Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, sorry if it isn't good . tell me if I should keep going and I'll write the second chapter.

Chapter 1

"Finn!" shouted princess Bubblegum as The evil Ice King took her away to his Ice Palace. "ICE KIIING!" screamed Finn in rage. "Don't worry peebs we'll come and rescue you!" reassured Jake as the princess drifted off past their view. "Come on Jake we have to go get PB!" Jake tossed Finn his sword and they set off to the Ice Kingdom.

That stupid Ice King was always snatching Princesses, so it was a usual adventure to be traveling to the ice kingdom, and kicking Ice King's butt! Finn and Jake knew the route to the Ice Kingdom, so they wouldn't get lost while trying to get there. They had to walk through the forest of Ooo, and they would eventually get to the Ice Kingdom.

While Finn and Jake were almost out of the forest of Ooo, it started to get dark. "Hey Finn, do you think we should rest till morning? Like... hide out under a tree or something?" said Jake. "No way! We have to rescue Peebs!" "Can't we rescue her in the morning? There are some funky-junk creatures in here at night." Said Jake. "Like what?" asked Finn. "Vampires!" whispered Jake. "… We're not stopping for sleep!" Demanded Finn. "Fine…" sighed Jake.

The adventurers set off into the dark forest, hoping for morning to come quick. It was very dark and they could barely see ahead of them. Jake made sure he stayed close to Finn, but not close enough so that he could feel him quivering in fear. Finn held his sword in front of him just in case a monster appeared out of nowhere. Then they heard a russel in the leaves.

Jake gasped. "F-Finn did you hear that?" "Uh yea… but I think it's just the wind." Claimed Finn. Then they heard footsteps. "Oh my gob oh my gob oh my gob!" screamed Jake in fear. "Shush Jake!" said Finn. They saw a flash of white and felt a gust of wind go past them. Jake shrunk and grabbed on to Finn's leg. Finn ran straight through the forest until morning came, and wondered who or what that thing was.