This will be shorter than the first one, just because I had two ideas and couldn't decide between the two which I liked better.

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I had no idea how to do this without making Sam look like a total loser, which I know I did in the first chapter, so please just bear with me.

"Thanks for stopping by, boys." The pretty blonde waitress, Samantha, placed her hand on Sam's shoulder, giving him a quick wink. Sam smiled and blushed, he occupied himself with the bill.

The guys left the diner and went to their car, and drove to their hotel.

The hotel was overbooked, and the only room available was a two-bedroom suite, instead of their usual motel room. The owner gave them the room for cheap.

They made it back, bypassing the haunted road, and dumped all their gear on the couch in the main room.

Dean made straight for the shower, leaving Sam his choice of bed. The one in the studio, or the one with the door.

Door, naturally. It would be nice to not have Dean panic over him if he had one of his vision nightmares.

He grabbed his laptop to do some research. He got started, reviewing the history of the road, and found it was very close to the camp Samantha mentioned.

He should have given her his number. Maybe then Dean would get off his back about never getting laid.

Dean stepped out from his shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped from the bathroom.

Sam wasn't in the studio, and the door was closed, meaning he claimed the other room.

"Bastard." He couldn't blame Sam, he would've done the same thing too, but more obnoxiously.

Dean dumped out all of his clothes onto his bed, but failed to find the shirt he wanted. Sam likely took it. It was worn and old, but soft.

His prude of a brother was likely asleep or researching too hard rather than doing anything worth hiding, so Dean just walked in without knocking.

He found Sam laying on his bed, headphones in, leaning on his elbow.

He must not have heard Dean come in, as he was still fixed to the screen.

Dean stepped to go look at what was holding his brother's attention when Sam suddenly jumped, slammed the laptop shut and yanked out his headphones.

"Dean, what are you doing in my room!" Sam was blushing ferociously and threw the laptop to the other side of the bed. Dean smiled, he knew what he had found.

"What are you doing on there?" He gestured to the abandoned laptop.

"Nothing. Researching. What do you want?"

Researching, huh? Are you looking up something straightforward, or maybe a little more classy? I think you're into classy shit. Pole dancing and hot tubs." Sam's eyes darted to his headphones. He was caught red-handed.

"I'm looking up broadcasts of the disappearances." Sam spoke windily and quickly.

Dean was not an idiot, however, and was caught on more than one instance. He knew the routine.

"Oh yeah, I see." Dean let his eyes wander. Sam's hands were no where near the laptop, if caught off guard, he could easily grab it, run to the bathroom, lock the door and see what he was looking at.

Good plan, so he did.

Sam didn't realize what Dean was doing until he was out of the room. Sam shot up and followed him to the bathroom, pounding on the door.

"Give it back, Dean!" He tried the knob, but it was locked.

"You're a horrible liar, Sammy!" Dean shot through the door.

He sat down on the bathtub and pulled open the browser. Six tabs, all private browsing, all different sites and queries.

Dean flipped through them, proud of his younger brother for having at least decent taste. All blonde, all marginally attractive, nothing creepy.

"I like your taste, Sammy!" Dean yelled through the door.

"Shut up, give it back!" Sam actually sounded embarrassed.

Dean laughed and kept flipping through. All the videos were paused at a place left to buffer where nothing was showing. It could've been accidental but all six times?

And only six tabs? Man this kid was picky.

Dean opened the door to find a very red, very angry Sam.

"I don't want to hear it. Please, just give me my laptop back."

"Hell no! Not that now I know what you're going to do tonight! How do you expect me to sleep?"

"Please, Dean."

"Aw alright. I'm not too worried. If your pants weren't off at the ten minute mark, I'm sure they ain't going anywhere." Dean was all smiles, but Sam looked bitter.

"Can you please, for once, know when to stop?" He grabbed the laptop and closed all the tabs.

"Are you gay, Sammy? Cause it's okay, but I mean, you haven't had another girl since Jessica."

Oh. Whoops.

Sam just looked at Dean with disgust.

"Is this the turmoil you face every time you see a grainy video clip of a naked lady?"

Sam said nothing. He just threw the computer onto Dean's bed and slammed the door to his room.

Dean felt bad, but couldn't help but chuckle.

I was sitting on that line the entire time. I even used italics. It was supposed to be funny.

This didn't go the way I planned, but oh well. It still was okay? Maybe?