"But I was vaccinated for it when we thought we might be exposed in Los Angeles," Danny complained from the inside of the quarantine area. How was it possible that he could be exposed to the smallpox virus twice in such short amount of time? No one else he knew had ever been exposed, except Chin and the guys from NCIS. But seriously. They weren't even sure it was smallpox. Did they really expect him and Steve to stay in isolation for upward of 17 days? What were the kids supposed to do?

"I understand your concerns, Detective," the doctor said from the other side of the glass. "But until we are sure that you were not exposed, you're going to be required to stay in quarantine."

Danny frowned at the tall, blond haired doctor who did not look like he was about to change his mind. Danny didn't care that he was one of the foremost authorities on smallpox flown in by the Governor to make sure Steve and Danny got the best care possible. Danny was only interested in being released in time to pick the kids up from school.

"He's right, Danno," Steve said from where he was sitting in one of the plastic chairs. There were three in the room along with a double bed and a small, round table. That was it. There was a bathroom adjourning their isolation room but they weren't supposed to use it without alerting the hospital staff first. There was some concern they could contaminate the water supply.

"What about Emma and John? Who is going to pick them up? Who is going to watch them while we're trapped in here?" Danny demanded, his fists on his hips.

"Kono and Charlie are taking them in," Steve assured him. He stood to cross over to Danny, wrapping one arm around his shoulders. "Come on. You may as well relax. We're here until they say otherwise."

"Stop being so calm," Danny demanded, sitting in the chair next to where Steve resumed his seat.

"Ranting isn't going to change anything, babe," Steve pointed out. "How would you feel if you gave all of Hawaii smallpox by accident? Especially if the kids got it."

"Ranting may not change anything, but it makes me feel better," Danny decided.

"I know," Steve said, kissing him on the head. "They'll vaccinate us and they'll know in just a few days if we have to stay here."

"We don't have to wear these gowns the entire time, do we?" Danny asked, looking down at the hospital gowns they had been given when their clothes were removed and burned. His seemed about to swallow him while Steve's was barely decent, not that Danny minded that he could see all of Steve's tattoos. He just wasn't all that happy about everyone else seeing so much of Steve.

"We'll provide you sweats," the doctor assured them. "I'll be back in a few minutes with the vaccines."

"Thank you," Steve said, kissing Danny gently. "Are you going to be okay?"

"I guess," Danny sighed. "The kids can come, right?"

"Yes. They'll be here as soon as Charlie goes to get them. He'll explain what's happened."

Danny nodded, leaning against Steve's solid, comforting body. "At least I'm not in this alone."

"No you aren't," Steve promised, hugging him tightly.