Here is a drabble I thought of after I read a Jerza one-shot.

Lucy decided to challenge Natsu. He was acting weird around her, and Mira told her that Natsu confessed liking her. Mira even gave her a suggestion on how to find out if he likes her. Lucy walked up to the dragon slayer who was sitting drinking fire whiskey.

"Hey Natsu?" She smiled at the pinkette.

"Yah Luce. What's up?" He smiled at the girl.

"Do I ever cross your mind?" Lucy asked out of the blue. Natsu froze not knowing how to answer. Lucy gave him a couple of minutes, and then continued her questioning.

"Do you like me?"

Again silence from Natsu.

"Do you want me?"

"Would you cry if I left?"

"Would you live for me?"

"Would you do anything for me?"

"Choose mine or your life." Lucy fired questions at him, getting desperate.

Natsu remained silent looking at the flustered girl in front of him.

"Damn you Natsu. Damn you for everything." Lucy said to him, and ran out the guild door.

Natsu looked after the blonde who just ran out of the guild. He wondered how she knew about his feelings for her, and then he realized who the curplit was. He glared at Mira, who was trying to tell him something. He walked up to the bar.

"What is it Mira?"

"GO AFTER HER!" She whisper-shouted, "Go tell her how you really feel!"

Natsu realized what a good idea that was, "Thanks Mira. I'll pay you back later." He called over his shoulder as he also ran out of the guild.

When Natsu finally got to Lucy's apartment, he found her crying on her bed.

"Luce? Luce? Are you OK?"

"Go away Natsu! I don't want to talk to you!" she shouted, and then swore, "Damn, damn you Natsu! Why did you make me fall in love with you?"

Natsu looked at the blonde. She was in love with him? That can't be right! The beautiful, sensitive, kind, sweet, amazing creature in front of him can not be in love with the destructive, insane, crazy, and, well, some one like him.

"How Luce? How can you be in love with me?"

"It is because you are sweet, caring, truthful, strong, funny, and well, Natsu. How could I not love you when you were the one who brought me to Fairy Tail? When you are like my guardian angel saving me from Phantom Lord, and well any other dangers I face? Damn you."

"Lucy… The reason I don't like you is because I love you." Natsu whispered just loud enough for Lucy to stop crying and look up astonished.

Natsu continued, "The reason I don't want you is because I need you."

Lucy's tears dried up immediately.

"The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you did."

"I wouldn't live for you Luce, is because I would die for you."

"The reason I wouldn't do anything for you is because I would do everything for you."

"I choose my life because you are my life." And with those words, Natsu leaned down and kissed her.