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This Chopward outtake is right after their first kiss (second one for him) in the car after the pool hall. It's going back quite a bit. It's short, but most of the stuff I post with him will be different and not always in order. At any rate, enjoy.


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

I didn't look. I knew who it was. Jake. That fucking prick. He had been at me all day. Taunting me. Pushing me.

He was grating on my last nerve.

"This movie is crazy—but good," Bella said, and I turned to her and smiled. The awe in her voice caught me by surprise. I hadn't expected her to enjoy it so much. "Why is it that I'm just finding out about it?"

"Probably because when this movie was released you were still in diapers."

I tipped my beer back and mentally calculated the year of when Natural Born Killers was made and how old Bella was now.

Ninety-four...was she even born then?

I swallowed and choked as guilt reared its ugly fucking head.

Jesus Christ!

She was a kid. What the fuck was I doing with her? Crossing the fucking line, that's what. An hour ago, I had my lips on hers and my mind on where they wanted to be, meanwhile, trying with all my might to constrain my God damn hard-on from busting out of my jeans.

Yeah, I was a sick fucking lunatic.

Bella laughed at my lame joke, even snorted a little, pulling me out of my hell and making me forget all the reasons why I should be staying away from her.

Instead, like a masochistic asshole, I scooted closer to her on the couch.

"They are dangerous together," Bella said, following my lead and closed the remaining gap. I was assaulted with the smell of her, this sweet vanilla. She was a God damn cupcake, "but it makes sense..."

Buzz. Buzz.

I gritted my teeth and pulled out my phone. Yup. It was that fucker. I narrowed my eyes and opened the text.

"…their passion..."

Have you fucked her yet?

My body tensed, and I opened the next one.

"…that fire..."

Is she tight?

What the fuck?

I stared at it for a good minute, not believing the pair on this asshole.

"…even when they kill so brutally..."

Buzz. Buzz.

The prick was trying to get under my skin. He was fucking up movie night with my girl.

She's not mine. I don't even know the kid. I should have killed her. Damn this heart of gold of mine.

"...there is that underlying love."

Buzz. Buzz.

Another message came in, and I knew that I shouldn't fucking read it, but, of course, I fucking relented—like an idiot.

Tell me, lover boy, did her pussy tear?


That was it. I could feel the blind fury pulsating behind my eyes. It blocked out all stimuli...there was red, nothing but encompassing red and crushing of my phone in my fist.

"It's kind of romantic, you know?"

Fuck! I was so pissed. I couldn't even focus on my girl—on Bella—or whatever the fuck she was saying.

Calm down.

I needed a fucking plan. It wasn't smart to act out irrationally and on emotion. That's how assholes get killed. That was what Jake wanted. No, I won't allow him to get me all worked up. Deep breath. Watch the movie. I'll deal with that fucker later.

Bella was unaware of the murderous thoughts in my mind and I wanted to keep it that way.

"You're funny," I said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to me.

She didn't fight, smiling as she fell into my side and rested her head against my shoulder.

"Why do you say that?"

I wrapped my arms around her and breathed in. My fucked-up head filled with thoughts of her and that prohibited scent.

It calmed me.

"Because you're rooting for the bad guys."

"I guess. I just...that's the way I want to be."

Her statement confused me.


The movie was midway through and the main characters were on a killing spree. Blood. Guns. Gore. There was no way she wanted this for a life.

Bella was too good.

"What?" she repeated, equally confused.

"You want to fucking kill people?"

She laughed again.

Fuck! I was addicted to that laugh.

"No, no, not the killing part," she said, pointing at the flat screen, "I want to be this..." Mallory and Mickey stood on a bridge, slicing their fucking palms open, and got married, "…so crazy and toxic and dangerously in love."

Jasper's warning was loud and clear, but I ignored it because of my selfish wants. Staying away from her was the right thing to do—which made me want her more.

I didn't like doing the right thing.

"You got some issues, Kid," I said, my eyes falling on my crippled phone, lit up and vibrating in my hand.

"Yeah, I know," she said with a yawn, slinking her body down and closing her eyes.

I will kill that fucker tonight. That was for certain. But right now, I was anchored to Bella and I wasn't going anywhere.

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