AN: Interview with Charles Swan Sr. Unbeta'd, cause well, that just wouldn't be right.

Noc: So hey everyone. I know a lot of you asked for Charles' POV from The Second Elizabeth. I decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions about what happened. I invited him and Liz over to join K, Bec and me for our morning coffee.

K: Hey Charles, Liz. Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Liz: No dear, let me get it.

K: Don't be silly. You are our guests. Cream or sugar?

Charles: Just black. Liz is sweet enough just sitting next to me.

Bec: awwww isn't he sweet!

Liz: He just wants a kiss.

Noc: Then give him one :)

*Liz kisses Charles.

All: Awwww

Noc: Ok, let's get down to business. People wanna know what got you onto that crazy island?

Charles: Well I was looking for a job. Times were tough then. I had experience with horses and when I heard that there was an opening as groomsman for this guy Marcus, I took the job. It paid relatively well for the time, and included room and board.

K: So what did you think when you first saw Elizabeth?

Charles: When I first saw Liz I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. It was a really sunny day, and she was on Sebastian, but the sun was behind her and it kind of made a halo around her. I swore she was an angel.

Liz: Oh Charles. You make it sound like some sort of fairy tale.

Charles: Well it was to me. Then of course, she fainted in my arms. I was so scared. I thought Marcus was going to kill me. I was shaking when I carried her to the house. I had no idea what had happened to her. Of course, if I had known then, I would have just cared for her myself. I still wish I had killed those bastards!

Liz: Calm down Charles. *pats his hand* I'm fine now.

Bec: So Charles, tell us about the next encounter with Liz. I believe there was a water trough involved?

Charles: I don't think that I will ever forget that moment. My wife, Miss Graceful, here.

Liz: Oh shut up Charles *giggle*

Charles: She gave me the show of a lifetime. I swear, that even now, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. It was the first time I'd seen nipples.

Liz: Charles!

Charles: Oh Liz, really? Have you read what these women write? This isn't going to shock them. This is the 21st century you know. Anyway, you could see the outline of her nipples through the shirt. They were small and pink, and did things to me, if you know what I mean.

Liz: Charles I swear!

K: giggle, no tell us!

Charles: Oh, I'm sure you know. But did you know that when she saw that I was staring at them, they hardened? I was done for at that point. She thinks that I gave her my shirt to protect her from Marcus and Aro, but really, I was just afraid that all of the blood was rushing from my head to my, ur, well, you know. I was afraid that I was going to pass out.

Liz: *giggles* Now look who's blushing.

Noc: Ok, so a tough question. So once you realized what Aro and Marcus were up to, how they treated Liz, why didn't you try to escape, to get help?

Charles: You know I thought about it. I could have quit, gone back to the mainland. I probably could have even told the police, but they wouldn't have done anything. I mean, she was a minor, and in those days, they didn't investigate much. I also knew that Marcus was powerful. He would have just bought his way out of trouble. Besides, I wasn't sure Liz would have wanted to go. And even if she did, I didn't think she would want to go with me.

Liz: Oh, you know I would have.

Charles: I do now. *holds her hand*

K: You two are so sweet!

Liz: So are you two, and don't think we haven't noticed.
*K and Bec blush*

Bec: So tell us about that first kiss. How far was it going to go?

Charles: I just had to kiss her. I'd been thinking about it for a long time. I just had to be sure that she had no feelings for Aro. You know, I had every intention of getting her off of that island. I had saved up all of the money I'd made there and I was going to just wait until her birthday to take her. I figured that once she was eighteen they wouldn't be able to force her to come back.

K: So the kiss?

Charles: The kiss. It was perfect. You don't know what kissing her did to me. I have no idea how far it would have gone because I was resisting the urge to kiss her in places that gentlemen don't talk about. I wanted to see her body, nude in the sun. Something I did have the privilege of seeing many times once we were away. *grins*

Liz: Charles, please!

Charles: Oh really Liz, like they don't know.

Bec: giggles

Noc: How scared were you when you got caught.

Charles: You would think I would have been scared, and I was, but not for myself. I was scared for her. Aro seemed so enraged. I was afraid that he would hurt her so badly. I wanted to tear my arms off when he had me tied to that tree. I felt like I'd failed her. Like it was my fault.

K: It wasn't your fault. It was Aro's fault.

Charles: You can say that all you want, but a man is supposed to protect the women he loves. And I didn't. Twice.

Liz: Let's not go there, Charles. You had no idea.

Noc: So when they put you on that ship, what made you decide to go back for Liz?

Charles: Well, I knew I couldn't live without her. The only decision I had to make was when we would escape. I did consider going back to the mainland, getting the police or just a boat and coming back for her, but I was worried it would take too long. I was worried that they would, um, well, violate her.

Noc: Weren't you worried you would get caught?
Charles: I was terrified. I knew if they caught me, they would kill me and then no one would be there to help her. I needed to survive to protect her.

K: Did you really think that you were going to get to save Sebastian?

Charles: *laughs* No, but what Liz wants, Liz gets.

Noc: You said earlier that you failed twice. Were you talking about Bella?

Charles: *sighs* Yes. If I would have killed Aro, none of this would be happening. And he wouldn't have hurt Beth Cullen either.

Liz: Charles, we can't live with what ifs. You know if you would have killed him, he would have never raped Beth Cullen, but she also wouldn't have gotten pregnant with Carlisle, and there would be no Edward. I bet if she had it to do again, she would have, just to have him. Just like I would endure the island again, so that I could have you. And I'm sure when it's all over, Bella will feel the same about it and Edward.

Charles: I don't know about that. What she is going through is pretty awful.

K: You know, readers are going to wonder if you know about what is going on, why haven't you helped, why haven't you said anything?

Liz: Well, we can't help much. You know we aren't exactly "of this world" anymore.

Noc: Yeah I know. When I wrote your story, I didn't include your deaths in the epilogue, but it is in Involuntary Rapture.

Charles: My only regret about our death is that we didn't get to see our grandchildren grow up more. But we were together, and it was quick.

*Bec looks questioningly*

K: Car crash

Bec: Oh

K: So what do you think of Edward and Jasper?

Charles: I feel for both of them. Jasper is in a similar position that I was. He's an employee. He could leave, but he won't. You know that people wonder why he doesn't just call the police. People forget how he got that job. His professor at school knew about it. You have no idea how big that network is. Where do you think organized crime gets half of their girls from? There is a lot of corruption going on. If he gets caught, tells the wrong person, anything, he's dead and Alice is alone. You remember the faked crash. You know those dumped bodies? Those were people who made noise. One, a new security guard mentioned that he thought that they were mistreating women. He was beaten to death. That's it. The same would happen to Jasper and he knows it. Jasper has been to some of the parties. He's seen some of the politicians there, some very powerful men. He knows it's not as simple as just getting off the island. And to make it worse, up until very recently, he didn't know that Alice was even aware that she wasn't ten. He still isn't sure that she would turn on her father.

You know, when we escaped, there was little to no security. I guess they were arrogant in thinking that Liz wouldn't try to escape. They got tougher with Beth. Locked her in, bars on the windows. Anthony was quite lucky actually. If they had known he was coming, he would have never gotten near her. Now, that island is a virtual fortress. There is a team of security guards, Dimitri is just one of them. There are groundskeepers, the new person who cares for the animals, others who come and go. It would be impossible to take them all out at once. And even if they took out Aro and James, there would be many more who would happily sell off Alice, Tanya, Bella and Victoria to the highest bidders. Jasper is well aware of this, and that is why he hasn't tried anything.

K: Why do you think that Carlisle or Beth or Anthony haven't suspected Aro?

Liz: You know, I've wondered that. And Carlisle did, when Alice went missing. But when they searched for him, they found that he and Marcus were both dead.

Bec: Dead?

Liz: Well, at that time Marcus was. Aro faked his death. Nothing glamorous, or exciting, just had a death certificate printed. I'm not even sure why. Who knows with that crazy man. Anyway, they dropped it, and that's likely why they haven't thought of him now. And you know, they don't suspect foul play. Emmett and Rosalie told them that there was turbulence, and they did find the bodies of one of the pilots and the flight attendant.

K: Who was the flight attendant. It wasn't Tanya.

Noc: She was a woman James was "breaking"

K: Oh, I remember now.

Noc: In IR, all that I said was that James got carried away. She was the entertainment at a party. Things got out of hand. She died.

K: Hey, this interview is turning sad, let's get back to you two. You know that in The Second Elizabeth, we never got to hear about your wedding night.

Liz: *blushes* I wasn't even eighteen.

Charles: Woman, you were my wife, you didn't expect me to wait weeks to have you did you?

Liz: *giggles*

Charles: And if I remember correctly, it was you who made the first move.

Bec: Oh do tell!

Charles: Well, we got married in the courthouse, we really didn't have any plans. I knew we needed to get away as far and as fast as possible. I had some money, but I wanted to save it, but I also wanted to give Liz the wedding night she deserved. So we rode out of town and a few towns over. I found a farm on the outskirts of town and knocked on the door. I was going to ask if I could board Sebastian there for the night, and if they knew of a place we could get a room for the night. The farmer's wife answered the door and said her husband was out of town for the weekend on a hunting trip, but that we could board the horse. She offered me free board if I would help her with the chores. I gladly accepted. While I was out tending to Sebastian and the other horses, she and Liz got to talking and Liz told her that we'd just gotten married. She offered for us to stay in her house for the night, saying that she wanted to visit her sister. I thought she was awful trusting, but the woman said that you could just tell good people by looking at them.

K: awwwww, people aren't like that anymore. People would call her crazy in today's world.

Charles: Yeah, it was a different time back then. So after dinner she left. I was never so nervous. I wasn't positive Liz was a virgin. I mean, I had no idea what they had done to here there, and it didn't matter to me at all if she was or not. But um, I was a virgin, and nervous as hell.

Noc: Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you two have only been with each other?

Charles: Yes, not very "modern day" but I was old fashioned. I was going to wait until I was married. Anyway, when I got into bed I was going to tell her that we didn't actually have to do anything, that I was content to just hold her, but that woman *points to Liz* practically attacked me!

Liz: Charles, you make me sound sex crazed.


*laughter all around*

*K snorts*

Liz: I was not sex crazed, I just wanted to be close to you.

Charles: I'm just teasing sweetheart. You were wonderful. She was you know. I didn't tell her until later that I was also a virgin. But I wasn't nervous once she started kissing me. My heart was beating so fast when I took off her nightgown. I kept thinking that it wasn't real, that it was too good to be true. But it wasn't. She gave herself to me. More than once if i recall. *wink*

Liz: Ok, Charles, that's enough.

Bec: awwww, come on, you just got to the good part!

*K reaches over and grabs Bec's hand*

Charles: Well I can say that when we were joined as one, it was the first time in my life that I felt truly complete. *kisses Liz*

Noc: Ok, you two give me hope you know.

Liz: Don't ever give up hope. We know what happened to you. Let it go sweetie. Be happy.

Noc: Yeah, I'm getting there :)

Charles: I hate to break this up, but I have a tee time in a few minutes.

K: They have tee times in heaven?

Charles: Yeah, you would be surprised how similar it is to earth.

Noc: Well, if you ever bump into Marcus, kick him in the balls for me.

Liz: Oh, we won't bump into Marcus. He's not in heaven dear.

Noc: *big smile*

K: Ok, well thanks for coming. Will you be stopping by again?

Liz: I don't think so dear. You can let us go now. We've told our story, but if you need us, you know where we will be. Though we will always be watching. I've got to make sure my girls are alright.

Noc: *nods* Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Liz: It's the least we could do.