Quattro slide neatly through the low gravity before stopping himself against the handrail. The hanger deck was mostly empty, which made sense seeing as it was roughly 4 AM by the ships clocks. Quattro tossed himself over the railing and flew over to the Hyaku-Shiki. He was awake this early because he wanted to run a few simulations and to prep the machine for whatever might happen. He also wanted to collect data and such, not often you have a Pseudo-Gundam in your hands. He smiled and pulled open the hatch. It opened with barely a sound, just the gentle pneumatic hiss of the air pumps. Quattro tossed his handbook inside and was just about to leap inside himself if not for noticing the cockpit on the Mk. II had it's hatch open as well. He leapt over and looked in. Inside Kamille was asleep on the seat, very clearly having passed out from the night before. His mouth was open and he drooled a little in his sleep. Quattro smiled and moved in on the boy. Hours later Kamille woke up and rubbed his eyes.

"Woah... Where... oh that's right, I'm in the Mk. II"

He sat up and suddenly became aware of the bright red vest draped over him.

"Who's... is this 's? Great, now I have to say thank you."

He sighed and pulled himself out of the Mk. II and went to bring the vest back.