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This takes place about two years after the tamers save the world, and Rika hasn't changed her personality. Who will bring out her good side? As for it being a Rukato, Henrika, or Ryuki, you'll have to read to find out.

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"He looks like a play doll," she said as she looked at her dark enemy, then at her partner. "Metalseadramon. Mega Level. Special Attack: River of Power. Renamon, walk all over him."

"With pleasure," her partner said, as the fox-like digimon jumped in the air. "Diamond storm!" she exclaimed as little pin-like needles formed from her hand and she effortlessly threw the needles at her opponent.

Almost as effortlessly, the dark digimon blocked the attack with his tail. "River of power!"

It said. A beam from its snout came out in a beautiful, yet deadly blast. Renamon had little time to avoid it, and the attack connected, leaving her badly injured.

"Renamon, get the hell up! Don't you die on me!" the girl shouted at her digimon. Renamon looked at her tamer, then fell to the ground. Shortly after, her body began fading away, until little was left of her, and what was left of her was absorbed by that menace of a digimon.

"Did you think that your little rookie could do damage of any sort to a mega like me?!" the serpent digimon said to her. "River of power!" it said, readying its next attack

The girl could not move as the blast was about to hit her.


"I've tried so hard, and gone so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter…" Fifteen-year-old Rika Nonaka woke up, looked at her alarm clock playing the latest song from her favorite band, but she was in no mood for music. She picked the alarm clock up at hurled it at the wall.

"Stupid alarm clock," she grumbled as she got out of bed. "Bad dream…" She looked outside. It was pretty cloudy. 'Hmm…figures," she stated as she pulled off her purple pajamas and dove into the shower.

To Rika, the shower always made her feel better. Not just physically, but it relaxed her and calmed her. She looked at her bathroom clock: 7:20. She sighed and got out of her shower. After drying herself off she looked in the mirror. 'I could stand to lose a few pounds' she thought to herself after close examination. It almost missed her mind that today was the first day of high school, so she decided to make a good first impression on her new peers. So she grabbed her customary broken-hearted t-shirt and cutoff jeans. She put her strawberry-colored hair up in a ponytail as usual. She put on a little makeup, brushed her teeth, and then looked at herself at the mirror.

Physically Rika did not change very significantly, but her body shaped more towards a young woman. She also grew a few inches, but still was one of the shortest of the tamers.

"Rika, come get your breakfast!" a voice called from down the hall. Rika immediately noticed it to be her mother. So she obeyed and ran down the hall. She looked at her watch: 7:40. School started at 8:00.

"Shit!" she exclaimed.

"Rika Nonaka, watch your mouth."


Rika looked at the table, admiring the eggs and bacon that her mom effortlessly made. She figured that she didn't want to eat much, so instead she grabbed a banana.

"Sorry mom, but I'm running late. See ya later tonight!" Rika said as she gave her mom a kiss.

"Have a good day, sweetie."

Rika smiled and ran out of her house. Things between her and her mom were somewhat getting better, although they still had their family quarrels now and then. Sometimes it would be about clothes to wear, sometimes it might be over the television remote when her mom wanted to watch soap operas and Rika wanted to watch soccer.

She looked at her watch once more: 7:50. 'Gotta hurry,' she thought to herself as she picked up the pace.

Rika arrived at Shinjuku High School just as the first bell sounded. She ran to the freshman hallways, where she eventually found her locker, labeled with her name on it. "I guess this is my locker," she said to herself.

Suddenly the locker next to her closed shut and Rika looked to see who it was. It happened to be none other than Takato Matsuki.

"Hey there, Strawberry Sweetheart," he piped.

She gave him a sarcastic smile. "Screw you, Gogglehead." She really didn't mean it, but she wasn't in the best of moods.

"Heh heh, well, see you in the hallways," he concluded as he walked down the hall.

Rika smiled, this time for real. "Bye, Takato." She looked in her locker and got her schedule. "Hmm…first period…algebra I…Mrs. Woodward…Room V." She shrugged as she stumbled around looking for Room V.

The tardy bell rang just as Rika found V and entered it. There were a couple empty seats, so she sat down in one of them. She looked around. It was a circular room, with many windows surrounding it.

A young and somewhat pretty woman entered the room. "Hello," she started. "My name is Mrs. Woodward, and I am the teacher for your…"

"Hey, wait!"

Rika turned around and saw the tardy boy enter the class. He had blue hair…Henry? She smiled and waved at him. But he took no heed.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry," he begged. "I couldn't find the room, and I left my backpack at my locker, and…"

"Enough," Mrs. W said. "Now go seat yourself over there." She pointed at the empty chair next to Rika. Henry looked at her and smiled. He walked over there and dumped his found backpack next to his desk and sat down.

"Hey there," Henry said.

Rika blushed a bit as she spat out, "What do you want?" She mentally slapped herself for acting before thinking. Henry, meanwhile, looked at their teacher.

"Ok," Mrs. W started, "Let's see what you guys know about your math. Copy and solve the problems I give to you." She picked up a piece of chalk and began to write.

When she was done, Rika couldn't believe what she saw. x²-10x+25? She shook her head in confusion.

Meanwhile, Henry had no problem finishing the equations. He looked at Rika, who looked confused, and then decided to help her.

"Look what you gotta do…"

"Look what you gotta do is shut the hell up 'cause I know how to do this shit," she snapped.

"Ok," Henry sighed. He observed the facial expressions Rika's face had, showing anger, then determination, then, finally, failure.

"Alright hotshot tell me how you do this," she said giving up.

Henry smiled at the opportunity. "Alright, look. What number is multiplied by itself to make 25 and added to make –10."

Rika thought for a moment. "Um…-5."

Henry smiled again. "Right! So when you add that and x together, you get x-5. Then if you square x-5 you will get x²-10x+25!"

Rika smiled. "Ok, now I get it!"

Henry laughed. "Now, let's work on the next problem…"


Rika walked out of V with a more positive attitude on x's and y's. She looked at her schedule. 'Hmm…biology with Mrs. Bryan in room B. She sighed. Science isn't easy either. She walked across the halls until she stumbled upon B.

She took a deep breath as she waited for the worst: dissections of worms, alligator brains suspended in a bottle, and the like. But as she opened the door she saw a welcoming environment. Her good friends Takato, Jeri, and Kazu were sitting in desks.

"Hey Rika!" they yelled. Rika nodded and ran over to sit next to them. 'Maybe Bio won't be so boring,' she thought to herself, as she said hello to her friends in her own way:

"Hey Gogglehead."

"Hey Puppet Princess."

"Hey Visorhead."


After boring lectures on the discussion of meiosis, Rika walked out to the quad for the ten-minute break, where she met Henry and Takato.

"Pretty nice high school," Takato chimed in.

"My old private school was nicer than this," Rika said, always reliable to make a negative comment.

"Well this is a public school, and things are different around here," Henry added.

"Hey, why don't we meet up with our other friends after school at the park?" Takato suggested.

"Can't," Rika said. "Got soccer practice."

"And I have my lessons with Sensei today," Henry added.

Takato shrugged. "Well, so much for that."

The ever-so-annoying bell rang, signaling for third period to begin soon. "Well guys, I'll see ya sometime," Rika said, leaving the boys.

"Bye," the two said in unison. After she left, Takato spoke up. "Boy, she's beautiful."

"You got that right," Henry concluded.


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