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A x Familiar x Face

Kurapika's POV

We finally arrived at the Hunter Exam. The place like a cave with a sewer above it. There's a lot people here. And obviously not like the one we encountered at the ship or Zaban City. Most of them are talented. Umm, no, not most. Everyone here is talented, I guess.

I'm getting pretty tired because of arguing with Leorio why people is so motivated to become hunter to Gon. Leorio is such a greedy! He said, "When you pass the exam, you'll got the Hunter Lincense! With that, you can travel to other countries free! And blah blah blah..."

And Gon, he's just... He's to innocent. But he has determination to become a Hunter so, I don't blame him. I regret it when I shout at him about my opinion to become a Hunter.

By the way, I got number 404. Leorio got 403, and Gon got 405.

"I wonder how many people here..." Gon mumbled.

"With you, there are 405," a male voice spoke up from above. We look up and saw a man with a big fat body (A/N: Well it's true xD) and a big square nose. He has the 16 badge attach on his chest.

"Yo! I'm Tonpa," he, Tonpa, introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Gon, that's Kurapika, and that's Leorio!" Gon said, introducing us to him.

I just gave him a suspicious stare. I don't trust him. He really does look suspicious, it's a fact. Tonpa ask us are we a newcomer.

"Yes. How can you tell?" Gon innocently ask.

Tonpa told us that he taken the exam 35 times. And this is the 35th time he take the exam. At least he doesn't take this exam 287 time. And Gon ask Tonpa that did he know all the examinees.

"Why yes! Let me introduce you to some of the examinees ,"

Tonpa pointed to the man with a snake on his shoulder.

"The one with a snake on his shoulder is #103, Barbon. The snake charmer. He's more stubborn than anyone else, so you don't want him as an enemy."

He turn his face to a man with fat figure. "The one with fat figure is #225, Todo the wrestler. He is not also strong, he also very malicious."

He introduce us to Cherry, #76, a soldier. The Amori Brother, whose #197, #198, and #199. And a hunter (No, of course he's not a real hunter.) named Gereta, #384. I was kind of bored when he introduce them to us. Until he introduce an examine that caught my attention.

"And that the girl who's walking, the one with blond and one blue eye with the eyepatch, is the strongest of all them. #45, Kin.. Don't let her face deceive you, she's very deadly. I think this is her 2nd exam. Wait, I think last year she doesn't wear an eyepatch! Oh, right. Her eyes is-" Tonpa's sentences was cut by very loud scream.

"Oh, how strange... He doesn't have an arms..."

A man dressed in clown's clothes with pink hair showed up. He's playing with his card in his hand. "Just magic ladies and gentleman." He continued.

"You have to be more careful. And don't forget to apologize when you hit someone~" He thrilled.

I shuddered a little seeing that guy. "-Hisoka," Tonpa finished his sentence plus introuducing us to that guy, whose name is Hisoka.

"He's back again... #44 Hisoka the magician. Last year, everyone said he would have won, but he almost killed the judge that he doesn't like and he was disqualifed," Tonpa said.

"And... And he's able to take this year exam again!" Leorio ask, a bit loud, while I kept my eyes watching Kin walk up to Hisoka.

"Yeah, the examiners change in every year." Tonpa said. And I still kept my eyes on Kin and Hisoka. "Speaking of the devil..." I said to no one in particular and pointed to Kin and Hisoka.

"They're arguing something?" Gon finally said,

"Seems like so... They're rival aren't they? It's obvious that they're always fighting about something." Leorio said.

"Forget about them. Hey, are you thirsty? I got some drink. Maybe this is our celebration for meeting each other!" Tonpa said, handing out three can of soda (A/N: I don't know if that's a normal drink with laxatives or a soda with laxatives, okay?).

"Thank you!" Gon said happily as he took the can.

Before we could drink them, a girl's voice stopped us. "Hold it! You can't drink those!"

We turn our head and see a certain blond girl with an eyepatch. She has now the face that anyone could read. Her face say 'you are a total moron you know that?'

"Eeeh... why?" Gon ask, and again, innocently.

"Those are laxatives." She answer as simple as she could.

I can saw Tonpa winch at the corner of my eye, which the only prove that she was true. Those are laxatives. I poured the laxatives I hold and throw it away.

"Tonpa, how could you destroying newbies again? I thought you would never do it again." Kin said, crossing her arm.

"Heh, as if!" Tonpa said and he ran away from us. 'What a coward' I thought.

"Umm... Thank you for saving us, Kin-san. I know the sodas taste bad, but I didn't know it was a laxatives..." Gon said, lowering his head.

"Oh no, no! It's okay, I really like to help you guys!" She smiled. Somehow that smile reminded me of someone... Who? I guess, memory loss...

"And... I'm Gon! That's Kurapika, and that's Leorio! Nice to meet you, Kin-san!"

I and Leorio just 'Nice-to-meet-you'-ing her like Gon.

"Nice to meet you, Gon-san, Kurapika-san, Leorio-san." She bowed and she said again, "And please don't use 'san' on me, I just feel... Uncomfortable..."

"And don't 'san' us, please." Now it's my turn to speak.

"Sure." Kin smiled

I've been friend with Gon and Leorio just around 3 days and we become friend. And now, we just met Kin like an hour ago we're chatting with her like we've been known each other for years. She kind of remind me of someone I know. But who? I can't recall it. But I think it's someone that's really important for me. I think.

'Earlier Tonpa said last year she doesn't wear an eyepatch... I wonder why...'

All of the sudden, we heard a loud sound '' or something like that. We turn our head to the source of the sound and saw a man with light-purple hair in suit and a mustache. Maybe that's an examiner.

"The time for the reception has over. Now the exam can began." He said. I'll stay with 'he' I guess until I know his name.

"And now the exam begun... I'm just gonna tell you guys something. Becareful okay? Oh, and can I stick with you guys in this exam?" Kin enthusiastically said-warn-ask us

"Sure! That'll be fun!" Gon smiled.

Kin just returned the smile and look forward again, this time with a serious face. Seriously, she reminded me of someone really important for me! And again, who? Oh forget it. Maybe I can find out in this exam.

"Follow me please," he said as he started running.

We, I mean all of the examinees started following the examiner. He start to explaining what kind is this exam like. He said it's a very difficult exam that, you can miss a chance or getting up hurt or dead. He said that there are some moments that we'll irreparably hurt or in an accident with a companions. "...There are things that you can't avoid," he look around and said, "Okay, there's 404 examinees for the first exam."

"Nobody abandoned yet..." Leorio said,

"It's obvious, duh." Kin said.

All of us continue following him. Suddenly I feel something odd. I don't know what is it, but I think Gon and Kin realized it too. 'About Leorio, I doubt it.' I turn my head to see the other examinees. They speed up their pace!

"What? What's happening here? Why are they speeding up the pace?" Leorio asked. 'Oh, he knew.'

"They speed up their pace, Leorio." Kin said,

"Yeah. I notice it too..." I said,

"The one in the front are running!" Gon told us.

And all of us started to run. The other examinees started to run as fast as they can to go near the examiner. The sound of their footsteps are very audible.

"Ah yes, I forget one important thing. I'm Satotsu. And I'm incharge of the first round. So I must lead you to the place of the second exam."

'Oh, so his name is Satotsu. Wait, second exam?'

"Wait, the second exam? You mean the first is..." One of the examinees' voice trailed off.

"Yes, the first one is this." Satotsu answered. "If you are able to follow me until we arrive at the second exam, you pass. I can't tell you where or when we'll arrive. You must be following me no matter what."

"I see..." I muttered.

"This test is weird!" Gon said,

"It's... weird?" Kin sweat dropped hearing what Gon said.

"An endurance test? Well, I'm enjoying it! Here I come!" Leorio shouted.

'Running without knowing how far and how long... It's difficult psychologically... It's too test everyone's mentality!' I thought.

A few seconds later (Yes, seconds), a kid with white hair riding a skateboard passing beside us.

"Hey you! You're cheating!" Leorio pointed to the kid and I just sigh because Leorio's small brain.

"Why?" The kid answered,

"What do you mean by 'why'! 'Cause it's an endurance test!"

"No Leorio! Satotsu-san just told us to follow him!" Gon disturb,

"Oi, Gon! Which side are you!" Leorio shouted to Gon,

"Gon is right, Leorio. And you shouldn't shouting at time like this," Kin said,

"Yeah. And you should conserve your energy." I added.

Leorio is now frustated and speechless. In the corner of my eyes, I see the white-haired kid talking to Gon. If I heard it right, he ask Gon's age. Maybe because he found someone that has the same age as him. After he ask Gon's age, he stylishly get off of his skateboard.

"Cool!" I think Gon admired him.

"I'm Killua," 'Oh, his name is Killua,'

"I'm Gon!"

"And who's the blond one? And the blond girl?"

"I'm Kin, nice to meet you," Kin smiled,

"I'm Kurapika,"

Killua's mouth form an 'o' "And you, mister?" Killua turn his head to Leorio.









"Man, is that really hard to believe?" Leorio said, frustated.

All of us think the same thing. 'Yes.'

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