tidying up their room, while Perry just lay on top of Phineas' bed, when she called them.

Phineas had just finished putting all their blueprints in his cupboard; they usually stored them there for safekeeping, the red-headed thirteen year old was always thinking of new ideas that he just had to get down straight away. His ideas matched his optimism; never ending, accompanied by his signature orange stripped shirt and blue cargo pants, this was one boy that never stopped.

His thirteen-year-old stepbrother Ferb had just finished laying down sleeping bags and pillows of the floor, Perry assumed this meant they would be having company in their room. Ferb's green hair along with his extremely high purple trousers and cream shirt was more of a man of action than a talker.

The pair matched each other; Phineas did most of the talking, while Ferb did more of the building and action. They made a great pair, and for that Perry was proud to call them his owners.

"Coming!" Phineas called down, "C'mon Perry there here," he said to the teal coloured platypus. While Perry would have preferred to stay on his owner's bed, he stretched h is paws and webbed feet out, yawned to shake the sleep off, jumped down and Phineas picked him up and tucked him under his arm and they went downstairs.

After riding the banister down the stairs Perry saw the reason why there was a lot of movement around that day; Phineas' cousins had come over to visit. They were twins, fraternal twins; a boy and a girl.

"Hey guys, long time no see," Phineas greeted them with. The two looked at each other and sniggered. Perry didn't like them at all, they were very rude, especially to his owners. They mocked Phineas' hyper attitude and Ferb's silence.

Naomi and Neil were their names. They both had jet black hair; Naomi tied her long hair back into a loose ponytail, while Neil kept his hair spiked. She wore long slender trousers with a long-sleeved t-shirt hung loosely over, coming down to just above her knees, all fastened together with a belt around her stomach. He was wearing baggy trousers and a long sleeve shirt; a black leather jacket slung over his shoulders to complete what he thought was a bad boy look. They were very spoiled, in fact Perry thought that was just what they were, spoiled. Like rotten eggs.

"Yeah, nice to see you!" they said in unison, the sarcasm clear as a bell to Perry, but everyone else, not so much.

"Well Naomi, Neil I'm sure you'll want to get upstairs and unpack so you can settle down for tonight," Lawrence suggested,

"Sure," they said.

Phineas and Ferb showed them their room and Phineas explained the accommodations, also adding that he and Ferb were excited about how much fun they would have over the next week. Perry had followed them upstairs and did not like what he heard.

"Yeah we can't wait to meet all your friends," Neil said

"Yeah and see all these great inventions of yours," his sister added. Perry growled slightly at this, if he didn't have to keep his identity of being an agent with a lot of training that could knock a lot of sense into these two a secret then he would do something.

"Perry," Phineas said softly, scolding his pet for growling at their guests, placing a hand on his back and stroking the soft fur underneath his hand.

"EW!" Naomi exclaimed, "What are you doing with that thing!"

"He's our pet platypus Perry," Phineas explained

"He's the greatest, semi-aquatic mammal anyone could ask for," Ferb added. Neil looked around the room and saw a pet bed, "He is not sleeping in here is he?"

"Of course he is,"


The shouting had caught the attention of Candace, Phineas and Ferb's older sister.

"What is going on in here?"

"They expect us to sleep in the same room as an animal!" Neil said, pointing at Perry, while his sister hid behind him.

"What's wrong with Perry sleeping in here?" Phineas asked

"It's gross!" Naomi said.

Perry was very irritated now. He watched as Candace left the room with the terrible twins and heard chatting downstairs, but he couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

Later on that night Perry settled down in his bed, except he wasn't in the boys room. Nope he had ended up in the kitchen. 'Stupid twins' he thought, 'Why'd they have to get what they want all the time?' Perry closed his eyes, about to go to sleep when he heard his watch beeping. He sighed and answered it, it didn't say red alert, but he could tell it was fairly urgent. His superior, Major Monogram, wouldn't call him at ten o'clock at night if it wasn't urgent. He got up on his hind legs and placed his fedora on his head and headed over to the entrance behind the mirror on the wall in the lounge and entered into his lair.

Perry found himself in his lair, but Carl was there. "Hey Agent P, Monogram wants you in our training facility," Perry was a bit confused, but he followed the intern obediently and met Monogram in the training area; the place where new agents were trained and a place where the older ones came to cheer themselves up. Perry figured Monogram was in the middle of training one of the new recruits so he was too busy to brief him on the screen in his lair as he usually did.

"Oh there you are Agent P" Monogram was in the middle of training a cat to stand up on two legs, a dog, duck and pig were also in the room, watching their friend in the middle.

"I know this is a lot to ask of you Agent P," Perry looked at Monogram with curiosity, this couldn't be good,

"It's just your our best field agent and these guys are a little slow," Yep Perry knew where this was going,

"I was wondering if you could lend me a hand in trying to train them, but I'm afraid this is the only time they can come, to avoid suspicion from their host families" Perry nodded to show he would help. "Great, let's get started with trying to get them walking"

Perry was working with the dog recruit, trying to explain about walking, he never thought it would be this hard to train a recruit to stand up, but this dog was incredibly stubborn. "I don't want to stand up on two legs, it's hard!"

"I know it is at first, but you'll get the hang of it,"

"Really?" This had gone on for what Perry believed to be over an hour, he had to try get his trust.

"Here take my hand,"

"I dunno, what if you let me go?"

"I won't until you're comfortable, I promise," Finally the dog took Perry's hand and Perry hoisted him up slowly so he was balancing on his hind legs.

"Now I'm gonna let go," the dog nodded, Perry let go and the dog instantly fell back on all fours, Perry sighed, "You know you could have just steadied yourself and stayed that way," the dog shrugged.

Perry repeated this for what felt like forever, before eventually his trainee was finally able to steady himself and walk on his own. He repeated the same process with the other four trainees' and by the time he was finished he was exhausted. He looked at his watch and realised that he had spent all night there. Monogram and Carl had dozed off earlier and it was almost 6 in the morning. Perry panicked, Phineas and Ferb were always up at that time; he had to get home and fast.

Perry just about made it home before Phineas and Ferb came bounding down the stairs with the terrible twins not far behind, their parents coming down soon after and Candace coming down half an hour later. Perry had gone back to his mindless state and had managed to get into his bed before anyone saw him. He hadn't however, had any sleep. Phineas made Perry his breakfast about 8; until then he couldn't sleep because the terrible two had the TV too loud. 'This is going to be a long day' Perry thought, mindlessly eating his breakfast.

Perry had gone with the boys and twins out into the backyard. Phineas and Ferb were deciding what to build, blueprints of ideas surrounding them. Perry was going to try and get an hour's sleep before he got called into his mission, but to no avail. Naomi had started poking him in his side and she wasn't soft. Every time seemed harder than the last, and when Neil joined in on his other side he'd had enough. He rolled over so they would stop and then got up and started to wander over to the other side of the house. The terrible two didn't seem concerned at all; in fact Perry could tell they were glad he was going. Despite the fact he hadn't had much sleep, he was thrilled when his watched beeped at the usual time, signalling that it was time for his mission, he was glad to get away from those two brats.