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-The Card Aisle-

Crazy beautiful slept on her stomach and sideways on the bed. I watched for twenty minutes, debating whether or not to wake her up or go off on my own. It would be a risk taking her. She didn't know shit about robbing a convenience store, and her presence would make me nervous. What if some brave fucker pulled out a gun and shot her?

It's fucking happened before. Rose almost lost her fucking life that way, but the guy's gun jammed. Emmett was so fucking pissed; he just popped one off in the store owners head. They never robbed together after that...well, they stopped altogether. They dealt whatever drugs I'd gave them. It was safer.

So, how in the fuck would I handle something like that? The fact that I was sitting here and fucking pondering my options told me that I was way in over my fucking head.


Running my hands through my hair and gritted my teeth, grinding them down.

The sun wasn't even up yet. I needed to make a God damn decision. There was still so much to fucking do. There was a store up the road, I'd scoped out when we came in last night. It was hidden from the highway, which meant that it wasn't busy and easily overlooked. I liked that. It made for an uncomplicated hold up.

But even still, looks can be deceiving and I didn't want to fully commit to it until I knew for sure.

Bella shifted in the bed and my head snapped up, eyes blurred and weary. If she awoke up now, I knew she would insist on going and I wouldn't be able to tell her no.


Yeah…I couldn't let her go with me on this one. I needed more time to scope out the place, making sure it was safe until I brought her into it. Besides, I needed to fucking prep her. The only thing she's done was shop-lift a roll a tape and steal a Lamborghini, not an easy feat, but not as precarious as sticking a gun in someone's face and demanding fucking money.

Resolute, I stood up from my chair and tucked my gun into my back waistband; I stuffed the black ski mask into my pocket and grabbed a spare pillowcase. It wasn't exactly MacGyver, but it'll have to do.

Leaning over, the bed squeaky and moving under my weight, I kissed crazy beautiful on the cheek. She stirred, mumbling something about me and then rolled away, burying her head under a pillow.

"Happy birthday, crazy girl," I whispered. "I'll be right back."


"So, what the fuck, Edward, you guys are just going to stay gone?" Emmett asked, his voice boomed over the phone earpiece.

I was in the store walking through the aisles, examining the owner and the customers that came in. There were no cameras and it was off on its own, completely lying low and under the radar. It was sad really, fucking begging to be robbed. The old guy behind the counter was fucking sleeping for fuck's sake.

"I don't know what my plans are. I didn't really think that far ahead," I said, distracted. I was too wrapped up in getting Bella card. Fuck, I didn't even know what to get her. Cards were a fucking waste of money, but chicks seemed to like them.

I didn't know if I should get something mushy and insincere or go for something that meant something to the both of us…

"You haven't thought that far ahead?" Emmett snorted, bringing me back to the conversation at hand. "Fuck, man, that's gotta be some top shelf pussy. That girl is melting your brain."

"Jesus Christ, Em, don't you fucking talk about her like that," I hissed.

"Right, sorry, no disrespect, dude, alright?" he paused, and then sprung it on me. "You love her?"

I laughed. "That's fucking obvious."

"Yeah, that was a stupid question. I'm just fucking hungry. Rose is taking forever to get ready," he said, and then he yelled loudly, nearly busting my fucking eardrum. "We're going to Taco Bell, woman, not fucking Red Lobster! Hurry your ass up!"

I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to keep the fucking headache at bay. Standing in this fucking store, listening to Emmett bitch about Rose and all their nonsensical bullshit was not how I wanted to spend the morning of my girlfriend's birthday.

"Can you fucking focus for a minute, Emmett? Please?" I snapped.

"Look, Edward, you gotta do something. Fucking Caius has been asking about you."

"Fuck him, man. He doesn't …" I paused, looking up at the old man behind the counter, still sleeping, but took on to snoring loudly now. My conversation was going unnoticed, "need me to smuggle in drugs, alright? He's got you and Jazz."

"It's not even about that, Eddie…you fucked him over, remember? You gotta come home, man, and deal with this."

The last trip to Mexico was a fucking failure. It was the first time I'd been away from Bella after spending day after day immersed in her scent, and the second it was gone, I fucking lost my shit.

I was a madman going through withdrawals. That was what started it all, and Emmett and Jasper were so fucking fed-up with me. I was constantly agitated and snapping at them. I was bigger asshole than usual. It's why we ended the trip early. I couldn't stay focused. My mind was always in Arizona where Bella was, sleeping warmly in my bed. I just wanted to go home. But in the process, I fucked over Caius and didn't meet up with him like we planned. I was an idiot for doing that, but I figured I could see him when he came into Tucson the following week. Then that shit with Bella and the Lamborghini happened, and everything just fell apart.

I was in deep fucking shit.

"We're not coming back," I said.

"Damn it, Edward! Why are you always fucking running, man? If it isn't from an arranged marriage or the law, it's from Caius."

I groaned, not needing to hear this fucking lecture again. He was more than willing to pack up our shit on my God damn wedding day and head to Arizona, but now what? He's calling me out on my shit? Like a fucking hypocrite.

"Listen, fucker, I gotta go. Keep me updated if shit gets bad out there," I said, not even waiting for him to respond as I snapped my phone closed. Two seconds later my phone vibrated, and I knew he would be harassing me all day now.

Fucking perfect.

"Do you need help, sir," a gruff voice asked.

I shot my eyes down at the older gentleman, who had moved from his spot behind the counter and now staring up at me. He had milky blue eyes, obviously over taken with Glaucoma.

"Ugh, no," I said, clearing my throat. "It's my girl's birthday today and I'm just picking out a card to for her."

He nodded, smiling. "If I know anything about women, son, is that you go with what's in here." He reached out and poked me in the chest with his finger.

I narrowed my eyes at him, not wanting to laugh. "I think I got it."

"Well, it's just a piece of advice from an old man," he said, winking. "I'll be up front when you're ready."

He left me alone, and I got some calm to put my fucking head together and pick out a card for Bella. It didn't look like much when I first saw it, but the more I read it, the more it meant sense to us. Kind of like an inside joke. God knows if I bought her one of those cards that was all prissy and romantic, she would see right through it.

No, this was the better choice.

Walking up to the front, I paid for the card with a five dollar bill and told the owner to keep the change. It was an ironic gesture, considering what I was about to do. Leaving the store, I went over to the side of the building and signed the card. I shoved it in the back waistband of my pants and waited fifteen minutes. During that time, I watched the front, getting my gun together and putting on my ski mask. No customer came to the store. No car passed by on the road. All was quiet.

It was nine thirty-three in the morning when I reentered the store and robbed him.

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