Kai sat in a dusty old bar, sipping away at a drink (perhaps it's whiskey, perhaps it's brandy, or perhaps it's just plain old root beer). Someone joined him at the bar and he rested his head in his hand and looked over. Next to him was… a man. He looked to be about 21 and when he noticed Kai he flashed him a smile.

"Hey man, can you spare me a drink? I'm broke."

Kai chewed on his pinky finger for a moment.

"Son, how old are you?"

The boy didn't flinch.

"21, perfectly legal."

Kai smirked and leaned in.

"I don't enjoy being lied too."

Of course, he didn't have any idea if the kid was 21 or not. But the kid did, and he paled.

"H-How did you know?"

Kai smirked and leaned against the bar.

"I'm an investigative journalist, what makes you think you can lie to me?"

The kid looked down in shame, and Kai tossed a few bills onto the bar counter.

"This round's on me."