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Student and Teacher (Stud Vs Cougar Oneshot version)

"Naruto, time to get up honey!"

Waking up to the sound of his grandmother voice, as young seventeen year old Naruto Uzumaki open his eyes blue eyes. Naruto let out a groaning noise.

'Hi, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm seventeen years ago and I live with my grandparents.'

Naruto got out of his bed; he let out a loud yawn as he scathed his head. Naruto went downstairs to where his grandparents were.

Seventy-year old Mito Uzumaki and seventy-three year old Mifune both stayed together at the breakfast table where breakfast was being served.

"Sleep well sleepy-head." Mito asked her grandson.

'This is Mito Uzumaki, she's my grandmother. She married my grandfather Mifune after her first husband Hashirama died. Mifune and my grandmother love each other very much. Mifune was a friend of Mito's family for years. Together they raise me after my parents died in car crash, lucky for me I survive. I may never know who my parents were like, but with my grandparents I was loved and raise well.'

"Your birthday is two months away, what ya think you're going to do when you're eighteen?" Mito asked her only grandchild.

"Don't know, maybe party with my friends." Naruto wasn't sure what to do for his eighteen birthday. He took a bite out of Mito's French toast.

"Long as it aren't anything dangerous or you and your friends drinking." Mito said with a stare.

'Ever since my parent's death, my grandmother was always protected of me. She may be seventy years old. But she acts like she's forty, I guess that was one reason why my grandfather loves her so, she doesn't act her age.'

"Well whatever Naruto does, I know he'll do it of his own free will." Mifune said while reading the newspaper.

"Its seven-twenty you got ten minutes before the bus comes!" Mito gasps.

"Baa-chan you know I drive now right?" He raised his right eyebrow.

"Sorry I forget sometimes…you know with age and all." Mito sighs as she sweat-dropped.

Ten minutes later:

Naruto arrived at his High School Konoha High. The school had uniforms rules but when it comes to uniforms Naruto found his way to wear it to his style. The stander uniform for the males was black pants with white T-shirt with a black jacket over (the black jacket was options though)

Naruto wore his uniform but wore his jacket open he wore a bandana around his head. Getting out of his black car which was a 2009 Kia Optima, Naruto heard the sound of a trouble voice. Looking to his right he saw one of his favorite teachers.

Kushina Namikaze, his history teacher. She had beautiful blue eyes that match the beautiful long red hair she had. Kushina wore a white blouse with a red skirt; she wore black high-heels.

Naruto could see Kushina looked trouble about something. He was thinking of going to see what was wrong, but the school's bell ring. With the bell rang, Naruto made hash to his first class of the day…Math.

One class later:

With Math over and done, Naruto met up with his friends he knew since childhood, Rock Lee, Shikamaru Nara, Kiba, Chouji and Gaara.

Everyone had at least sixty seconds before the bell rang for second period to begin.

"Naruto, what ya planned on doing this Friday?" Chouji asked.

"Don't know, maybe we can hit the Arcades again maybe get that high school in DDR again." Naruto smirked at his friends.

"I don't know Gaara has been stepping up his game." Shikamaru said as the red head boy chuckled.

"If Naruto does beat me he'll only get second place. You know Temari is raining undefeatable Champion in DDR." Gaara told his best friend.

"Yeah, I know. Your sister knows how to move." He sighed.

"She's been taking Dance classes since she was five. It takes a lot of time and skills to beat someone like her. I came very close beating her at least twice. But that lighting rounds is crazy." Gaara said.

"You sure she doesn't want a boyfriend?" Kiba asked Gaara.

"Last time a guy asked her that, she say she became asexual." Naruto laughed while the others sigh in despair.

"What about you Naruto, any luck with the ladies?" Kiba asked.

"Let see Tenten isn't into a relationship, Ino and Sakura, Karin and any other girl fighting over who gets in Sasuke's pants. Hinata is away with her family for three months, and if Haku wasn't a guy I would have been ask Haku out. So no Kiba I don't have any luck with the ladies." He gave Kiba doubtful stare.

Kiba rolled his eyes "Smart ass."

"Hey you asked." He grinned.

The bell ring for second period, everyone rush off to their second period class which was Naruto's favorite class, because it has his favorite teacher in it.

Room 10: History

"Now class opened your books to page Twenty Unit 2." Kushina said.

'Kushina Namikaze, my favorite teacher. Man she's wonderful. I really doubt my time during High School during my first year here. But when I saw Kushina-sama, it changed everything. I always wished to be in her class so I can look at her. I've met and chatted with many pretty girls in my life. But none matched the beautiful Kushina had. I don't know much about her life, but lately I've noticed Kushina has been lately when during class. She usually always has a lovely smile on her face.'

'She even yells if she caught anyone in class sleeping or not paying attention at all. Truth be told I have a crush on my History Teacher. I usually dream of marrying her, but sadly she's married. I've never seen or met Mr. Namikaze but she does wear a wedding ring for a reason.'

"If only I was older Kushina-Sensei." He said unaware what he said.

"If only you were older what Mr. Uzumaki." Kushina said.

Naruto froze with fear as he felt a sudden dread over him. Naruto looked over his right shoulder to see Kushina looking down at him.

Everyone in class was looking at him, Naruto slightly blush of embarrassment.

"If I was older I wouldn't be school." He said with a heavy sighed.

Kushina tap her book on his head slightly compare how hard she hit the other students.

"Don't worry Naruto your in the 12th Grade I am sure you'll be with done with school if you study enough to pass." Kushina carried on with lesson.

Naruto notice how the other males students had their eyes on Kushina whenever she was walking around the classroom all males had their eyes on Kushina's large round butt. Naruto would jealous real quick to a point of them hearing an angry growl if those males were his own friends or own classmates like Sasuke Uchiha or any of the males Teacher hitting on her.

When they heard Naruto's growl they looked away. They didn't want to bring up any problems if Kushina caught them looking at her or get their ass chew out by Naruto after class.

Naruto was a good kid when it came to school, most Teachers would think he would be a troublemaker by his appearance and wild personally how he threat others around him. But he was raise well he knew right from wrong.

After School:

The sky was so clouded by the clouds, it started to rain shortly after. Naruto told his friend that he'll see them later and they departed on the Bus to home. While Naruto drove home.

While on the road it rain bad, Naruto could barely see what was on the road while driving down the long road. Naruto notice there was red Truck pulled on the right side of the road. Naruto being caution and curious, he drove up to the Trunk since there were no other vehicle in sight.

Naruto rolled down the passenger side window to see what was going on.

"Hey, need a ride?" He yelled at the driver of the red Trunk.

"Naruto?" He heard a familiar voice.

It was his History Teacher Kushina Namikaze. Kushina was soaked wet from head to toe.

"Need help Kushina-Sensei?" He asked.

"My Trunk break down on me, can you give me a lift home?" She asked him kindly.

Her words made Naruto's heart nearly skipped a beat. This could be his only chance to be with Kushina alone…together.

"Sure." He unlocked the passenger side door.

Once she got inside, he drove off.

"My Goodness it's nasty out there." Kushina couldn't believe how the weather changed. While driving, Naruto reached his right hand back to grab a towel for Kushina to dry herself with.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"You're welcome Kushina-Sensei." He smiled right back.

"Please Naruto School's over its ok to call me just Kushina." She told him, he nodded.

While driving on the road after listening to Kushina on the location of where she lives Naruto looked at his right slightly for a quickie. He couldn't how soaked wet his Teacher was. Water drips off her hair down on her clothes, how sexy the water drips down her beautiful skin. Naruto could see how white blouse was now see-through; he could see she wore a black bra.

Naruto had rearranged his sitting position; he was getting a boner while his teacher was right beside him.

"How come Mr. Namikaze didn't come pick you up?" He asked his Teacher. But there silence was Kushina's answer.

"It's the house at the end of the block." She told him.

Naruto made it to Kushina's house. When he stopped the car, he looked at his Teacher waiting for her answer to his question.

Kushina looked at Naruto and smiled.

"Thank you Naruto." She said with a lovely smile.

Kushina kissed Naruto on his right cheek right before she got out of his car. Kushina ran towards her front door. She waved goodbye to Naruto before she enter her house.

Naruto was left shock. His favorite Teacher kissed him on the cheek. He felt his heart melt with bliss.

"Anytime…Kushina…" He drove off home before the rain storm got worst.

Uzumaki Household:

Naruto return home soaked wet but he didn't care, all he could think about was being alone with Kushina in his car. His mind started to think of the endless possible things that could of happen.

Shaking his head he thought he was getting head of himself there. She was his Teacher she was way older than him and plus she's married. But his heart told him different.

The very next day:

"Naruto!" Mito yelled. He woke to the sound of his grandmother's voice.

Mito enter Naruto's bedroom.

"Yeah Baa-chan?" he asked.

"There's someone on the phone for you." She hand him the house phone. Mito left her grandson after giving it to him.

"Hello?" He said on the phone.

"Naruto, it's me Kushina." His eyes widen once he heard her voice.

"Hi Kushina-Se…" He quickly stopped himself.

"Naruto, I have to be at School within ten minutes. I hope you don't being at School at least an hour early." She said.

He gulp down his spit as his heart was beating fast. He was on the phone the Teacher he has a crush on. He felt butterflies filled his stomach, but when he heard her say his name again he instantly shook his worries away.

"Sure, I don't mind." He said with a chuckled.

"Good, you remember where I live right?" She asked him.

"Of course,"

"Ok I'll see you in a few then." He heard her giggle which made he smiled big.

After Kushina hanged up, Naruto quickly got dressed for today.

About Five minutes later: Kushina's House

Naruto made it to his Teacher's house in record time. He knocked on the door about two times as he waited for Kushina to answer.

There was a long pause before he knocked on the door again.

When he was about to knock again for the third time the door open.

"Hello?" A small voice spoke.

Naruto looked down to see a young red hair girl about the age of four. The little girl wore a big T-shirt that had the words "Sun Shines Sun Rise" on it. The little red headed girl had brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Naruto, is your mommy ready? I'm here to give her a ride to work." He said to the little girl.

'Man, she's a mom too?' His thoughts were.

"Mommy's in the shower, she's getting ready. She told me to tell you to sit and wait." The Four year old girl said.

The little girl let Naruto inside Kushina's house. Naruto looked around his Teacher's house, the house had a large living room with a big screen TV he could see the Kitchen wasn't too far from the living room. There were two different set of stairs, one for upstairs and the second was downstairs to the basement.

"What's your name?" He asked the little girl.

"Tayuya…and this is my baby brother Nagato." Naruto saw sitting on the couch was a two year old baby with short red hair. His eyes were light purple with a very odd look in his eyes, not that it bother Naruto or anything.

Naruto looked at a calculator on the wall and saw on the Tenth of July was Kushina's name on it, someone circle in blue colors.

'Kushina's-Sensei Birthday is tomorrow.' Naruto thought.

Suddenly hearing the sound of someone running down the stairs, Naruto looked to see it was Kushina fully clothed and dressed for today.

"I'm ready." She said.

"What about them?" He pointed at Tayuya and Nagato.

There was a knock on the door. Kushina answer it, there at the door was young green with light green hair with orange eyes, and her skin was light brown. She wore a light green T-shirt with black shorts.

"Hi Miss K." The young girl said.

"Ah Fuu just in time," The red headed mother smiled.

"Ready for another day babysits Tayuya and little Nagato." Fuu grinned.

"Good, come on Naruto I'm ready."

"Who's this Miss K? Is he your boyfriend? He's bit too young don't ya think?" Fuu teased both Kushina but mainly Kushina unknowingly.

"He's one of my students from work, he's kind of enough to give me a ride until I get my Truck fixed." Kushina told the young babysitter.

"Ok whatever you say Miss K." Fuu grin with a chuckled.

On the road:

While on the road to Konoha High, Naruto felt so nervous being with Kushina alone in his car.

Naruto wanted to say, he wanted to tell her anything but he was an afraid.

"I hope you don't think I'm using you for my own transport for work." She told her young student.

"No, it's ok. Beside I don't mind helping you." He smiled friendly.

"Just this week hasn't been quite the best for me." She let out a sigh.

"What's wrong? You're the last person I know that would have a bad week." He raised an eyebrow.

"Well my work hours have been eating up my time with my kids, my Truck broke down and I hadn't had a chance to relax this month. I'm behind on my bills as well." She told him. Naruto frown, he didn't think someone like Kushina was having major bad luck.

"Ah don't worry it, Kushina…I'm sure everything will turned out just fine. My grandmother always tells me a bad week is short weeks and good week are long weeks. What I'm trying to say is…you'll pull through even in the bad." He tried to cheer his Teacher up.

"Thank you, Naruto. Your kindness means a lot." She placed her left hand on his right thigh as she gentle stroked his right thigh.

"Ah, we're here." He told her. Naruto enter the parking a lot and parked in the student's zone.

"I'll see you in class Naruto, could also give me a ride home too?" He nodded. Kushina patted his right thigh before she got out of his car. Once he was alone, he sighs with relief.

'She's too sexy for my own good.'

During Lunch Hour:

Naruto got a call from his grandmother telling him that she and his grandfather left town for the week to go on their 40th anniversary. Which leaves Naruto home alone to do what he pleases, but however Mito told him NOT to have any type of parties while they were gone, if there was one thing Mito hate was teen parties in her house.

Naruto finish his lunch early, he was walking down the hallway when he heard a noise coming from the History room.

Naruto peeked at the door's window to see Kushina was talking with the other female Teachers which were Anko from Sex Ed, Kiba's mother Tsume who was the Gym Teacher, Ms. Shizune the Health Teacher and Ms. Kurenai from Art class. Naruto tried his best to stay out of sight but listen to what they were saying.

"Kushina you'll be forty this year. What ya a Milf like you gonna do?" Tsume asked.

"Please don't call me, I feel dirty when being called a Milf." Kushina sighed.

"How about a Cougar then?" Tsume laughed.

"Tsume," Both Shizune and Kurenai stared.

"How long has been since Minato died? Two…three years?" Anko asked Kushina.

"This year make its four." Kushina sighed.

"You're still wearing your wedding ring. You can't hide it forever, how long are you gonna tell your kids he went on a business trip and won't be back for a very long time?" Tsume asked with a big frown.

"I don't want them to-"

"Kushina you're not getting any younger girl. You need a man, a nice strong big cock man! You hadn't got some in four years. You're gonna backed up bad if you keep this up. You need some release we're all in our forties and thirties and getting some. You need some too girl." Anko told the red head woman.

"I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship." She frowned.

"Relationship…who said anything about that? I'm talking about having sex! How about a nice young man? Maybe one of those studs in your class?" Anko had a very perverted smile on her face.

"No…I can't do that. Their barely eighteen I don't want any trouble or have the School fired me or have my babies taken from me because I want to get laid." She looked at her friends as if they were crazy.

"Kushina relax…even though what Anko say is right. You need a man like it or not. You so stressed. Sex is the best way to release stress." Shizune told her friend.

"Yup listen to Nurse Shizune she knows what the body needs." Anko chuckled.

"I'll think about it ok? If I do choose this life style I don't want my children to know about it, I want a man I can trust not a total stranger." The women nod their heads.

'Kushina is a widow…she's had it rough.' He couldn't image the pain she felt he when he asked her about her husband the other day.

The Next Day: After school

Naruto gave Kushina a ride home as promise, again it started to rain. However neither was soaked wet this time. Both were silence in the car. Naruto was focus on Kushina's well being, he wanted her to be happy and after hearing the lost of her husband and the problem she was already dealing with and now she hadn't had a man in four years.

Kushina looked at Naruto to see a sad look in his eyes. She wondered what was wrong with him.

"Naruto is there something matter? You look upset?" She frowned.

He shook his head and remains silence as his mind was focus on what the other Teacher told Kushina to do. Become a Cougar an older woman who have sex with any young men who come her way. The thought of Kushina becoming a loose woman haunted his mind. Kushina need a man yes, but someone worthy of her, that life style wasn't for someone wonderful as her.

He would quit school and get a job to support Kushina if he needs too. He cares about this woman very much.

They made it to Kushina's house Fuu had called Kushina before they reached her house telling she took the kids over her place since Fuu had to babysit her little brother and cousin as well leaving Kushina alone in her house tonight.

"We here, I guess this is our goodbye for today huh." He said with a nervous voice.

Kushina thought about what the girls said during lunch hour. She let out a deep sigh as she felt a deep regretful guilt in her heart. Kushina turned her attention to Naruto and said.

"Naruto, would you like to come inside?"

"Huh?" He looked confuse.

"I mean it's really getting bad out there and I don't think you should be driving in this storm." Naruto smiled at his Teacher for caring about his well being.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt, my grandparents are out of town." He nodded.

Inside Kushina's House: Living room

Naruto sat on the couch while Kushina was cooking dinner.

"I hope you don't having dinner with your Teacher?" She asked him.

"No…I'm fine." Naruto was nervous as hell. But he played it cool Kushina was just being nice to him after all he is her best student in her class.

Kushina cooked roast beef with corn on the side. The two enjoy their meal together but like before there was silence between the two as if they were forbidden to speak to one another until Kushina spoke.

"Naruto…do you find me attractive for a woman of my age?"

Naruto nearly choke on his meal when she asked him that question.

"Do you?" She waited for him to answer.

"Of course you are Kushina." He said.

"Be honest with me Naruto." She said with a frown.

Naruto wonder if she doesn't find herself to be beautiful since she was alone for so long. But Naruto had to be honest with her and so he shall.

"You're very beautiful Kushina, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He told her, he saw Kushina's face blushed with red.

"Thank you," He grinned at his Teacher.

"I always had a bit of a crush on you Ms. Kushina." He rubbed the back of his head. Kushina giggle as she never thought her favorite student had a thing for her.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked him.

"Huh what?" He looked surprise.

"I said, do you have a girlfriend?" She said again.

"No, I don't." He shook his head "When it come to girls I got real rotten, I guess girls aren't that into me."

"That's not true, there's a special someone for everyone out there. My mother told me that." Her words brighten his heart.

'I wish that girl was you Ms. Kushina.' He thought.

After dinner was over and it was still raining out so the two sat together while watching a movie together. Kushina had a glass of wine while Naruto had a glass of water, Kushina was being careful of her drinking. The wine wasn't strong enough to get her drunk.

Suddenly the sound of thunder clash scared the crap out of Kushina, she slip her drink on Naruto's pants.

"Oh Naruto I'm so sorry, let me get it out." Kushina got in front of Naruto down on her knees. She grabbed a towel and tried to rub the wine out of his clothes before it made a big stain. While she was rubbing the crouch area, Naruto couldn't help but get a hard on.

The Teacher he was in love was down on her knees, unknowingly stroking him through his pants.

"Take off your pants let me wash them before-" He kissed his Teacher on the lips. His surprise kiss silences her quickly. Her eyes widen in shock as it was Naruto who made the first move not her. He broke the kiss as the two stare at each other with a shameful look as the silence homes the air.

He was about to kiss her again, but she placed her right hand on his chest.

"No Naruto…we shouldn't." She protest, Kushina found it funny she wanted it right here and now, but not with someone kind and innocent as Naruto. She felt so guilt to thrust her lust on him.

"It's ok Kushina." He said with a smile.

"I know you hadn't had a man in four years since your husband's death." Kushina looked shock as he knew what she and the girls talked about.

"Kushina-Sensei I always had a mad crush on you, and I always wanted you to be happy. Having my first time with you is like a dream come true for me. I don't care what anyone say or think. I love my Teacher, she's wonderful beautiful I know. She deserved to be happy and I will gladly be the one to do it." He said with full honesties in his voice.

"Once this happen there's no turning back for either of us, Naruto. You would sacrifice yourself for my needs?" Again she frowned.

"I would." His answer was.

Naruto stood up in front of his Teacher he looked down at her as both had lust in their eyes. Kushina unbutton his pants and pull down his pants and boxers in one go.

Kushina gasps when she saw Naruto's dick fully harden and throbbing right in her face, his dick size was about at least eight inches long and three inch thick. Kushina was just shock to see her favorite student was so 'equip'

She grabbed the base of his penis and began to stroke her student off. Naruto let out a little moan upon her stroking him. He held his head slightly in bliss. He was being jerked off by his hot Teacher.

She than licked the head of his dick, tasting the precum dripping out from the head. Kushina kissed the head getting another taste. Kushina licked her lips and open her mouth taking his large cock inside her mouth.

"Ahh Kushina-ah yes!" He moaned. She started to bob her head, giving him the pleasure of oral from a woman. Kushina then reached her right hand underneath his balls and gently grab them and stroked them while blowing her student.

Naruto felt himself on the edge of orgasm. Kushina looked up at him seeing the look of pleasure on his face, then Kushina withdraw his cock from her mouth, Kushina gasps with heavy panting, his penis twitch with a big throb, so close to orgasm so close.

Kushina stood up and grabbed his left hand and took him upstairs to her bedroom.

Kushina's bedroom:

Naruto took off his jacket and shirt off fully naked before they reached her bedroom. In Kushina's bedroom there was a large bed, on the bedside there was a picture of Kushina and her late husband Minato.

Naruto sat down on the bed, while Kushina stripped before the blonde teen. Naruto jerked off while watching Kushina stripped.

He licked his lips once he saw Kushina's large round C-cup breasts, her curvy body and wide birth-giving hips, her large round ass was the perfect icing on the cake. Kushina's naked body was the hottest thing Naruto has ever seen.

She kissed Naruto on the lips while he felt her right hand grip his penis stroking him off. Naruto grab Kushina's left breast and gently stroked it while she jerked him off. He kissed her right breast.

"Ahh," She moaned.

Naruto grab Kushina's right wrist and threw her down on the bed. The two kissed again but soon broke the kiss, Naruto start kissing Kushina's breasts then move his kiss down to her stomach and lower below. She grabs the bed sheets she held her head back.

Down between her legs was Naruto kissing away at her lower lips kissing the entrance to her womb. The young teen open his mouth and push against Kushina's pussy.

"Ah yes, right there! Ah Naruto yes eat my pussy! Yes please it's been so long!" She yelled.

While licking his Teacher's pussy, Naruto use his right index and middle finger to fingered his red head beauty. Kushina's moan grew louder by the second. She couldn't believe it she was being eaten out and fingered at the same time.

"Ah ah ah ah oh no oh no oh ah Naruto! I think I think I'm gonna I'm gonna!-" Kushina raise her hips upward as Naruto watched as his Teacher shot out from liquid from her pussy uncontrollable.

Kushina lower her hips down as she started to breathe hard.

"I never…came so hard before…if it I had to Grade you Naruto. I would give you A Grade." She said while panting.

Naruto got on top of Kushina as the red head woman kissed her student their kiss was filled with passion. Kushina grabbed the back of his head as they kissed. Naruto felt his tongue wrapped around Kushina's. Their kiss lasted for at least five minutes before they broke the wet long kiss.

Naruto helped Kushina position herself on her back he placed a pillow behind her head as Kushina pulled the cover up behind him.

Naruto grabbed his penis as he rubbed the head against the entrance of her womb he was ready to give his Teacher his virginity.

"Naruto wait." She gasp, she held her right hand against his chest.

"What?" He asked.

"Do you have a rubber?" She asked him.

He blushed as he completely forgot about the number one rule sex with women especially if it's the first time. Always wear a condom.

"I don't have one." He mumbled.

She smiled at her student, she found it cute to see how ready he was to embrace her totally raw.

"I trust you Naruto, but I'm not ready for another baby. And I know you're not ready to be a daddy." She kissed him on the left cheek as she reached for the desk and found a large size condom. Naruto lend back a bit as she put protection on her student's penis.

Before they could even hit the main course, she looked at the picture of her and Minato during wedding day. She closed her eyes she wasn't cheating on him, Minato was long gone but yet she felt she was being unfaithful.

She looked at her wedding ring then back at the picture. Naruto looked at the picture, push the picture down and looked at Kushina.

"Kushina it's time to let go. I'm sure Minato want that." He waited for her answer.

Kushina sighed and nodded her head. She removed her wedding ring she placed it right beside the down picture.

"I'm ready Naruto."

"You sure?"

"Yes, but take it slow it's been awhile for me."

Naruto thrust forward trying to enter Kushina's pussy on his own but however he would missed or slip against her womb teasing her.

"Hold on let me put it in." Kushina reached between their legs, grabbing his penis and guile him. Naruto thrust slowly.

"Ah yes!" Kushina grab his shoulders. He thrust into his Teacher's womb in a slow pace. The bed shook as he'd pound his Teacher. Though their rhyme was off as their thrusting was unequal they tried to sink together.

"Ah God Naruto, you're so big! Ah god yes! Naruto ah Naruto!"

"Ah Kushina you're pussy so good!"

"How does it feel to be a man? How does it feel to lose your virginity to your Teacher?" She laughed while being hammered.

"This is the best! Best moment of my life! I love you Kushina!" He told her. Kushina bit her bottom lip as she felt him thrust deeper into her pussy. Sweat drips off their body during their deep intercourse.

"Harder! Give it to me!" She screamed.

The sound of their flesh clash together echo through the bedroom, Kushina wrapped her legs around his hips. Naruto started to thrust wild, his thrust fast as he can.

"Oh my God Naruto! It feels SOOOO GOOD!" She started to growl sexually.

"I'm gonna cum Kushina." He gave out a warning.

"Wait…wait…wait." He stopped.

"Let change position." Kushina was panting hard.

"Ok." He said with a panting voice.

Naruto sat on the edge of the bed. Kushina grab his penis and place it into her as she sat on his lap. He starts to move his hips. He grabbed Kushina's breasts as the two lock lips with one another with a kiss of passion. Kushina reached to the back of Naruto's head as they kissed. He played with her breasts while moving his hips multitasking to the best he could.

She started to move her hips as she bounced up and down on his cock. He stopped playing with her breasts and grabs her thighs underneath and held them high.

When the pleasure was once again reaching the high point like before, they switch position once again. Kushina went back on the bed but now on all four shaking her big butt at her student.

He thrust inside her pussy, Kushina could only howl in pleasure. Naruto wrapped his right arm around her stomach. Kushina throw her left arm around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. His hips begin their work once more pounding the fuck out of her.

After a few pounding minutes, Naruto pulls out his cock and have Kushina face him. She wraps her arms around his neck. Naruto lift her up, her legs crossed behind him. Naruto's hands moved down underneath her closer to her big sweet juicy ass. He resume fucking his Teacher, he squeeze that red head's Milf ass while pumping his cock deeply, the couple continue making out, their tongues wrapping over one another for dominion within the mouth.

But suddenly Naruto felt Kushina's pussy gripped him tight suddenly as she let out a loud orgasm cried. He let go of Kushina as she fell on the bed, she was totally out of it she had enough.

Naruto took off the condom and jerked off in front of his tired Teacher and shot his sperm on her. His load hit her breasts and stomach. Naruto fell down beside her.

The two held hands, they both smiled at one another Naruto said a line that made Kushina truly happy before they falling into deep slumber.

"Happy Birthday Kushina-Sensei," Naruto's words were.

Few hours later the storm died down and the night skies was beautiful.

"Kushina we're back!" Kushina heard Fuu's voice.

Kushina wrapped herself in a bathroom robe. She looked at Naruto who was sleeping peacefully. She pulled the covers over him and kissed him on the right cheek.

"Thank you, Naruto." She said.

One student show his Teacher he deeply respect and love he has for her and shown her, a woman her age can be loved and be beautiful no matter what age, she was lucky to have a young stud like him now in her life. As this is one encounter that will start one of many as Naruto is always welcome to Kushina's house as she is willing to gave him some extra lessons in love.


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