A/N: Hey everyone. I've written down what happened to Bella's grandmother during her time on the island. Each chapter (not counting a/n) is exactly 100 words. Hope you enjoy it. You might also want to read Elizabeth Cullen's story. It's only on TWCS. FF pulled it.

Thanks to texasbella who got me to write this drabble. Thanks for Jessica for making the amazing banner! and thanks to Bec for betaing it, and finding the chapter that had 101 words when I was done writing the entire thing. BTW, AN, including this, exactly 100 words!

My entire existence is a lie. I know my real name, though speaking it is punishable by being locked in the dark, without food or water for two days, only let out to be beaten, returned back to the dark until the next beating. I made that mistake only once.

Now I answer only to my new name. A name given to me by my adoptive father. The name of his late wife, who took her life, and the life of his daughter. I was brought here to replace her. That is how I came to be the second Elizabeth.

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