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Kylie fled the airplane thingy-mabob with tears in her eyes. Dexter was a bleep bleep bleep bleep _ This part of the story has been drowned out due to the fact that a certain character was cussing at a particular red-head_ LALALALALALALA Rainbows! Tricked ya! *laugh maliciously* _ She walked up and joined the mob in the center. Kylie guessed they were kidnapped as well, for they were crying for their parents. They didn't understand what was happening. Neither did she. In the past few hours, Kylie been kidnapped, met a boy she had thought she'd seen before (déjà vu anyone?), shot by a tranquilizer pulse that had been fired by an old friend, and been teased at a time she didn't need teasing at all. That was the final push. Tears started flowing freely; there was no way they could stop now.

"Hey! Are you okay?" a voice broke into her thoughts. It was a blond haired girl, about 7-8, with Jason's eyes.

"Have you seen my brother?" Another girl that looked exactly similar to the blond girl, except older with brown hair, walked towards Kylie.

"Nope. But I found a crying girl." The blond one pointed to Kylie, who was now reduced to sniffles. The blond girl pointed to Kylie as if she was a huge stuffed teddy bear she had just won at a carnival booth.

"I-I'm okay." Kylie found her voice," By any chance, are you Natalie and Skylar?" Her brain had already begun to scan them and compare them to Jason. It was like a freakin' fingerprint search in those crime TV shows. Resemblance: 99.9999999999% she could almost hear the mechanical voice in her head.

"Yep..?" Natalie cocked her head," How do you know?"

"I'm psychic." Kylie crossed her arms, trying to act like she did it all the time.

"Yeah right!" Natalie put her hands on her hips.

"You saw through my guise, didn't ya? Smart kid." Kylie smiled," Jason, my brother, and I was stuck in the same cell. They're right behind me. See? That's them over there."

As Natalie squealed in delight, Skylar smiled at her fading form that was jumping into Jason's arms. Kylie wished she had a little sister that would hug her and love her like that. Walking with Skylar, she ran toward the trio, almost forgetting that she was supposed to be mad. She guessed this situation wasn't so bad after all.

"Skylar! Nat! Are you alright?" Jason held each at arm's length, searching them for any scratches or bruises.

"We're fine, Jason. Now, stop acting like mom and dad after we spar!" Natalie assured her brother. As the siblings caught up, Dexter stepped forward.

"I'm sorry, Ky! You know it was me waking up.I'm always cranky after I wake up. Sorry?" he offered one more time before he wilted under Kylie's gaze.

"I don't care what you say, you were still being a jerk. I won't apologize to you. Maybe later, maybe not. Live with it Dex.' Kylie walked over to Jason.

"How did you find them? I owe you one!" Jason asked Kylie, and surprised her by hugging her. She turned crimson, with Natalie, Skylar, and Dexter gagging behind Jason.

"But I won't regret what I said!" Dexter waggled his eyebrows. This time it was Skylar spoke up.

"Oh puh-lease! I bet you would do the same thing if someone hugged you like that!"

"Prove it!" Dexter stuck out his tongue at Skylar. She responded by hugging Dexter, and when they broke away she pecked him on the cheek. She smiled cheekily.

"See? Now class, it seems that if you hug a person of the opposite gender, their cheeks will inflame. Exhibit A has just shown that. Class dismissed!" she bowed as Kylie, Jason, and Natalie applauded her .

"Oh shut up!" Dexter grumbled, turning redder as the 'crowd' went wild with laughter. Crossing her arms, Kylie made a face at her blushing twin, making sure that he knew he wasn't forgiven. Dex paled immediately. He knew that when Kylie was mad, she would stay mad at whoever angered her. It was the 'Wraith of Kylie', he had jokingly named. Usually, her anger was directed at bullies and jocks. Never at her brother. He had gone too far this time. A guard stepped up and prodded Jason in the back with his gun.

"Come on. Let's get moving." His voice wasn't unpleasant, like the one of the guards leading the other kids. His voice was soft, and understanding, as if he really cared about the kids. Nodding, Jason ushered his sisters into the clearing, and Kylie did the same with her brother. Kylie noticed that the guard favored his right leg and was straining to keep it from showing. He carried a sort of gun that looked modified to shoot something else instead of bullets. The guard caught Kylie studying him and began to break into pale sweat. It was as if he knew that all the kids here were super good at exploiting weaknesses. Kylie began to delve into the possibility.

He kept on looking around, super nervous. Self- consciously, his hand went to his leg, which happened a lot, Kylie observed as she walked. She began noting down the other kids' behaviors. One kid had to be kept in shackles because his hands kept on hot wiring the guns so he could shoot his captors. Another's hand and legs had to be bound together so he couldn't attack the guards assigned to him. Weird, Kylie thought. Each and every kid that was paid special attention to, it was because of their abilities. Their abilities to do something grand. As if these kids were picked because of their skills. As if this school was a school for villains.

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