Annie and Finnick were my 2 favorite characters in the last 2 books of The Hunger Games Trilogy and I had to make a story dedicated to JUST them. This was made based on the wonderful characters of The Hunger Games so Suzanne Collins (my idol) owns everything. This is my first fanfiction so don't hate ! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Chapter 1- Insane With Admiration

"GRAB MY HAND!" I awake with a sudden jolt as my nightmare recedes. It's just the usual nightmare; my mother drowning in a lake of blood. Every time I meet her as she is falling, her confused eyes find me and I have to try and swim down to get her. Then as my finger tips always reach hers, she suddenly starts to turn to ash little by little. She always mouths something to me just as she completely obliterates into the lake but, I seem to never understand her as my fear gets the best of me and I wake up screaming bloody murder.

You see, my mother did drown. My father, mother, and I had to go on this big fishing trip for District 4. It was basically a trip to see which family could get the most fish and whichever one did got the prize award. My family and I were dirt poor and had to attend. It was the biggest boat I had ever seen. I was only 3 then and had no real understanding of what was going on. All I knew was that we were going to live in a boat for 3 months. Well, as we were traveling back to our home on the third month, money in hand because my father is the best fisher in District 4, a huge storm came out of nowhere and rocked the boat to no end. My mom was out on the railings searching for me, my father and I on the railings searching for her. But, just as we met eyes, the boat jolted and my mother was thrown overboard. In complete shock, I just watched as she mouthed something at me, and traveled under the ocean never to be seen again.

It was in spite of the event that my father opened up a fishing supplies store so that he will never have to directly fish again. Due to arthritis, he was crippled, so now the burden of the store is put on my shoulders but, that store is my pride and joy so I enjoy the task of running it. It also makes my father proud of me, puts food on the on the table, and every once in a while brings a smile to his face. That image is priceless.

So as I sweep the floors of The Cresta's Fishing Supplies Store, I hear the familiar ring of the bell on the bike. It's the newspaper boy making his rounds again. I have had a hopeless crush on him since I first saw him on that boat but, have only had the courage to just view him from afar as he does his job every Sunday. That one sight is enough to satisfy me the whole week as his bronze colored skin shimmers with every move, his sea green eyes look as if I could swim directly in them, and his perfect sunkissed hair blows directly with the wind. Only Finnick Odair could ever get me this insane with admiration.

Today is the day that I actually get a closer look at him from the porch as he makes his rounds. Just pretend to sweep Annie. So I casually walk out into the disgustingly humid summer air of District 4. The bright sun beats down on what is known as The Orbine. The Orbine is the section of District 4 dedicated to stores. It is also the home of the Justice Building where innocent children get reaped for The Hunger Games. All of the stores make a big circle and the Justice Building stands as the head of it. In the middle is the field where the District crowds into annually for the Hunger Games. But no crowds swarm the field today. It's summer and all the children are playing without a care in the world.

Oh! There he is! Okay just casually sweep Annie … casually sweep. I do rhythmic back-and-forths with my broom and glance upward to find a newspaper coming right at my face.

"Ouch!" I exclaim. Finnick looks up at me and realizes what he did.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-"CRASH! Poor Finnick runs into a palm tree as he looses focus and immediately tumbles to the ground. He swiftly gets up and says, "I'm really sorry. Are you okay miss?"

"I think we're even. Don't worry," I say to him. I am so baffled that he would even speak to me that I don't notice the heavy footsteps of the District's Peacekeepers walking toward my store with the intention of shutting me down.