Chapter 7 – A Partnership

Back in the London Asylum, right at the midnight, in the Boingos, Hansel and Gretels cell, the remaining three bombons were placed in the small hole near the edge of the cell bar, dug by small already broken and bruised spoon lying around. Everything was prepared and settled to escape. Boingo ignited a match in order to light the wicks up.

"May I just keep one, please?" Hansel asked politely.

"Ssssh!" Gretel hissed for her greedy brother cautiously.

"Now get down!" Boingo yelled out, lightened the wicks of all three explosives up and then they all swiftly stand back and covered behind the third bed, which they used as a shield.

After a few moments, a deafening explosion sounded from the inside of asylum:


And in that moment, the whole London Asylum got in to emergency – The sirens and alarms were beeping aloud, all windows and so all night lights of asylum were lightened up and it echoed loud: "Emergency! Alert! The prisoners! Boingo! Hansel and Gretel escape! Alert!" plus there was also some dog barking echoing.

Though, Boingo, Hansel and Gretel made their way out of the asylum after all on the garden.

"Quick! This way! Right to the fence!" Boingo ordered, he run toward the opposite site of the asylum to the fence and Hansel and Gretel following him in pursuit.

As a bunny, Boingo was speeding quite quickly, however, Hansel and Gretel, due to their weight and fatty look, had quite a problems with running and they were not so quick like bunny.

"Come on, kids! Lets go! Move it! Move it!" He was cheering them up.

"Uuf! Phuf! We can not run so fast as you do, fuzzy!" Gretel jelled out, gasping for breath.

"Yeah!" Now Hansel remarked also gasping for breath "This was exactly the worst part of all those exercise – running!"

Thought, the beeping sirens and alarms, loud calling of the personal and dog barking and actually a fear of recapturing gave a strength to trio, when they were running to the opposite side of the asylum and they finally arrived to the fence. Boingo easily leaped to the fence and jelled on the kids, under him:

"Hansel! Gretel! Hurry up!"

However, the kids attempted to jump or climb on the fence numerous time desperately, but it was no use. It was just too high for them and also due to their fatty look. "It cant!" Gretel yelled out. "We are not gonna make it!" Hansel was whining.

"Chmm! Have you ever been doing those regular exercise?" Boingo sighed sarcastically.

"You are not helping!" Gretel jelled out a bit irritated.

"Fine!" Bunny now said seriously, jumped down of the fence and grabbed Hansel:

"I am just gonna throw you there." And he took chubby boy on his shoulder, though it was really hard:

"Uuungh! Boy, you should really take a diet." The bunny stretched his legs, bounced himself from the ground and threw Hansel up, so he managed to grab the fence, however he was slightly struggling to get up.

"Come on!" Boingo then helped Gretel as well, took her, though really hard on her shoulder, stretched, bounced from the ground and there her up, so she managed to grab the fence as well. Hansel who finally managed to get himself up, took her sisters hands and helped her up as well.

Boingo then straightened his ears up, nervously turned his head around as loud calling of the personal and dog barking was just growing stronger and stronger, he swiftly leaped on the fence again near the Hansel and Gretel.

"Jump, now!" Boing ordered. "What!?" Hansel and Gretel yelled out freaked out. "Well, if you guys want to be recaptured..." He remarked simply and jumped of the fence to another side.

Hearing the beeping sirens and alarms and still nearing loud calling of the personal and dog barking, the kids sighed awkwardly: "Aaahh!"

Without second though, they both jumped of the fence, though, unfortunately they landed right on Boingo with a loud grunting and they all were rolling down from the small hill to the bushes.

"Get out of me!" Boingo whined quite angrily, as they get out of the bushes, slightly battered looking, dirty and covered by some leafs. And then they saw a promised parked getaway car – a long, black "limousine!?" with front door opened.

"Is that supposed to be that getaway car, or what?" Hansel called out quite surprised.

"You got me!" Gretel also remarked astonished.

"Who cares!" Boingo jerked out "Lets go!"

And he bolted right to the noble car and kids following him without second thoughts. They quickly get inside, Hansel as a last one closed the door and the limousine, as it would be planed and established, speed off away from the asylum in a moment.


Boingo, Hansel and Gretel, were sitting on the comfortable seats inside of the noble, moving car. Despite there, where they were sitting was a little bit of light, the rest of interior, besides of darkling windows, was shrouded in the deep, cold darkness. It all was quite strange and creepy for a while.

"Eh! Boingo." Gretel whispered slightly nervous, checking the darkness around them "This place gives me the creeps."

"So, where is that "Ally" character?" Boingo asked a bit distrustfully.

"Right here, dears." Boingo, Hansel and Gretel jerked out, jumping fright as a quite rough cold voice, actually rather like freeze echoed from a deep, silent darkness in front of them.

In that moment, a small light flashed out the interior and in front of bunny and kids appeared quite a high, strong person, though still shrouded in dark, only the shape lines of the character were seen, but still very hard to determine who it was. It rather looked like the shadow followed him. He was sitting comfortably in a seat of different side, holding and drinking a glass of martini with ice.

He then turned his somewhat like coned head, resembling something like beak on it, his face still covered by dark and attention to slightly surprised and somewhat uncertain trio and spoke up gently:

"I am glad you made it, Mr Boingo, Mr Hansel and Miss Gretel. Would you like some drink, chilled out martini?"

Boingo, Hansel and Gretel, astonished, were quite speechless for a while, only their mouths wide opened, though Boingo delivered a confidence to himself a bit and spoke up:

"Ehm. We are pleased to meet you and thanks for helping us out. But, why have you freed us anyway? And...who are you?" He asked both gently and cautiously.

"That is not so important." A darkened mysterious person replied with a cool calm. "The more important thing is, that you are all free now. You don't know how much it means for me."

"Heh?" Bunny and kids were wondered, still uncertain, like they knew even less than before.

"You three are just infamously notorious criminals and evil masterminds actually." Shadow guy continued coldly and fingered by his strange, fin like hand on Boingo.

"You, Mr Boingo are that famous "Goodie bandit", the guy, who had attempted to steal and gain all recipes, establish and go his own snack food manufacturing company and eventually almost succeed in becoming the "king" of the Forest..."

"And you two," He then pointed Hansel and Gretel "Hansel and Gretel. Well, at first innocent looking little kids, who had been kidnapped and threaten to be eaten by evil Witch, eventually revealed to be evil in fact, you had attempted to steal a secret recipe for Super Truffle with a help of the Witch, and then you captured notorious baker, Granny Pucket in order to make her do the truffle for you, so you could get superhumanly strong and invincible. Everything was going perfectly so far and you even almost succeeded in that as well."

"You are almost a legends, guys."

Charmed and astonished be mysterious guys sudden and strange interest, bunny and kids looked and each other:

"Oh, well..." Boingo spoke up charmed though slightly uncertain "Thi-this is really nice of you, that you are admiring and respect us like that and we value that, really. But, it still does not explain, why you helped us out and we are here anyway."

"Yeah. We do not get it." Hansel and Gretel replied.

Shadow guy only smirked and said: "Well...I was wondering...If you three would like to work for me?"

Hearing something like that, Boingo, Hansel and Gretel were just staring, totally astonished with their mouth slightly opened, but after while they all three burst in to laughter:

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" They laughed. The shadow guy listening their laughing at, though he maintained cool calm with a serious frown look in his face shrouded in dark.

After a while, when the laugh substituted, Boingo started:

"Work for you?! You got to be kidding me, right? Boingo, the bunny works for nobody!" He refused menacingly.

"Yeah!" Now Gretel joined "And neither do we! Right, brother?" She asked her brother.

"Well...Yeah!" Hansel admitted.

Listening this refuse and mocking, a mysterious character only replied without any sign of anger or disappointment: "I can reward generously."

"Reward?" Hansel was astonished "You would make us even more laugh!"

Now Gretel spoke up, quite seriously: "Well...and WHO ARE YOU anyway? That you are just help anybody out of jail and then offer him working for you, hmm?"

"Yeah." Boingo continued seriously as well "And now we do not mean you name, bud."

Shadow guy only drunk the martini and replied honestly: "Well, lets see that I might be someone just like you three – "an evil schemer and mastermind" with a dark and cold plans.

He then gently took a bottle of martini out of the bin of ice, took some three more glasses, filled them by chilled tasty drink and offered it to his still uncertain and doubtful guests.

"Listen..." He went on calmly "For all those fools outside, who respects the law, right and order, those who fights crime and trying to do their best in order to maintain peace and order, or making the world better and safer place for living, you are just a bunch of criminals, madmans or evil schemers who want to commit crimes, cheating, gaining profit and having power or even rule the entire world." He then paused a bit, bunny and kids watching and listening him cautiously "But I...I see you like a precious partners to me."

"Partners?!" Boingo, Hansel and Gretel jelled out astonished.

"Mmhm." Shadow guy smirked and nod his head slightly "Your experience in lying, sneaking, cheating, evil scheming, gloating being evil. My wealth, intellect and meticulous plans will enable us to rule the world."

Boingo, Hansel and Gretel, though still uncertain yet somewhat astonished and charmed looked at each other thoughtfully.

"Well..." Boingo started after a while "Before we go on, we would like to know more about your plans, whatever it is."

"I thought you will never ask." Shadow guy smiled deviously and offered a bowl of sweats to his quests.

"Please, just help yourselves." He said politely.

Of course, joyous Hansel and Gretel did not let themselves to prompt and with a greatest pleasure took some.

And as they were eating the sweats with a smacking and munching, Boingo only sighed and said:

"Well, talk."

The shadow guy only smirked again.

After a while of explaining...

"Well, what do you think?" Shadow guy asked cautiously, yet slightly excited in response of trio about explaining of his plans and drunk chilled martini from his glass.

Boingo, Hansel and Gretel were now totally speechless for a while, only their mouths opened by astonishment and impression.

Eventually Boingo recuperated from his astonishment first and spoke up:

"Well...ehm...Mr...I was cheating, smuggling, stealing, renting mercenaries for dirty work and I even intended to establish and go my own snack food manufacturing company and wanted to be a "king", but this...this is the most dangerous, the most evil and the most coldest plan I had ever heard." He said slightly muttering.

"Yeah." Now Hansel and Gretel spoke up, their mouth dirty of sweats and still slightly munching "Even that we were gloating of being evil, cheating, sneaking and becoming nearly invincible due to super truffle." Hansel remarked astonished.

"But this...this is really something." Gretel completed her brother.

"So?" Shadow guy asked once more gently "Do you want to go in it with me, or what?"

"Well, we still do not know." Boingo replied uncertainly.

"I am afraid, that I got to agree with fluffy here." Gretel admitted. "We are all maybe bad guys with evil intentions, scheming and plans..."

"But this really falls below our levels off." Hansel now completed her sister.

"What if I give you a million dollars? For each of you." Shadow guy smiled.

Bunny and evil kids now cut off by astonishment again:

"Ehh! Is this...some kind of joke?" Boingo muttered.

"I never joke about anything serious. And I ensure you, that I would offer you more than that." Shadow guy smirked.

"Which is?" Hansel and Gretel asked curiously.

"Absolute power, ruling and taking part of control and dominance over the entire world, by my side." Shadow guy confirmed.

"And, what about lifelong supplying of goodies?" Hansel asked excited. Gretel and Boingo only sighed and rolled their eyes, but shadow guy only answered:

"Hmm...Okay. No problem."Shadow guy said gently.

"And...something far more?" Now Boingo asked slightly sly.

"Well..." Shadow guy continued "You also could seek and get revenge against those, who has ever aggrieved, humbled or humiliated you and send you to the jail. Like, for example Red Puckett, her grandmother Granny Puckett or Wolf W. Wolf."

"Plus..." He continued "Something even more extra."

"Which is?" Bingo, Hansel and Gretel asked really curiously about that.

"Patience my friends." Shadow guy moderated the trio "It will come with some time."

He then paused for a while, drunk a martini again and asked once more:

"Well...So what? I am going to ask one more time: Are you going in it with me, or not?"

Now Boingo, Hansel and Gretel, impressed all their mysterious hosts interpretation, plans and intentions, the trio closed up together, whispering and discussing quietly the whole situation. Shall they accept the offer or refuse? Go with him or without him? In order to have wealth, fame and power, getting their revenge and taking part on the world dominance and rule? Shadow guy did not say anything, waited patiently, not pressing for an answer, just quietly waiting, drinking the glass of martini.

Finally, after some while of silence, Boingo spoke up both determined and enthusiastic:

"Mr., whoever you are...We are going in it!"

"Yeah!" Gretel joined "Because, if something big, illegal or evil happens..."

"We want to be a part of it!" Hansel completed.

A devious malicious satisfied smile appeared in the shadows guys face shrouded in dark:

"You have chosen wisely my friends." And he lifted his glass of martini up in order to toast."Well, lets then make a toast for our common cooperation and future." He proclaimed.

Boingo, Hansel and Gretel also lifted their glasses of martini up and each one spoke up:

"For a wealth, fame and power." Hansel stated "For revenge against those who has ever hurt and humiliated us." Gretel stated "For worlds dominance and rule."Boingo finished and the trio tap the glasses of chilling drink with a mysterious shadow character with satisfaction and mean looking faces and all drunk the martini together.

"So..." Boingo asked after a few moments "What are we going to do now...boss?"

Shadow guy only smiled again and said: "Now...everything is evolving exactly according to plan. It is very close before finishing. And I will personally supervise and fix that, but...I need you to do something for me."

Bunny and evil kids looked and each other quite surprised, but Boingo yet said: "Well, we owe you for getting us from the jail. So, what exactly do you want us to do for you?" He asked wondered yet modestly.

"I want you to provide something for me. Exactly, a "key" for implementing the plans a to my and yours future." The shadow guy stated still with his calm gentle tone.

"Granny Puckets Recipes?" Boingo asked , trying to estimate what kind of "key" it might be.

"Super Truffle?" Now Hansel and Gretel estimated.

"Or maybe, cash?" The trio now spoke up together.

Shadow guy grinned:" No, my dear protégés. Something more valuable...and also powerful."

"Please..." Boingo stated curiously and wondered "What might be more valuable and powerful then a book full of great recipes, a truffle that can make you invincible and case full of money?"

Shadow mysterious guy, shrouded in dark smiled maliciously and stated proudly:

"A little...light-blue...stone, know as..."Ice Heart"."