Officer Chops takes us to Tommy's house. A nice looking lady answers the door. I can't help but ntoice that she looks really pale. "Hello",she says. Noticing Tommy she freaks out "What happened? Is he okay?",she questions. "Yeah he should be okay he took a flyball to his head. You may want to take him to the doctor tomorrow.",Officer Chops tells her. "What is that in your nose?", asks me. "um...", I say having no idea how to answer her. Seeing the look of panic on my face she quickly says "Nevermind." The boys help officer Chops carry Tommy inside and into his bedroom. Grabbing Timber's hand I sneak around the side of the house to Tommy's window. "What are you doing?", he asks blushing. Quickly I let go of his hand. "I need somewhere to stay... I figured I could sneak in and stay in Tommy's room at least for tonight", I answer. "oh okay", Timber says. "Can you lift me up ,so I can tap on the window?", I ask Timber. "Yeah sure",he answers. As Wings is about to leave Tommy's room he hears me tapping on the window. Turning around he walks over and opens the window. "What are you doing?!", Wings exclaims. "I need somewhere to stay, so I figured I could stay here for tonight",I explain. "Oh... you sure you'll be okay staying here?", Wings asks. Nodding I say "Will you help me get in?", I ask. "yeah", Wings says and grabs my hand to steady me as I climb inside. "You better go before Mrs. Santarelli notices that I'm in here and we get in trouble", I tell Wings. "Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow right?", Wings asks me. "Yes", I say and smile. Wings climbs out the window ,so he won't get caught by Tommy's mother. He kind of collapses onto Timber. Watching I giggle a little. Both boys wave and I back away from the window as they walk away. Later that night I hear Tommy's mom walking in the hallway. Quickly I hide under Tommy's bed. As she comes in I think of how much trouble I'll be in if she caught me. As she sits on his bed he wakes up. Half asleep I hear him say "mom." "It's okay sweetie go to sleep",Mrs. Santarelli soothed. After Tommy fell back asleep she left the room. Quietly I got out from underneath the bed and fell asleep on the floor next to the bed.