It had been almost the month since Red, Wolf, Twitchy and Granny ruined the plans of mean Landlord and his gang, freed the musician Jackie, secured and returned his magical objects: the napkin, donkey and baton and the Landlord and his man were judged and sentenced to 20 years of prison in the „London Bridge Asylum" with a fluffy bunny and two chubby kids as their next-cell-over neighbors, just another „story with the happy ending". However, there is still lots of other stories, which needs a happy ending as well. And right now, the Frost International Corporation, which is lead by international businessman with the ecological activities, former enemy of Santa Clause (Scot Alvin), who eventually turned good and "the legendary figure, responsible for snow, ice and cold weather" – Jack Frost, makes and performs a huge „regenerative and ecological" activities all around the world, such: The fight against the climate change and preventing the pollution of the environment, conservation, the conservation and careful use of energy, support of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and intensive farming, the waste recycling and especially: "the fight against and preventing the Global Warming". Despite those activities are peforming for the good of humanity externally, there is a reson to assume, that the true motives are not entirely clear. The secret intelligence services are convinced and suspicious that all these activities are only a camouflage of planning something "big" and "illegal", or maybe even "evil". And this time this is especially up to the certain pair of heroes on their own mission, which must use all their skills and trumps, to investigate and reveal the truth about the intentions of this corporate tycoon, with the help of their friends and some important agents on the field prevent the implementation of his plans („well, what ever it is") which might by even the "ruling the world", save the situation and „kick the tale" to the „happy ending".