Half asleep I smiled at my kitten Milo who was laying beside me. He was still asleep. Quickly I fell back asleep. Tossing and turning in my sleep I rolled off of my bed. Opening my eyes Iam outside somewhere. Standing up I take a look at my surroudings. I see a baseball field with a bunch of boys playing. Slowly stepping behind the bleachers, somewhat unseen, I watch the boys play. "Who are you?" Turning quickly I scream, falling out into the open field. "Who the heck are you?"

The short red headed boy looks at me quizzically, "I asked you first."The boy offered his hand to me, ignoring it, I stood quickly, turning around I squealed seeing a crowd of boys surrounding me.

"Well," the short boy says, "Who are you?"

I sigh , before sitting on the bleachers replying, "I must have hit my head really hard."

I was met by a chorus of huh? Sighing, bowing my head,I explain "I'm from the future." "You're crazy", the chubby boy says to me.

"No, I'm telling the truth. My name's Samantha." "What year is it? I ask them.

"1976", the tall redhead answers. The boys all sat around me, "Well since you told us who you are," the short boy started once again, "I'll tell you who we are. I'm DP, that's Wings, Two-Ton, Q, Ryan, Wok and Roll, and Timber." I smile, still feeling really shy around them, "Nice to meet all of you guys."

"Do you play baseball?",DP asks me.

"No", I answer honestly.

"oh, you can just watch us play then", Timber says to me. Wings pitches the ball towards Timber. The ball hits the bat with a crack and sails through the air right into the head of a passing boy on a bike. Whipping my head around I yell, "Guys! We hit someone!" We all go rushing towards the injured boy. We all stand around the passed out boy, "How far did he skid?" I ask as DP crouched before saying, "He looks bad, we should do something." Next, Wings spoke up, "Yeah kick 'em, see if he's faking it." I smacked him in the back of his head as DP replied, "Kick him? What are you nuts?" With that Two-Ton said, "Nut! Great idea! a kick in the family jewels, excellent fake breaker!" I gaped at all the boys, "Are you crazy? Kicking him won't solve anything! Let alone kicking him in the nuts." Q appears next to me, "I agree. As far as medical procedures go, kicking is not one of them." Pretty soon, they were all spouting there ideas, "Slap in the face?" said DP, "Bucket of water that always works," Wings adds with a shrug. Wok replied, "My mom said you always wake someone gently." I glared, " How about gee I don't know seeking medical attention?" I replied sarcastically. Ryan scribbles on a notepad before handing it to Q who read, "The average ambulance takes four minutes to reach the scene of an accident!" Two-Ton shakes his head, "Kick in the family jewels, much faster," Timber rolls his eyes, "We are going to get this guy help." In which Wings asked, "Wait, since when were you in charge Timber?" A chorus of "Yeahs" and Why's? followed in which he shrugged replying, "I'm the tallest." "Since when does that have to do with anything?", DP asks. Q cut in saying, "Yeah, I am the smartest." "I think you mean shortest," Two Ton says, "I'm the biggest," He says proudly, that is until Wok and Roll cut in saying, "I think you mean fattest." DP cut in, "I'm captain anyway." "Who made you captain DP?",Timber asks. He states, "The catcher is always captain." This was followed by a series of complaints until I yell, "Guys! He's waking up!" We all peer over the boy as I say, "Ask him a question everyone knows, you know to see if he's okay." DP asked, "Who's the greatest baseball player of all time?""I am." We all gave questioning looks to one another before I replied, "And, who are you?""Tommy Santarelli." Wings says, "I don't care if you're Steve Garvey, the answers Babe Ruth."

"Hello, the Sulton of Swat."

"The King of Crash"

"The Colossus of Clout?"

"The Homerun King?"

"The Great Bambino!" The boy, Tommy, replied, "No! It's Santa!" Dp cocks his head, turning to Timber, "As in Clause?" And with that Tommy promptly fainted again. "Can I kick him now?" Asks Two-Ton, "Go ahead," replied Wings.
"Back up kids!" We hear the officer running towards us yell, "I'm trained for this. Now, who started it?" We all point to Tommy, "Stand back boys," I cough, "and strange looking girl. I'm going in." We all turn at the sight as I hide behind Wings. Before Officer Porkchop can do anything, Tommy wakes up screaming, scrambling away. "Hey!" He exclaims, "What's going on here?" We all take a step back following the orders of giving him some air before the officer says, "What happened?" Two-Ton answers, "He took a fly ball to the head. Sorry, Uncle Chops." Timber cuts in angrily, "It would have been a triple to if he hadn't screwed it up!" In which Wok replied, "In your dreams Timber!" The officer turns to Tommy, "What's your name kid?" Tommy glares, "Who're you calling kids Tubs?".

"You can't talk to an officer like that", I exclaim.

Tommy turns towards me, "Well hey there girlie? Want an autograph?" Turning to the boys, "I'm used to fan girls." The boys looked wide-eyed at Tommy and me.

"I'm not your silly fan girl... I don't know who the heck you even are and "

I was about to continue but Wings stood in front of me, "Leave her alone, okay? You must have been hit pretty hard to speak to her like that." I put my hand on his arm,

"Wings, its fine.", I say to him.

Tommy, getting past the scene we just made replys, "Where's my PDA?" The officer gives him a questioning look and Tommy continues, "My blackberry." Officer Porkchop takes the snow cone from Two-Ton and hands it to him, "Hey!" exclaims Two-Ton, "That's mine! Its not even blackberry its strawberry banana!" The officer says, "Really, I love Strawberry Banana," and promptly takes a bite, "Hey!" Protests Two-Ton.

"He's talking about his phone", I explain.

As I say this everyone looks at me like I've lost my mind.I roll my eyes as Tommy continues to rant about his phone before mumbling about the upcoming bicentennial and looking into the officer's sunglasses at his reflection, before fainting.