Harry Potter: The Game!

Disclaimer: If you recognize anything, I dont own it.

Chapter One: New Game.

Ten year old, Harry James Potter awoke with a start as he felt a strange, unexplainable shift in his little cupboard, as if someone had just brushed past him in the small enclosed space. Sitting up from the bed, he looked around his dark cupboard for the source of the disturbance, his heart pounding in his chest as terrible images of monster and Dursleys passed through his mind.

Luckily for the young boy, there wasn't and drooling monster on enraged Dursley lurking in his cupboard, instead there was a peculiar object resting on his bedside table. The item in question was, strangely enough, a book of all things. This wasn't just any old run of the mill book however, for starters, the book was glowing.

Yes, glowing. The book, which he had never before seen in his life, was surrounded by a golden aura of light; like some kind of divine relic or expensive treasure.

Peering past the golden aura, he noted that the book itself was black in color, with a gold lightning bolt on the cover and, strangely enough, his own name in big, bold, golden letters on the spine.

Harry stared at the book sleepily, his young and tired mind trying (and failing) to comprehend this oddity. He stared at the strange book, the book stared right back, Harry continued staring.

After several minutes of silence, Harry cautiously reached out and picked up the strange book, it hadn't tried to kill him or bite off his face so he may as well take a peek; if only to turn off the aura so he could go back to sleep.

'Wow this is heavy.' he mentally groaned as he brought the tome to his lap. 'Why cant it be smaller?'

As if reading his thoughts, which was a silly notion since books weren't alive or psychic, the large tome suddenly shrunk to the size of a small booklet that seemed to fit perfectly in his hands. Harry simply stared at this abnormal occurrence before shrugging and opening the book to the first page, stranger things had happened in his short life; besides, if the book could glow for no explainable reason, why shouldn't it be able to change its size?

Written on the first page was a note, addressed to him, a note that caused his eyes to widen and a wide grin to cross his face.

To Harry James Potter.

Congratulations! You have been chosen to receive this grand opportunity.

Should you accept, you will find yourself placed into a video game version of your life, able to use the many abilities and reap the many rewards that belong in such events.

Should you refuse however, you will return to sleep and forget this ever happened, doomed to continue what will most likely (but probably not) be a long and boring existence.

So, Harry James Potter, do you accept?

Below the small note two words appeared one after the other.

A glowing green: [Yes]

And a glowing red: [No]

Had he not already witnessed the strangeness of the book -regular books don't glow, change size or have glowing words suddenly appear FYI, Harry would have been saddened by what he would believe to be a cruel joke from his 'loving' relatives.

As it was, he had witnessed its strange abilities, so he took every word from the book to be a true fact and boy was he excited.

He had watched his cousin play many video games over the years and as fun as they had looked, he himself was never allowed to try or even speak about a single one. Like most kids his age -with no friends, a hateful family and a cursed existence, Harry spent much of his time buried in books, losing himself in a world of fantasy and magic. It was for this very reason he was very excited to accept this offer, how many times had he wished that his life was more fantastical? How many times had he wanted to vanish into the strange worlds imagined by his favorite authors?

This was his chance to lead such a life, there was no way he would refuse.

With absolute certainty, Harry reached out and placed a finger on the glowing [Yes].

As he touched the small bit of text, the golden glow surrounding the book flashed green for a moment before returning to gold, signifying his acceptance of his new lot in life. Before his amazed and gleeful sight, the words on the page seemed to fade away, only to be replaced with new ones a moment later.

Good choice Harry!

However, before we can start you on your adventure, there are a few things that you must be informed of.

Harry nodded absently as he read this part, he had skimmed many of the game guides Dudley had discarded in his rush to play his new games and knew that there was always some crucial information that needed to be read before beginning the game; some thing Dudley never seemed to realize, leading to the abandonment of many brand new games in frustration. If this book contained some important information he would need in the future, it was probably a good idea to pay close attention.

First off, the Secrecy Clause.

Due to the nature of our agreement, you are not allowed to inform ANYBODY that you are, in fact, in a video game.

Should you break this rule, it will lead to the instant cancellation of the game and a complete wipe of your memories.

Harry gulped at the severe penalty but nodded nonetheless, after all, who could he tell? He had no one to talk to about it and even if he did, who would believe him?

Secondly, the Book.

This book, which shall be referenced as The Grimoire from now on, is covered with many divine enchantments.

It is through The Grimoire that you will interface with many of the games elements. as such, it is requested that you keep it with you at all times. The Grimoire is capable of shrinking to pocket size should you will it, allowing you to always have it close by.

Once you have begun the game, The Grimoire will only glow when your attention is required, simply flip to the first page to find out what it is. You can also use The Grimoire to view your statistics, inventory, spells and other such things, consult the Table of Contents on the second page to view a list of everything recorded in The Grimoire.

We are also proud to inform you that The Grimoire is completely undetectable to other mortal, no one else will be able to see it, touch it or hear it in any way, shape or form. It is for your eyes only.

Harry smiled and gripped the book tighter. This was his first and only true belonging, he was thrilled to know that no one would ever be able to take it away from him.

Thirdly, the Pause Menu.

Like many video games, this game contains a pause menu from which you can execute a variety of actions. Simply say the word [Pause] to bring up the pause menu. From the pause menu, you may select one of the available options, these options are:

[Continue] - This option will close the pause screen and return you to the game.

[Save] - This option will allow you to create a save file that be loaded at a later time. The game also autosaves before sleep and after major events, you will be informed when an autosave occurs.

[Load] - This option allows you to load and play from a previous save point. There are only a maximum of three save slots and two autosave slots allowed at one time.

[Cheats] - This option will allow you to activate any cheats you have unlocked. As you progress through the game, you will complete a number of achievements or find a number of rare items, some of these achievements or items will unlock certain cheats, making gameplay simpler or sometimes harder for you.

Note: The Pause menu is deactivated until true gameplay begins, so be patient.

Harry pouted as he read the last note, the second he had read about the pause menu, he'd wanted to it out but now he would have to wait.

Lastly, Updates.

This game event is still new and in its beta stages, as such, there are still a great many bugs that need to be fixed and many new implementations to be added. Should we make any changes to the game, you will be alerted through The Grimoire.

Just as he finished reading the last word on the page, the book seemed to pulse in his hands, the golden aura flaring green for a moment before returning to normal. Once more, the text faded away, before new text appeared on the page.

The page was blank except for two words at the top: Character Creation.

As the words passed through his mind, a small picture of himself -drawn from head to toe in his baggy pajamas, appeared off to one side of the page followed by a small note.

Welcome to Harry Potter: The Game.

Before we start, we must first create your character, Harry James Potter.


Are you a [Boy] or [Girl]?

Harry hastily selected [Boy] without a seconds thought, the image of himself flickered but remained the same.


Due to the nature of this game, your primary race is [Human]. You are, however, allowed to select a secondary race.

Base race: Human.
+10 to All Stats.
Race Skills: Racial Pride (Able to use [Human-forged] items with great skill).
Race Flaw: Lower skill when using items forged by non-human races.

[Banshee (Female only)]
+5 Spirit.
+5 Intelligence.
+10 Constitution.
Race Skills: Sonic Screech (Able to emit a high pitch screech capable of rendering the target unconscious).
Race flaw: Inability to speak due to screech ability.

+20 Strength.
+20 Dexterity.
Race Skills: Cosmic Divination (Able to divine various possible futures through star gazing -only useable once a day). Equine Nature (Able to move faster and fight stronger when in a forest or field).
Race Flaw:
Unable to perform any actions unless in a herd of three or more centaurs.

+10 Spirit.
+10 Constitution.
-10 Charisma.
+100% immunity to [Cold] effect.
Race Skills: Soul Stealer (Able to heal self by devouring souls), Detect Life (Able to detect the presence and location of nearby humanoids), Fear Aura (Able to emit an aura of fear to incapacitate nearby humanoids).
Race Flaw: Permanent blindness.

+10 Strength.
+15 Constitution.
Race Skills: Craftsman (Able to craft a wide range of items with great ease and skill).
Race Flaw: Base height reduced by half.

[Fairy (Female only)]
+10 Spirit.
+10 Dexterity.
-10 Intelligence.
Race Skills: Fairy Magic
(Able to conceal presence for a limited time).
Race Flaw:
Extremely vain and mischevious. Base height reduced by three quarters.

+20 Dexterity.
+100% Immunity to physical damage.
Race Skills:
Ethereal (Able to fly unassisted and pass through solid objects).
Race Flaw:
Inability to leave a set location.

+10 Dexterity.
+10 Spirit.
+20 Intelligence.
Race Skills: Wandless Magic
(Able to perform magical feats without the use of a focus). Curse Breaking (Able to dispel curses and wards with 100% certainty -only useable once a month).
Race Flaw: Bound to honor all agreements and contracts.

+20 Strength.
+20 Constitution.
-10 Intelligence.
-10 Charisma.
Race Skills: Great Strength (Able to wield [Large] and [Two-handed] weapons with one hand).
Race Flaw:
Prone to violent outbursts.

[Hag (Female only)]
+10 Intelligence.
+20 Spirit.
-20 Charisma.
Race Skills: Rudimentary Magic (Able to use Race Specific spells).
Race Flaw: Extremely ugly and unsociable.

[House Elf]
+10 Spirit.
+10 Dexterity.
-20 Charisma.
Race Skills: Wandless Magic (Able to perform magical feats without the use of a focus).
Race Flaw: Subservience to all [Magical] races. Base height reduced by half.

+30 Constitution.
-20 Charisma.
-100% resistance to [Burn] effect.
Race Skills: Cannibalism (Able to heal self by consuming raw flesh), Infected (Able to pass on infection and create more Inferius).
Race Flaw: Constantly decomposing.

+5 Intelligence.
+10 Dexterity.
+10 Luck.
Race Skills: Trickster (Able to create traps and pranks with the simplest of tools), Rich Man (Able to create gold coins which last for several hours.)
Race Flaw: Extremely mischevious and untrustworthy. Base height reduced by half.

+5 Strength
+5 Intelligence.
+5 Spirit.
Race Skills:
Of The Sea (Able to breathe underwater), Aquatic Nature (Able to fight stronger and move faster underwater).
Race Flaw: Can only walk on land for twelve hours a day.

+5 All Stats.
Race Skills: Shapeshift
(Able to take on any humanoid form).
Race Flaw:
Extremely clumsy.

+10 Spirit.
+20 Constitution.
Race Skills: Ethereal
(Able to fly unassisted and pass through solid objects).
Race Flaw:
Violent and mischievous nature.

+20 Strength.
+20 Constitution.
-20 Intelligence.
-20 Charisma.
Race Skills: Great Strength (Able to wield [Large] and [Two-handed] weapons with one hand).
Race Flaw: Extremely smelly and violent.

+15 All Stats.
+100% immunity to [Poison] and [Disease] effect.
Race Skills: Vampiric Drain (Able to heal self by ingesting blood), Puppet Master (Able to turn others into obedient ghouls), Glamor (Able to hypnotize the weak willed).
Race Flaw:
Fatal weakness to sunlight.

[Veela (Female only)]
+10 Intelligence.
+10 Dexterity.
+20 Charisma.
Race Skills: Avian Form (Able to fly unassisted while transformed), Veela Nature (Able to cast fire magic without the use of a focus).
Race Flaw:
Causes natural infatuation in males and deep dislike in females.

+10 Strength.
+10 Dexterity.
+10 Constitution.
-20 Charisma.
Race Skills: Lupine Form (Able to transform into a full werewolf under the light of a full moon).
Race Bonus:
Unable to control actions while transformed.

+10 Strength.
+10 Constitution.
+100% immunity to [Cold] effect.
-100% resistance to [Burn] effect.
Race Skills: Mountain Climber (Able to move faster and fight stronger in mountainous regions).
Race Flaw: Unable to perform at full efficiency in hot climates.

Harry's mind boggled as he stared down at the list, many of these races were taken right out of books he had read and the fact that he could choose to join one of these mystical races was exciting.

The Question now was, which race to choose? Each had its ups and downs and while some looked exciting and fun, there were some he wouldn't touch with a ten foot stick.

'Hmm..maybe I should make a list and cross them off as I go?' Harry thought to himself with a slight scowl. 'Right, I'll do that and choose whichever is left over.'

It took him several minutes to make the mental list, the Dursleys never allowed him to keep drawing or writing supplies -heaven forbid he found a way to entertain himself, so he couldn't make a physical list.

The Banshee, Fairy, Hag and Veela were all Female only so they were crossed off first.

Dementors were next to go, he already had poor eyesight, being completely blind was in no way appealing.

The Giant, Troll and Poltergeist were crossed off soon after, their natures reminded him of his cousin and Uncle and there was no way he would be anything like those two.

The Dwarf and Leprechaun was crossed off next, he was short enough as it is, he didn't feel like losing half his current height. The House Elf was crossed off for much the same reason, but mostly because he had no wish to be subservient to anyone, obeying the Dursleys was already bad enough.

The Ghost went next, being trapped and bound to one location for however long this game lasted sounded terribly boring. It was for this reason he also crossed the Mer off his list, having to spend half his day underwater did not sound like much fun.

The Inferius and Yeti were both crossed off due to their huge weakness to fire/burning, he was also sure he knew what decomposition was and that was definitely a big turn off.

Metamorphmagus was crossed off for simply being clumsy, it was bad enough that people already thought he was clumsy due to the bruises he gained from his cousin's gang, he had no wish to actually be clumsy.

Lastly were the Werewolf and Vampire, both were mythological creatures everyone knew about, that's why he quickly crossed them both off. Death by sunlight or stake through the heart did not sound appealing at all, and neither did drinking blood or turning into a mindless monster once a month.

Running through his list once more, Harry found he was left with two acceptable choices, the Centaur or the Goblin.

'Hmm, which should I pick?' he wondered to himself, gazing down at the two choices. 'They both look good except for a few differences, the Centaur is probably strong and fast like the ones in Narnia but I have to find more Centaurs before I can actually do anything, that doesnt seem too good a choice.'

He paused to read the information on the Goblin race once again.

'The games version of Goblins is totally different from the goblins in Lord of the Rings.' Harry mused, drawing on the little information he had on goblins from his past readings. 'They seem to be smarter and more oriented towards magic.'

Harry frowned to himself as he debated over the two races, he wasn't sure which to pick. Although the Centaur seemed to be physically stronger than the Goblin and capable of seeing the future, the Goblin seemed to be the better choice, it could use Magic after all.

Magic had always been something that fascinated him and despite the Dursleys constant insistence that it didn't exist, he was sure he had some magic in him; how else could he explain the many strange things that had happened over the past few years.

There had been the time he was upset by a professor and the woman's hair had turned blue minutes later, there was also the time he had regrown all his hair after a particularly horrible haircut from his Aunt Petunia and lastly, there was the time he had been running from Dudley and his gang and had some how wound up on the school roof.

These strange events, coupled with his relatives aversion to magic, had assured him of one thing, he had magic and his family knew about it. He'd confronted them a few times but Vernon would just turn a deep red, Petunia would pale and Dudley would laugh and call him names. As far as the Dursleys were concerned, magic didn't exist.

Then he'd woken up and found a magic book on his bedside table, what more proof did he need that the three Dursleys were either idiots or liars, either one was fine with him.

Speaking of the book, Harry looked down and considered his choice once more. Centaur or Goblin...

'Wait, what does it mean Wandless Magic? If I don't pick the Goblin will I have to use a wand or staff to use magic?' The image of himself running around waving a big wooden staff or a small sick with a golden star at the end caused him to grimace. 'Right, Goblin it is, there's no way I'm going to run around waving my 'magic stick', people will just laugh at me.'

With his decision made, Harry placed a finger on his selection and watched as the book pulsed once more and the image of himself flickered, this time however there was a noticeable change.

As the image on the book changed, Harry could feel a wash of heat running down his form, as if his body was changing to match that of the picture. In the picture, his hair seemed to grow a few inches longer and lighten a shade so it was more dark grey than black. His eyes seemed to gain a slant, making him look a tad more exotic, the iris's flickering a few times before settling on an even darker shade of green. His skin also darkened a few shades, going from an almost unhealthy pale to a more healthy tanned white. Lastly his ears tapered off into points, though they were neatly hidden beneath his longer hair.

All in all, he looked completely different, yet still remained mostly the same. It was quite disconcerting.

A quick feel of his ears confirmed that, yes, his appearance had changed to match the one shown in the book. He wasn't too surprised however, considering the fact that this book was somehow warping the fabric of reality in order to turn his life into a video game, this was probably childsplay for it.

With his race selected, the words on the page faded away once more and were soon replaced with new ones.

Now, choose your base class.

Selecting a class will affect how your character grows, what type of weapon and armor you can use and what skills are available to you.

+20 Intelligence.
+20 Spirit.

+20 Spirit
+20 Constitution.

+20 Dexterity.
+20 Luck.

+20 Strength.
+20 Stamina.

Harry didn't even pause as he selected the [Wizard] option. He knew enough from books and Dudley's game guides to know what each class entailed and that the Wizard was the best magic oriented class as opposed to the other magical class, the Priest, which was more of a healer/warrior type.

With his choice made, The Grimoire pulsed and his image changed once again, the change was less noticeable this time as a thin, magical aura surrounded him for a brief second before vanishing, leaving only a barely noticeable glow of power in his eyes.

Next, your Characteristics.

You begin the game with ten points in each characteristic and twenty points to freely allocate. Once you have gained enough experience points and leveled up, you will be granted more points to allocate.

The characteristics are as follows:

Strength (STR): Strength affects how much physical damage you can deal, the strength stat also affects how skilled you are with melee weapons.
Constitution (CON): Constitution affects how resistant you are to physical and magical damage.
Intelligence (INT): Intelligence affects how much Magical Damage you can deal, the intelligence stat also affects how quickly you can learn and pick up new subjects.
Spirit (SPI): Spirit affects how large your spell pool is, spirit also increases the number of STAT points you gain upon leveling up.
Dexterity (DEX):
Dexterity affects your accuracy, attack speed and movement speed.
Luck (LCK): Luck affects how often things happen to your benefit, such as finding treasure or landing hits in the most effective manner.
Charisma (CHA): Charisma affects how well you react in social interactions, as well as how others react to your presence.

Spell Pool (SP): Your Spell Pool affects how many spells you can cast in one day, should your Spell Pool reach zero, you will be unable to cast anymore spells for the day. The Spell Pool automatically resets at midnight. You gain 1 SP for every 10 SPI


STR: 10 (+10)
CON: 10 (+10)
INT: 10 (+50)
SPI: 10 (+40)
DEX: 10 (+20)
LCK: 10 (+10)
CHA: 10 (+10)

SP: 15/15

Harry spent a few moments in thought over his stats, he had a nice bonus to his INT and SPI thanks to his race and class, meaning he could afford to focus on other areas off the start. Still, if he was going to be a magic user, INT and SPI would be his most important STATS, followed by DEX, CON, CHA, LCK and STR in that order.

Making his choices, Harry quickly distributed his points, hoping he had chosen well.


STR: 12 (+10)
CON: 12 (+10)
INT: 15 (+50)
SPI: 15 (+40)
DEX: 12 (+20)
LCK: 12 (+10)
CHA: 12 (+10)

SP: 15/15


With his selection made, he reached down and selected the green [OK], causing The Grimoire to pulse once again and the words to fade. While the text was fading away, Harry took a glance at the image representing his character.

To his surprise, his image self looked had changed without him noticing: its glassy, dull eyes now had an intelligent and inquisitive gleam in them, it also seemed more sure of itself, standing gracefully and more alert than in its previous slouched position. Lastly, he noticed that the image looked much healthier than before, his frame had filled out a bit more so that he no longer looked scrawny and impoverished, just a kid that was a bit on the skinny side.

'Wow, is that how I look now?' Harry wondered in shock. 'I cant believe how much difference a few STAT points made.'

He was drawn out of his thoughts as the book released another pulse and new words appeared on the page.

Next, your Skills.

Skills are abilities that you can use for varying effects, they can range from special movements and weapon techniques to magic spells and potion recipes. There are a great many skills to learn in this game and wide variety of ways to learn them, with instructed training and reading special tomes being the most popular.

Each skill required you to devote a certain number of points to it before you can consider it mastered, as such, you begin the game with five skill points to allocate. You will also gain five points with each level up.

Skill Points: 5

[Racial Skill] Curse Breaking: Dispels all curses and negative effects on the target (Incantation: Minuo). Mastered.


His head drooping at the lack of skills, Harry sighed and placed his finger on the green [OK].

'I need to read some books or something.' He decided, watching as the page faded away. 'What kind of Mage doesnt know any spells? I dont even have a cantrip.'

Next, Perks.

Perks are permanent power-ups that can help your basic abilities or grant you new skills, due to their nature, PERKS are also class specific so you can only access certain PERKS depending on your class. It is possible to unlock more perks during gameplay by completing quests, reading certain books and a variety of other methods.

You begin the game with two PERK points and will gain a single point every two levels.

Perk Points: 2

[Racial Perk] Racial Pride: Able to use Human-forged items with great skill. (1/1).
[Racial Perk] Wandless Magic:
Able to perform magical feats without the use of a wand. (1/1).

[Stat Perk] Strongman: Increases STR by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Tough Skin:
Increases CON by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Intellectual:
Increases INT by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Shaman:
Increases by SPI 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Dexterous:
Increases DEX by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Lady Luck:
Increases LCK by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Leader:
Increases CHA by 10%. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Spell Pool: Increases Spell Pool by one. (0/10).
[Stat Perk] Dragonhide: Increases you magical resistance by 5%. (0/5).

[Skill Perk] Mage Sight: Allows you to see magic. (0/1).
[Skill Perk] Night Eye: Improves sight in low light visibility. (0/1)
[Skill Perk] Enchanter: New enchantments are 20% stronger. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Potioneer: Potions and poisons you make are 20% stronger. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Ritual Magic:
Rituals are 20% more effective. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Wand Magic: Spells cast with a wand are 20% stronger. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Dark Arts: Increases your immunity to Dark Arts Corruption. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Natural Occlumens: Allows you to occlude your mind. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Natural Legilimens:
Allows you to enter the minds of others. (0/5).
[Skill Perk] Animagus:
Grants you an animal form. (0/1).
[Skill Perk] Metamorphmagus:
Allows you to change the appearance of your hair and eyes at will. (0/1).
[Skill Perk] Seer:
Allows limited insight into future events through various means of scrying. (0/1).
[Skill Perk] Apparition: Allows you to teleport to a location you have visited once before. (0/1).
[Skill Perk] Flight: Allows you to fly unassisted. (0/10).

Harry goggled as he looked at all the perks available to him right off the bat, there were so many to choose from and according to The Grimoire, he would unlock more later.

'Wow, this is going to take a while, especially if I want to get every perk.' He sighed, reading the list one more time. 'What to pick first...'

It took him some time, he was feeling particularly greedy and cursing the fact he could only select two, but he finally made his choice.

The first perk he selected was Apparition as being able to teleport would probably come in handy, even if he could only teleport to places he had been to before. Not to mention the fact that most of the Wizards he had read about could have really used a teleportation ability, it would have definitely saved them a lot of time of effort.

After another few minutes in thought, he decided to go with Night Eye for his second choice. With the way his relatives and the rest of the neighborhood were, he would probably have to do a lot of his 'playing' at night so being able to see well would be a great help. He had been torn between this perk and the Dark Arts perk, if Dark arts Corruption was anything like the Dark Side Corruption in Star Wars then definitely wanted to be immune to it. In the end, he settled on Night Eye and decided to avoid Dark Magic if he could.

As he finished selecting his perks, The Grimoire pulsed once more and he was presented with a question.

Are you satisfied with this character build?
[Yes] - [No]

'Looks like I'm almost done.' Harry cheered, reaching out to select [Yes].

The Grimoire pulsed with his selection and a larger block of text appeared on the page.

Character Creation Completed.

Primary Race: Human (British).
You can now speak and understand English.

Secondary Race: Goblin (British).
You can now speak and understand Gobbledegook.

As the words appeared on the page, Harry felt a strange tingling in his throat, followed moments later by an itching at the back of his skull. As quick as the feelings had come, they vanished, leaving him with quite a bit of new found knowledge.

Somehow, someway, he just knew he could not only speak the Goblin language but he could also cast the Curse Breaking spell with no effort whatsoever. Of course, he wasn't inclined to test this knowledge right now, the spell could only be used once a month and he didn't see the point in wasting it, even if he was anxious to do some actual magic.

Another pulse from The Grimoire drew him from his contemplations and Harry turned his sights back to the tome in time to see another block of text appear.

Class: Wizard.
Backstory unlocked:
You're a wizard Harry!
Class Skills Unlocked: Knockback Jinx (Incantation: Flipendo), Lighting Charm (Incantation: Lumos), Light Extinguishing Charm (Incantation: Nox), Fire-Making Charm (Incantation: Incendio).

Just like the first time, Harry felt a slight itch at the back of his skull as knowledge of his four new spells poured into his mind. The backstory bit confused him, as he already knew his own past, but he was sure it would be explained in a page or so, that's how these things usually worked.

As if sensing his thoughts once again, The Grimoire pulsed once more and a new block of text appeared on the page.

Congratulations on creating your character, below you will find your backstory.

As much as it might seem ludicrous to you, the following backstory is, in fact, quite true. Regardless of whether you had accepted the game or not, this story would have remained true but you would not have learned many of these truths for many years.

Harry couldn't help but frown at that, his game created backstory was actually true? What didn't he know about his life?

Shrugging to himself, he decided to just read on and find out, it couldn't be anything too shocking after all.

Character Backstory.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches.
Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies.
And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not.
And either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.
The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.

So it is written, so shall it be.

Born at the end of the seventh month and marked by the Dark Lord, Harry James Potter is the chosen one.

Harry nodded as he read this little blurb, it wasn't all that surprising really, a ton of the game guides and stories he had read contained some form of prophecy that the main character usually needed to fulfill. If he was going to be the main character of this game, then it made sense that he would have some kind of grand destiny, anything less would be just plain boring.

Welcome to Harry Potter: The Game!

HP:TG follows the life of one Harry James Potter, an aspiring wizard with a grand destiny and dark past.

Before his birth, a prophecy was spoken concerning young Harry, a prophecy pertaining to the defeat of the reigning Dark Lord; Lord Voldemort. Having heard a portion of the prophecy, the Dark Lord sought out and killed both of Harry's parents before turning his wand on the infant boy.

Fortunately for young Harry, his mother had chosen to sacrifice herself so that he could live, it was this sacrifice that caused the unstoppable killing curse to turn on its caster; destroying the Dark Lord and leaving Harry with only a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

For his defeat of the Dark Lord and his miraculous survival, Harry Potter was dubbed The-Boy-Who-Lived and declared a national hero within the magical community.

Currently, Harry lives with his Aunt and Uncle, the Dursleys, in the non-magical world, ignorant of both his heritage and fame. But his eleventh birthday soon approaches and with it, many things will change...

Harry sat stunned as he absorbed this information, he was famous? There was a magical community? What the HELL! If this was true then why was he placed with his hateful, non-magical relatives? Why had no one come to see him or even sent him some sort of fan mail, that's what happened to famous people right?

Even as it answered many questions, his backstory raised so many more.

'Breath in... breath out... breath in... breath out..' Harry chanted, doing his best to remain calm. 'Alright, these questions can wait until later, the book said everything would change on my eleventh birthday, that's only a week away, I can wait until then.'

With his thoughts settled and his mind calm, Harry turned his attention back to The Grimoire, the words on the page had faded, replaced by 'Harry Potter: The Game' in big golden letters.

He took this to as a sign that the game had now officially begun.

"Pause." he spoke, watching as the world around him faded to grey and the pause menu appeared before his eyes.

Harry grinned widely at that, if the pause menu was activated then the game had definitely begun.


The pause menu seemed to fade away from sight, leaving him standing in an empty void, then three words written in bright red appeared in front of him.

No Cheats Available.

"Aw." Harry pouted as the pause menu returned, he had been expecting this as he hadn't really unlocked anything yet but he was still a bit disappointed. Another thought brought his attention back to the pause menu.


The pause menu faded away again, leaving him in the dark void again, then two words appeared in bright green.

Game saved.

'Right, at least I wont have to go through the character screen again if I somehow die.' Harry murmured to himself.


As the world around him returned to normal, Harry flipped through the small booklet on his lap, looking for what information about the game. The first page was completely blank but if he was remembering correctly, it would change if something needed his attention.

Flipping the page, he was presented with his characteristics page with his current stats listed on the page.


Name: Harry James Potter.
Race: Human/Goblin.
Class: Wizard.

Level: 1
Current xp: 0
Next Level: 100


STR: 12 (+10)
CON: 12 (+10)
INT: 15 (+50)
SPI: 15 (+40)
DEX: 12 (+20)
LCK: 12 (+10)
CHA: 12 (+30)

SP: 15/15

He took a moment to look over his characteristics before flipping the page, a cheery grin stretching across his face as he landed on his Skills page.



Curse Breaking:
Dispels all curses and negative effects on the target (Incantation: Minuo). Mastered.

Lighting Charm:
Creates light (Incantation: Lumos). Mastered.
Light Extinguishing Charm:
Counters the lighting charm(Incantation: Nox). Mastered.
Knockback Jinx: Repels the target (Incantation: Flipendo). 0/3.
Fire-Making Charm: Conjures a jet of flame (Incantation: Incendio). 0/2.

Teleport to a location you have visited once before. 0/3.

His grin widening to new widths, Harry held out a hand and focused on the effect he wanted. He wanted to cast a spell, to actually perform magic by his own volition. Choosing the only spell he could safely cast in the small, cramped cupboard, Harry allowed his instincts to guide him as he cast the spell.

"Lumos." he intoned, reflexively snapping his fingers.

A ball of warmth seemed to churn in his stomach before surging through his body and out his finger tips, expelling itself from the very tip of his index finger and forming into a ball of bright, white light.

Harry almost squealed as the ball of light hung on the tip of his finger, following it where ever it went and illuminating his small cupboard. He could do magic, actual magic, this was perhaps the best day in his ten years of life.

It was several minutes before Harry managed to calm himself down and extinguish the spell with a whispered 'Nox'. It was at this point that he noticed that he could still read The Grimoire, in fact, he had been reading it for several minutes now despite the fact that it was no longer glowing and there was no light in his cupboard.

'Wow, that must be the Night Eye perk.' Harry realized, looking around the cupboard with new eyes. 'It's like in sitting directly under a full moon, this has to be magic, even night vision needs some form of light source.'

Pleased with his new ability, he turned back to The Grimoire, focusing on the Skills page once again.

'Oh, now that I have skills I can actually spend my points.' Harry realized, his fingers darting down and pouring points into his two spells.

While it would be useful in the future, everywhere he could apparate to at this point in time was within walking distance, he didn't really see the point in leveling a skill he had no real need for.

As soon as he finished distributing his points, the list of skills seemed to blur into an incomprehensible mess and new words appeared over top in bright green.

Flipendo 1/3: Optimal spell range increased to thirty feet.
Flipendo 2/3: Spell diameter increased to one foot.
Flipendo 3/3: Spell knockback is stronger.

Incendio 1/2: Optimal spell range increased to twenty feet.
Incendio 2/2: Spell duration increased to fifteen seconds.

Making a note to test his newly upgraded spells in an area with plenty of space -not to mention a plentiful source of water if he was going to be casting the magical equivalent of a flamethrower, Harry flipped to the next page of The Grimoire.

The next page simply contained his current perks, there was no new information and seeing as he wouldn't need to bother with them for another two levels, he simply flipped to the next page.

"Inventory." Harry whispered in an awed tone, reading the word written at the very top of the page.

As far as he was concerned, the inventory was by far the most important aspect of any game, even more so than skills and stats. The basic game inventory was a thing of wonder, managing to some how defy the universal laws of physics. Most inventories were usually a small bag or pouch that, for no explainable reason, could carry damn near anything no matter the size, shape or weight. Unfortunately for him, his inventory was pretty much empty.

Harry's inventory page seemed much like that of the average game inventory.

There was an image of himself on the left hand side, his new appearance drawn from head to toe in remarkable detail, with a small list written directly beside the image.


Oversized Jammies.
Level: 1.
Effects: None.
Description: A pair of large pajamas that once belonged to Dudley Dursley.

Well, that was a let down. He would need to see about getting some actual equipment as soon as possible, maybe some magic robes or light armor. Oh, and a weapon too, just in case. Besides, if Gandalf was willing to use a sword even though he had magic, why shouldn't he do the same?

Below the equipment list was his actual inventory, it was completely empty but it provided him with quite a bit of useful information.

Free Inventory Slots: 20

This was followed by a large gap, enough for twenty items to be easily written down. Well, at least now he knew how many items he could carry at one time, twenty was a big number and seeing as he didn't own anything, except for The Grimoire, he probably wouldn't be filling it anytime soon.

Vaults: 0
Gold: 0
Silver: 0
Copper: 0

'Vaults?' Harry mused, brow raised in question. 'Does it mean like a bank account? And whats with the gold, silver and copper? Wouldn't I just use euros and pence, where am I going to find actual gold and silver?'

Confused, Harry decided to just ignore it, he had no money to his name so there was little point worry about it now.

He'd just have to cross that bridge when he got to it.

Finished with his inventory, he flipped through the next few pages, only sparing them a seconds glance as they were mostly empty but for their titles.

Recipes and Formulas.

This probably had to do with the skills mentioned on the perk page, recipes and formulas seemed like the kinds of things he would need to make potions and poisons, as well as perform alchemy, rituals and create enchantments.

-Go to sleep.

If this was like other games he had seen, then this was probably the page he would need to consult to keep track of any quests he happened to pick up.

'I wonder if Ill get to save a princess or something.' Harry mused, flipping to the next page. 'That would be fun.'


This one was completely blank but based on the title, he could probably use it to write little notes and memos for himself in the future, that would definitely come in handy later on.

Flipping the page, he came across one that held a small list of words. Reading them over, a frown slowly marred his face, this was not good news.



Mothers Love Protection.
+50% resistance to dark magic.
[Permanent Effect]

Destinies Chosen.
+25% resistance to harmful magic.
+100% resistance to death magic.
[Permanent Effect]

+20 Charisma.
[Permanent Effect]

+10% boost to all stats during battle.
[Permanent Effect]


-20 CON.

Cursed Scar.
Max SP halved.
Gain fluency in Parseltongue.

Tracking Ward.
Alerts the caster of your position at all times.

Loyalty Ward.
Caster gains 100 CHA in your presence.

Magical Bind.
All spells are 75% weaker.

Blood Ward.
Reinforces and empowers all debuffs.

"What the hell?" Harry gasped, staring at the list. "My scar is cursed? Wait.. Magical Bind? Tacking Ward? Loyalty Ward! Who the hell cast all of these on me?"

The young boy seethed as he glared at the list of debuffs, someone was going to pay, dearly.

First things first, he had to get rid of these debuffs.

'At least this race is proving really useful from the get go.' Harry thought, pulling up the information for the Curse Breaking skill.

"Minuo." he whispered, snapping his fingers as the information in his mind demanded.

As the words left his lips, an aura of crimson light surrounded him, hovering over his skin and flickering like a flame. Harry grimaced as his forehead exploded with pain, centered where he knew his scar to be, the crimson flames seemed to grow dimmer and dimmer as the pain increased.

As quick as it came, the pain and aura vanished, leaving Harry gasping and panting in his dark cupboard, he groaned and tried to sit up but a wave of dizziness and exhaustion dissuaded him from that idea. Deciding he would continue this later, Harry collapsed back onto his bed and immediately drifted off.

Outside number four Privet Drive, the entire street glowed crimson as a bright dome surrounded the house, flickering and pulsating as golden cracks spread rapidly across its surface.

Mere seconds after its appearance, the crimson dome shattered, its tiny shards turning to dust as they landed on the smaller, golden dome that had appeared in place. The golden dome pulsed once with power before it soon faded away, invisible to the naked eye.

In a castle to the far north, an old man snorted and rolled over in his sleep, unaware of the crimson glow that had momentarily surrounded one of the silver trinkets a few meters away.

Albus Dumbledore would wake several hours later, take one look at the small trinket and smile to himself. The blood wards were still in place, Harry Potter would be attending Hogwarts this very fall, everything was going according to plan.

Current Information.

Level: 1
Current xp: 0
Next Level: 100


STR: 12 (+10)
CON: 12 (+10)
INT: 15 (+50)
SPI: 15 (+40)
DEX: 12 (+20)
LCK: 12 (+10)
CHA: 12 (+30)

SP: 15/15


Curse Breaking: Dispels all curses and negative effects on the target (Incantation: Minuo). Mastered.

Lighting Charm: Creates light (Incantation: Lumos). Mastered.
Light Extinguishing Charm:
Counters the lighting charm(Incantation: Nox). Mastered.
Knockback Jinx:
Repels the target (Incantation: Flipendo). Mastered. (Increased Range, AOE and Power)
Fire-Making Charm:
Conjures a jet of flame (Incantation: Incendio). Mastered. (Increased Range and Duration)

Apparition: Teleport to a location you have visited once before. 0/3.


Racial Pride: Able to use Human-forged items with great skill. (1/1).
Wandless Magic:
Able to perform magical feats without the use of a wand. (1/1).
Allows you to teleport to a location you have visited once before. (1/1).
Night Eye:
Improves sight in low light visibility. (1/1)