Limbo Part 3

Bernkastel slowly looked at each man. They wore black suits and ties. They also wore black sunglasses that were adorned with Featherine's name on the top of the right glass. Classy... Bernkastel thought. It won't be long until I have to kill them...pointless violence. I'd much rather be drinking tea.

"If she is your miko then you're sadly mistaken." Featherine X explains. "I'm the great witch who can use magic."

"You're foolish. I should pleasure myself with the destruction of you." Featherine retorted. When Featherine finished the sentence, Featherine X began to bleed from her head, eyes, and palms. Her body began to break apart and eventually disintegrate into feathers.

"I'm not impressed." Bernkastel says coldly.

"Why, it seems that you have backbone now that you're the most powerful witch in the universe." Bernkastel looked up at Featherine. "You didn't think I knew about that, did you? Take her away!"

The men in black grabbed Bernkastel's arms. On each of her forearms, seals of scorpions were placed. This again. Although the pentacles seemed different because they looked unbelievably fake and that she could still use her magic. She decided to play on the façade that she believed the seal was real and that she could not use her magic. If Featherine were tricking me, I would surely get the last laugh. Bernkastel allowed herself to be taken away to what seemed like an all-white jailhouse in the black city. Subconsciously, Bernkastel was upset that Featherine hadn't used her 'magic' to transport them there. The jailhouse wasn't far away seeing as though it was in seeing distance. I'm I really need to walk? Bernkastel reminded herself that she didn't need to because she could use her magic.

Bernkastel was astonished at the atmosphere. She could feel the chilly air bite her skin and she could feel small raindrops fall from the sky. She felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia because she felt more human again. She couldn't be allowed to feel this again. Everyone in the city were staring at her as she was hauled away. Two of the men were following closely behind with their guns slightly revealed. She felt like a criminal. Then again, she felt cool considering that the new 'Strongest Witch in the Universe' was being held captive by her maker. She would probably hear about this for the next hundred years. Although Bernkastel didn't mind being the object of everyone's conversation, she rather enjoyed it.

They walked into the all-white jail house. Camera's and other security technologies spied them through what seemed like open eyes, leaving Bernkastel to feel almost scared because she might not have the easy way out that she had originally planned. The walkway was narrow with a few doors on either side; the ceiling was lined with single lights in a row that led to a door at the end of the hallway that had illegible symbols engraved beneath the seeing hole. The person on the other end of that door—if there was a person on that end—could seem them coming. Featherine looked very serious, as if she wasn't completely sure of what would happen next. Bernkastel assumed she would be trapped in the room at the end of the hall where she would never escape; although, in actuality she could escape if she wanted. As long as she didn't die... Her subconscious hissed at her.

Bernkastel was led to a cell that was covered in chipped white paint that revealed rust underneath. She noticed microscopic dust sifting through the cubicle sized cell and covering the back wall in a misty gray haze. She turned around and watched one of the men in black slam the gate shut; pieces of paint falling form the bars. The bodyguard-like men left Featherine's side and exited in the opposite direction that they entered in, prompting Bernkastel to involuntarily peer outside of her cage and watch as they lock the door. Featherine stood at the cell, watching from the outside with an expression that said, 'I'm better than you'.

"My poor Miko has tried to best me with a duplicate. How could you betray me like this?" Featherine says.

"I haven't betrayed you. You just don't understand." Bernkastel replies as she sits on a wooden stool in the corner of the room. She hesitated to initially sit down, but she didn't want to risk looking childish and prissy in front of Featherine. Normally, no witch would sit in anything as contemptible as a stool, but she knew that this was part of Featherine's plan to humiliate her and she would play along for as long as she could. "I don't suppose you know where you are, correct?"

"I'm wherever I want to be, so-"

"Limbo." Bernkastel interrupted. "I'm going to have to show you how weak you truly are here." Bernkastel stands up from the dusty stool she had been sitting and brushes off her dress. Her tail twitches slightly as she walks towards, then through the bars. She turned and gave Featherine a wry smile as Featherine gaped in shock.

"You won't defy me!" Featherine basically growled in a way that was anything but lady-like, causing Featherine to become disgusted with her own voice and the way she spoke. After she had collected herself, she closed her eyes and mentally prepared herself to speak again. "I will not allow you to escape, my miko... I want you to see how powerful a Creator can be. Don't you want to find out?"

"No, thank you." Bernkastel replies. She tries to raise her arm but she begins to struggle as an unseen force holds it in place. Bernkastel's eye darted between her forearms and noticed that there were palm prints along each arm that appeared as though it was a shadow although she could still see the fabric of her dress begin pushed between fingers. They appeared on her legs as well and caused Bernkastel to panic because she couldn't use her magic. Featherine produced an ear-splitting chortle that broke through the anxiety like a knife cutting through butter. It was clear and concise and it sent the message Featherine wanted to send: that she was stronger than Bern. The hands that held Bern in place, threw her back in her cell. The hands disappeared which prompted Bern to believe she could escape, although she was completely wrong because when she lifted her head and looked at the bars in her view, they were glowing with a purple luminescence. She believed this to be a magical barrier that she had read about once.

Anxiety began to run through every fiber of Bernkastel's being including her empty eyes and heart that contained nothing but sadistic cruelness. What if I can't escape? Bern thought. What if I can't die here? Will Featherine ever wake up from her trance? I need Lambda's help. I could really use it... As if on command, Featherine left immediately and Lambdadelta appeared in her place. She didn't move though, nor did she speak. This must've be another one of my creations. How am I doing this though...?

"I do speak." Lambdadelta commented. "You're probably wondering how I knew what you were thinking?"

"You could say that..." Bernkastel whispers. "Get me out of here."

As if ignoring Bernkastel completely, Lambdadelta continues. "I, for a fact, am wondering how you got yourself into this mess. Bern, you can't keep trying to win without doing any work. Things aren't that easy." She took a pause as if allowing Bern to speak, but Bernkastel only returned a raised eyebrow. "Ugh...I'm tired of taking care of and guiding foolish young witches."

"Is that what you truly believe?" Bernkastel says as she rises to her feet and again, brushes the dirt and dust from her dress. "Then why save me, huh? What's the thinking? You must have strong feelings for me... Am I correct?"

"Most definitely!" Lambda returns. Bernkastel doesn't let the disappointment of having an incorrect intuition about Lambdadelta's motive reach her face. "I love you, Bern! ~"

"Tsk! Get me out of here." Lambdadelta looks at Bernkastel quizzically.

"What? I'm here to help you not save you. Did you really think that I'd pop up here and just poof you out? This isn't some fake cartoon fairytale. You need to make your magic work for you. I'm only offering guidance."

"So help me." Bernkastel says. Her tone is noticeably agitated.

"Something doesn't resonate well with me..." Lambdadelta closes her eyes and then turns her head to the left, opening her right eye so she can glare at Bernkastel. "Are you insulting the only person that can save you right now?"

"Most definitely." Bernkastel replied.

"So cruel! ~" Lambdadelta chimed. "I knew I was attracted to that demeaning tone of yours. Kihihihi! I didn't think you'd use my line against me, either!" Bernkastel openly sighed and slouched back on the small stool in the corner, not caring about the dust or any other bacteria that may be festering in that seat. Lambdadelta's eyes went dead as she stared at Bernkastel. "The least you could do is humor me..." Lambda puffed out her cheeks and pouted.

"Are you being serious? You want to be humored right now?"

"Is that a problem for you?" Lambda's amber eyes lit up a shade.

"No." Bernkastel slouched down from her erect posture. "I guess you'll have to leave me here to die. At least then you'll gain your title as the strongest witch in the universe again." Bernkastel knew that she struck a nerve with Lambda. If there was anything Lambda wanted, it would be to have a verbally abusive Bernkastel to toy with, the title of strongest witch in the universe, and all the sweets she could eat while being correct always. This put Lambda's motive in perspective: either save your lover and prove her right, or leave her to die and lose the best gift that you had ever received. Lambdadelta had forgotten that Bernkastel was a gift from Featherine. This gave her an idea. She would challenge Featherine to another game and win Bern's freedom. This would save her lover, and humiliate Bern because she had to rely on Featherine for liberation.