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Jennifer Denning stared in shock at the letter that an owl had delivered from her daughter mere days before her daughter's birthday.

Dear Mom and Dad, July 31, 2011

Well, it's official. I'm a Potions Mistress! I managed to cure Lycanthropy, so long as the person has been a werewolf for more than six months and if they have tried to get control of their inner werewolf. I was bitten by our first test subject, but will be taking the Potion I created later this month to cure myself – I have had Severus' undying love and help throughout this huge mess, and he has even been staying awake with me the nights of the Full Moon to help me get control of my inner wolf alongside keeping an eye on my brewing the Wolfsbane Potion. The Wolfsbane Potion allows a werewolf to keep their human state of mind and control as they transform into the wolf.

I tried the experiment on a criminal who'd been a werewolf for five months, but it didn't work – the wolf was expelled from him like it was supposed to, but the duo were both transformed into monsters that resembled rotting corpses. I wasn't awake for it – I was able to watch Severus' memories of it. I almost wanted to puke, and he actually puked inside of a cauldron a few times after he saw the duo. I've already been getting mail from fans who are thanking me so profusely for my help in their cure and wanting instructions for use, so I ended up writing it down and having a special house built specially for witches and wizards who want to be cured. I did, of course, write them back telling them this and also explaining that restraint during the transformation was necessary and that the instructions should be dispensed with the Potion itself upon purchase from St. Mungo's For Magical Maladies and Injuries, as well as the Ministry of Magic.

So, anyways, moving on from my curing werewolves from their disease, Severus proposed! Yes, I know! He wants me to marry him! I couldn't resist, I just had to say yes, he'd the only one I can ever think of wanting! I want it to be private and in England, and I'm not really sure if I want it to be a big or small wedding yet, but I do know this much – a bridal shower will most definitely be in order! He also happens to be the Headmaster of Hogwarts now, and I'm their new Potions Professor and possibly the co-head of Slytherin house. I look forward to it, but I'm nervous! Severus keeps telling me that I'll do fine since I've got the Alpha werewolf within me to help me out with that, and that I've got him for the two different times of the month.

So, what I'm trying to say, I guess, is… well, can I come over there for a birthday/bridal shower combined with only the family? Severus would be coming as well, of course, and I get the feeling that he is terrified of me getting lingerie… I'm fairly sure that it would be easy to become a temptress to him, but I don't really want to risk that. Anyways, can you consider my question? Does August eighteenth sound good, or is that too close to the Full moon? Severus will be able to brew the Wolfsbane for me within a day's notice, so you don't have to worry about me getting out of control, I promise.

Also, I really need some wedding advice. How long should I wait to get married? Are the boys married yet?



"Werewolf!" Jennifer screamed in horror before fainting as her husband, aka: Sarah's dad, caught the letter she'd just been reading. He scanned it quickly.

"Oh, shit!" he yelled in shock. "Samuel! Joseph!"


"Something tells me that mom fainted," she smirked evilly on the second of August. "Let's see, if I get there on my birthday then I'll be eighteen, a legal adult in the Muggle World, so nobody can contest our marriage. Do you think she'll say okay, Severus?"

"You're a werewolf, she has no choice unless she wants to get bitten and get her whole family infected by you," he laughed and she stared at him in horror. "It's just a blackmail route, don't get your knickers in a twist. Twenty points from Slytherin for acting like such a prat."

"Twenty points from Slytherin for you being an ass," she shot back, and the two glared at each other.

"Forty points to Slytherin for both of you being idiots," Silvana shouted out into the Staff room as the others filed in. "Now, what's all this I hear about a new Headmaster?"

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice," McGonagall said to all of the staff members who had come to the mandatory meeting. "As you can see, we have a few changes in staff now that I'm retiring."

"What?" Ron yelled out in shock, "You were serious about that?"

"So, then that means that Professor Snape is the next headmaster," Harry said calculating.

"Yes, Harry, you are correct," Minerva said with a nod. "Severus is the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. As I'm sure you've all read, Sarah is the newest and youngest Potions Mistress in all of Britain. She is also going to be filling the position that Severus will leave behind."

"But she's a werewolf!" Ron shouted angrily.

"So was Lupin," Sarah shot back, "And I am perfectly capable of brewing the Wolfsbane Potion until I reach the time limit that I need to be at in order to take AntiLycan."

"AntiLycan? Is that what you're calling the cure for Lycanthropy that you created?" Ron snorted in disgust, "You're disgusting! You were probably shagging Snape for better grades!"

"Ronald!" Hermione shouted angrily, "Shut up!"

"One more outburst out of you, Weasley, and you're fired," Severus glared, "I mean it. That is allowed, yes, Minerva?"

"Yes, if you can get Hagrid back for Care of Magical Creatures," she said warily.

"Charles will do," Severus smirked, "On that happy thought – Expecto Patronum!"

The staff room soon broke out into argument on whether or not Ron should have been allowed to stay and what the rules were concerning a student or faculty member's familiar, as some of them wanted to bring dogs, bats, spiders, and other pets with them instead of the normal three. In the end, it was happily permitted, with non-venomous pets allowed and for the pets to be up to date on their shots.


"So, What now?" Charlie was asked by his own apprentice that had just graduated.

"Nothing," he smiled before a serpent Patronus arrived. "Uh-oh."

"Charles, I need to talk to you. Not as your Potions Master or former teacher, but as the Headmaster in need of a new Teacher," Severus Snape's voice said firmly. "Also, you can blame the vacancy on your youngest brother's vulgar language. Apparate into the Shrieking Shack and you'll find a tunnel in the basement."

"Tell the others that I'm gone for the day," Charlie called over his shoulder just before apparating to the Shrieking Shack. "Okay, passage – ah hah!"


"Silence!" Sarah roared angrily just before Charlie knocked on the staff room door.

"Enter," Severus said calmly just before the door opened to reveal the arguing Staff Room, who had taken sides just as the armies had in the civil war. "Ah, Charles, perfect timing. Would you be interested in teaching Care of Magical Creatures?"

"Oi! That's my job, you greasy git!" Ron yelled angrily. "You're just mad cause you're an ass that nobody wants to marry!"

"I'm sure Professor – Excuse me, Headmaster Snape has a reason for this," Charlie said calmly, "I believe he mentioned vulgar language from your mouth in his message. I will be happy to accept, Headmaster, I just need a little time to let the other Dragon Tamers know in Romania."

"Thank you, Charles," Severus said calmly, his relief made known only by slight changes in his posture that only four people noticed. "Ronald, you may go. Or, let me rephrase that – get off school grounds. I do believe I made it quite clear of my intentions when I fired you for vulgar language and strong prejudice against your fellow members of staff."

"I'll be back, you greasy git," he yelled angrily as he stormed out of the room, shoving past Charlie, who stood and stared in shock and horror. "Mark my words, you and your little bitch will pay!"

"And I look forward to mauling you during a full moon should you attack me," Sarah smiled evilly, "With no use of teeth, of course, unless necessary."

"Well, aside from the fact that our school is still missing its Poltergeist, I do believe that covers everything needed," Severus said calmly, "Charles, if you'll follow me to my office, we can get started on the paperwork. Sarah, do try to fix things before the school term begins. I'd rather not take a leave of absence."

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