Here's a short Drabble about Midorima and Takao's relationship ! I'm a bit late, but lets say it's a birthday present for Midorima-kun~

Summary : It was his lucky day, but fate don't always help you. Or maybe it does ?

Characters : Midorima/Takao.

Warning : OOCness, specially Taka-chan... Bad English since it's not my mother language.

Disclaimer : I don't own Kuroko no Basuke .w.

Today was Midorima's lucky day, nothing could go wrong. But today, someone was being luckier.

It was your usual day at Shutoku, practice was hard, but everyone did it diligently, until their muscle ached. It was the end of practice, and everyone stretched. Takao Kazunari and Midorima Shintarou were stretching together, since the point gard decided to take their ace somewhere to eat. By rickshaw, like always, and they would decide who pulls it by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was meant to be like that, and Midorima would always win, but knowing that, Takao did not stop. He felt pride, knowing the green-haired let him be by his side, being his friend. Well, maybe not friend, they never said they were. It was like that, Takao just stayed by his side, saying it was interesting, and Midorima let him do so. What was their relationship called ? There's no name, some said it was a master and his servant, some said they were friends, and fujoshi giggled, telling they were a couple. There is no name for that, and people see it differently.

Today, they would eat takoyaki, and like always, they would decide who pulls the rickshaw at each stop. And like always, Midorima would win. But, they were near the restaurant when something strange happened. Takao won. Against Midorima, who had his lucky item. It was strange, since it was a lucky day for Cancers. The green-haired was shocked, but the point guard was even more. Midorima sighed.

« Alright, let's switch...

-Ah, wait ! »

He raised an eyebrow earing Takao, and looked at him. He was smiling, but didn't seem like himself. He was always full of himself, full of confidence, but now, he was hesitating...

« It's alright, I'll pull the rickshaw, but in exchange... I want to know what you take me for...

-What ?

- Well, am I a friend, a mere teammate ? I want to know ! »

Midorima blushed, not believing what he just asked. How could he answer something like that, it was too ambarassing ! But Takao won, and the green-haired can't go against fate, or else it will abandon him. I sighed, and bent to place his mouth near Takao's ear, whispering his answer. Takao's eyes widenned in shock, but he smiled sweetly, without the ace seeing, before laughing out loud.

« Ah, Shin-chan is too much !

- Shut up and ride...

- Yes, yes~ »

They went to the restaurant, both smiling. So, a master/servant relationship ? Friendship ? Or something more ? Seems like this will stay their little secret...

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